FONDS SPÉCIAL D'EQUIPEMENT ET D'INTERVENTION INTERCOMMUNALE has floated a tender for Renewal of Software Licenses. The project location is Cameroon and the tender is closing on 06 Jul 2021. The tender notice number is 013/DC/FEICOM/CIPM/ 2021, while the TOT Ref Number is 54079640. Bidders can have further information about the tender and can request the complete tender document by Registering on the site.

Expired Tender

Procurement Summary

Country : Cameroon

Summary : Renewal of Software Licenses

Deadline : 06 Jul 2021

Other Information

TOT Ref.No.: 54079640

Document Ref. No. : 013/DC/FEICOM/CIPM/ 2021

Competition : ICB

Financier : Self Financed

Purchaser's Detail

Former FEICOM headquarters. Tel: (237) 222 235 164, Ext. 217, Porte 11 BP: 718 YAOUNDE FEICOM, Rue 4.561 Fax: (237) 222 23 17 59

Tender Details

Quotation are invited for Renewal of Software Licenses in the Fields of Architecture and Civil Engineering at Feicom The successful tenderer selected at the end of the award process will be required to :The supply and commissioning of the various software requested; Support services (self-study kits, training and assistance); The provision of operating and maintenance services for the software provided for one year. Details of all these supplies are specified in the technical specifications. The Quotation Request File can be collected during working hours from the Markets and Supplies Department, located at the former FEICOM headquarters in Yaoundé (Mimboman), rue 4.561, BP 718 Yaoundé, Telephone 222 23 51 64; Extension 217, Gate 11; Fax 222 23 17 59, upon publication of this Notice upon presentation of a receipt attesting to the payment of the sum of fifty thousand (50,000) CFA francs non-refundable into the Special CAS Account? ARMP open in BICEC branches. Each bidder must attach to his administrative documents, a bid bond issued by a bank of 1 st order or for company Insurance approved by the Minister of Finance and listed in Exhibit VII of the Listing Application, d? an amount of six hundred francs (600,000) CFA francs, valid for 30 days beyond the expiry date of the offers, paid by hand by the issuing banker. Its absence results in the immediate rejection of the offer. [Disclaimer: The above text is machine translated. For accurate information kindly refer the original document.]

Additional Documents

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