RWANDA GIRLS INITIATIVE has floated a tender for Supply of School Materials (Books, Stationeries, Chemistry and Physics Materials. The project location is Rwanda and the tender is closing on 25 Oct 2021. The tender notice number is , while the TOT Ref Number is 15. Bidders can have further information about the tender and can request the complete tender document by Registering on the site.

Procurement Summary

Country : Rwanda

Summary : Supply of School Materials (Books, Stationeries, Chemistry and Physics Materials

Deadline : 25 Oct 2021

Other Information

TOT Ref.No.: 15

Document Ref. No. :

Competition : ICB

Financier : Other Funding Agencies

Purchaser's Detail

P.O. Box 325 Medina, WA 98039 Attn: Atete Rugege Country Director

Tender Details

Supply of School Materials (Books, Stationeries, Chemistry and Physics Materials) Competent Bidders can Obtain the Details of the Tender by Sending an Email to 25th Oct 2021 Attaching Proof of Payment of a Non-Refundable Fee of Ten Thousand Rwandan Francs (rwf10,000) to the following Account Details: Account Name: Rgi Business Group Ltd Account Number: 002550698597428 (Rwf) Bank Name: Bank of Kigali Inquiries regarding this Tender may be Addressed to Well Prepared Bids, Signed, Stamped, and Scanned as a Single Document in Pdf must be Received via the Procurement Email Address above not Later than 25th October 2021 at 10:30 am Rwandan Time. Late Bids will be Rejected. Bids will be Opened the Same Day in the Absence of Bidders because of Covid-19 Restrictions. All Bids be Accompanied by a “Bid Security” of rwf150,000. Lot 5: Books and Stationeries I. Books No Items 1 Entrepreneurship S.4 2 Entrepreneurship S.5 3 Entrepreneurship s6 4 Mathematics S.4 5 Mathematics S.5 6 Mathematics S.6 7 Physics s4 8 Physics s5 9 Physics s6 10 Chemistry s4 11 Chemistry s5 12 Chemistry s6 13 Biology s4 14 Biology s5 15 Biology s6 16 Computer Science s4 17 Computer Science s5 18 Computer Science s6 19 General Studies & Comm. Skills (Gscs) s4 20 Gscs s5 21 Gscs s6 22 Subsidiary Maths s4 23 Subsidiary Maths s5 24 Subsidiary Maths s6 25 Accounting Books for Reference 26 Globe 27 Wall Maps (World, Africa, Rwanda) Ii. Stationeries No Items 1 Ream of Papers (5 Reams each Box) 2 Printer Toner, Black Kyocera 3 Printer Toner, Cyan Kyocera 4 Printer Toner, Yellow Kyocera 5 Printer Toner, Magenta Kyocera 6 Cartridge - Accounts Office (Hp Laserjet Pro Mfp m227fdw) 7 Hard Driver 8 White Board Markers 9 Pens 10 Erasers 11 Staples (Staple Pins) 12 Scorch 13 A4 Envelops (100 Pieces) 14 Drawing Manilla (100 Pieces) 15 Stickers (Different Colors; Orange ,Blue ,Light Green, Pink, Red, Black...) 16 Paper Clips 45 Mm 17 Scroll Tape 18 Glue 19 Dry Cells 20 Staplers (Stapling Machines) 21 Paper Punch 22 Permanent Markers 23 High Lighters Books and Stationeries I. Chemistry Materials No Items 1 Ammonia Solution 2 Anhydrous Zinc Chloride 3 Braddy's Reagent (2,4-Dnp) 4 Phenol 5 Sodium Bromide 6 Sodium Chloride 7 Sodium Acetate 8 Ter-Butanol 9 Soap Dyes (Blue) Soap Dyes (Orange) Soap Dyes (Green) 10 Anhydrous Sodium Carbonate Decahydrated Sodium Carbonate. 11 Sodium Carbonate (Decahydrated) 12 Aluminium Chloride 13 Bromine Water 14 Magnetic Stirrer 15 Ph-Meter Pen Type 16 Silver Nitrate 25 Gethanol 17 Palm Oil 18 Fractionating Column, Round Bottomed Flask and Connectors 19 Lime Water 20 Molecular Models 21 Ethanol 22 Acetone 23 Barium Nitrate 24 Ethanal 25 Distilled Water 26 Manganese Ii Chloride 27 Potassium Chromate 28 Sodium Fluoride 29 Charts of Male and Female Reproduction System 30 Anatomy of Kidney Chart 31 Anatomy of Human Brain Chart 32 Anatomy of Urinary System Chart 33 Anatomy of Human Heart and Circulatory System Chart 34 Anatomy of Human Skin Chart 35 Anatomy of Digestive System Chart 36 Anatomy of Human Respiratory System Chart 37 Sense Organs Charts (Eye, Ear, Tongue and Nose) 38 Anatomy of Human Nervous System Chart 39 Muscular System Chart 40 Anatomy of Plant and Animal Cell Charts 41 Anatomy of Skeletal System Chart 42 Manufacture of Ammonia by Haber Process Chart 43 Manufacture of Sulfuric Acid by Contact Process Chart 44 Manufacture of Nitric Acid by Ostwald Process Chart 45 Mass Spectrometer Chart 46 Fractional Distillation of Crude Oil Chart 47 Extraction of Iron Metal Chart 48 Extraction of Aluminium Metal Chart 49 Barium Chloride 50 Ammonium Chloride 51 Sodium Carbonate Anhydrous 52 Magnesium Nitrate 53 Hexane 54 Potassium Nitrate 55 Potassium Iodide 56 Decanting Funnel 57 Phosphorous Red 58 Lithium Metal 59 Ferrous Sulphide 60 Nichrome Wire 61 Potassium Metal 62 Aluminium Nitrate 63 Sodium Benzoate 64 Soda Lime 65 Zinc Rod 66 Copper Rod 67 Potometer 68 Vacuum Flask Ii. Physics Materials No Items 1 Lenses 2 Lenses 3 Lenses 4 Lens Holders 5 White Screens with Wire Gauze 6 Electric Connecting Wires 7 Bulb Holders for Small School Lab Filament Bulbs 8 Graph Papers (a4) 9 Understanding Mechanics by a.j Sadler 10 Ib Physics Textbook 11 Physics Charts 12 Dry Cells (Biggest Size) 13 Cupboards 14 Comfortable Chairs in Classes for Teachers 15 Square Boards 16 Rulers (White) 17 Sharpeners 18 Green Pens 19 Knitting Threads 20 A Ripple Tank

Additional Documents

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