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Contract notice: Redundant Array of Independent Disk (RAID)

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Tender Details

  • Slovakia
  • Contract notice: Redundant Array of Independent Disk (RAID)
  • 23rd Sep 2019

Other Information

  • 35693723
  • 395989-2019
  • ICB
  • Self Financed
    Office Name: Ministerstvo kultúry Slovenskej republiky
    Address: Námestie SNP 33
    Town: Bratislava
    Postal Code: 813 31
    Contact Point: Mgr. Daniela Krausová

    Phone: +421 220482558
    Fax: +421 259391675
    Email :daniela.krausova@culture.gov.sk
    URL :http://www.culture.gov.sk/

Key Values

  • Object of the contract
    Redundant Array of Independent Disk (RAID)

    Description: Contract notice: Redundant Array of Independent Disk (RAID)

    Authority Type: Ministry or any other national or federal authority
    Contact Nature: Supplies
    Procedure: Open procedure
    Document: Contract notice
    Regulation: European Union, with participation by GPA countries
    Award criteria: Lowest price
    CPV code: 30233141,30233180,30233130,51611100,60000000,30233141,30233180,30233130,51611100,60000000
    CPV Description: Redundant Array of Independent Disk (RAID).
    Flash memory storage devices.
    Magnetic disk storage units.
    Hardware installation services.
    Transport services (excl. Waste transport).
    Application disk storage
    Reference Number: 12/2019

    Main Site: Bratislava
    The subject of the order is a functional unit of primary disk data
    The contracting authority requires an application hybrid data storage with the possibility of scaling the execution by adding additional controllers to form 1 functional unit, connectable to the existing infrastructure.
    Services related to the delivery of the subject of the contract: delivery - unloading - unloading of the delivered goods to the designated m- installation of equipment, including necessary components required for operation, configuration, commissioning, functional testing and operability, operating and maintenance instructions,
    - documentation - operating manual,
    - guaranteedand 36 months,
    - service within 36 months warranty, 24x7 service request acceptance,
    - service support during warranty period,
    - delivery of spare part within 24 (twenty-four) hours from failure identification. according to - 32 par. 1 of the Act on the Applicant in accordance with - 32 par.
    If the applicant has an office, place of business or usual residenceoutside the territory of the Slovak Republic and the statute of its registered office, place of business or usual residence does not issue any of the documents referred to in - 32 para. 2 of the OCT or does not issue equivalent documents, they may be replaced by an affidavit in accordance with the regulations in force in the State of their registered office, place of business or usual residence.Institute of Declaration of Honor, may be replaced by a declaration made before a court, administrative body, notary, other professional institution or commercial institution according to the regulations in force in the country of residence, place of business or usual residence of the applicant. . The GPO is not obliged to submit documents to the public procurementDemonstration of fulfillment of the conditions for participation in personal status according to - 32 para. 2, par. 4 a ods. 5 ZVO. The contracting authority shall recognize an equivalent registration or certificate of registration issued by the competent authority of another Member State, by which the tenderer or candidate demonstrates that the conditions for participation in the procurement procedure have been fulfilled. The contracting authority must also accept other equivalent documents submitted by the tenderer or interested partyEMCOM. The entry in the list of economic operators shall be made against each contracting authority. When evaluating the fulfillment of the conditions for participation in personal status, the contracting authority shall verify the entry of an economic entity in the list of economic entities, if the tenderer has not submitted documents pursuant to - 32 para. 2, 4 and 5 or other equivalent registration or confirmation of registration - 152 para.
    Documents / documentAccording to - 39 of the PPA, the Single European Document (hereinafter referred to as "JED") can be provisionally replaced with the conditions of participation concerning the personal status of financial, economic status and professional and technical competence. 3 In accordance with - 32 para. 3 ZVO, public constthe organizer is entitled to use data from public administration information systems pursuant to - 1 par. 3 Act No. 177/2018 Coll. on certain measures to reduce administrative burdens through the use of public administration information systems and on amendments to certain outcomes (ending against bureaucracy). The contracting authority is not entitled to request an extract from the criminal record and therefore its presentation
    Due to the limitation of the number of characters, the contracting authority provides more information in the Tender Documents Chapter A.2 - Conditions for Participation, Part I. Conditions for Participation Concerning Personal Status (according to - 32 of the Act)
    Not required
    1. Public procurement will be carried out in accordance with - 20 of the Act on the Functionality of IS EVO ver. 18, including communications, presentedand evaluation of offers. The candidate / applicant proceeds according to the instructions given in the SP and on the UVO website https://www.uvo.gov.sk/more-o-is-evo-5f6.htmll. For the purposes of communication and exchange of information in public procurement, the date of dispatch of such written documents shall be deemed to be the moment of delivery of the relevant documents between VOb and the candidate / tenderer, in particular the document with delivery of which FTAsfunctionality of IS EVO. The contracting authority requires the submission of specified documents and voucher documents with guaranteed conversion or with B / W - details are in the SP.
    . The contracting authority requires a security of EUR 30 000. More detailsare specified in the Collection Documents in item no. 18
    3rd The contracting authority may not conclude a contract with a tenderer who is obliged to register in the public sector partner register and is not registered in the public sector partner register, or for which subcontractors and subcontractors pursuant to Act No. 315/2016 Coll. on the register of public sector partners and on the amendment of certain conclusionsthey have an obligation to register in the public sector partner register and not to be registered in the public sector partner register. The contract will be signed with the successful tenderer only if the requirements of the Act no. 315/2016 Z.z. where relevant (entry in RPVS). The contracting authority, as the customer, reserves the right not to proceed with the conclusion of the contract or to withdraw from the contract with a successfulas a contractor without any sanctions; 6. If necessary, subcontracting the share of the contract (according to the bidder`s proposal) will be regulated in the contract, including the specification of the rules for the change of subcontractors and the obligations of the supplier. The contract enters into force by signing the amendmentsand on the day following its publication in the CCR. The contracting authority shall exclude the tenderer from the ROI if, on the basis of reliable information, he reasonably suspects that the tenderer has concluded an agreement distorting economic competition in the given ROI with another economic entity - - 40 para. 6 pism. (g) GMO. The contracting authority according to - 41 par. 1 pism. a) b) The PPA requires candidates to submitdata on subcontractors and that the proposed subcontractors meet the conditions for participation in respect of personal status and that there are no grounds for exclusion under - 40 para. 6 pism. a) to h) and par. 7 ZVO. Eventually, the subcontracting of the share of the contract will be regulated in the contract according to - 41 of the Act.
    10.Other information is in the SP.

    Internet address (URL): http://www.culture.gov.sk/

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