MINISTÈRE DE LA SANTÉ PUBLIQUE has floated a tender for Procurement of Rehabilitation / Extension Works of some Health Facilities. The project location is Cameroon and the tender is closing on 30 Dec 2019. The tender notice number is , while the TOT Ref Number is 38340909. Bidders can have further information about the tender and can request the complete tender document by Registering on the site.

Procurement Summary

Country : Cameroon

Summary : Procurement of Rehabilitation / Extension Works of some Health Facilities

Deadline : 30 Dec 2019

Other Information

TOT Ref.No.: 38340909

Document Ref. No. :

Competition : ICB

Financier : Self Financed

Purchaser's Detail

Aloys Désiré MVOGO Expert en Passation des Marchés PROGRAMME CONJOINT AFD KfW Yaoundé, CENTRE/CAMEROUN 30756 Téléphone: (237)677841158

Tender Details

Expression of Interest are invited for Procurement of Rehabilitation / Extension Works of some Health Facilities in Cameroon, Central and Eastern Regions Programme C2D1 Santé et programme Conjoint MINSANTE-AFD/KFW 2.1 The Client requested or obtained financing (hereinafter referred to as "Financing") from the KfW Development Bank (hereinafter referred to as "KfW") to finance the project, as stated in the FDP. The Employer proposes to use a portion of the funding to make the payments authorized under the Contract for which the present pre-qualification is published. 3. Fraud and Corruption Practices 3.1 KfW requests that its policy on fraud and corruption practices as set out in Section VI be applied. 3.2 For the purposes of this policy, Applicants will be required to ensure that their agents provide the necessary information and allow KfW or an agent appointed by KfW to review accounts, accounting records, statements and other documents relating to applications. application, submission of tenders (in case of pre-qualification), and performance of the contract (if awarded) on the spot and submit them for audit to auditors or agents designated by KfW. 4. Eligible applicants 4.1 An Applicant is a private or public legal entity, or a governmental legal entity subject to the provisions of Section V, or any association between these entities, in particular in the form of a Grouping of Companies (GE), or which has the intention (established by a declaration of association) to sign an agreement or which is already part of such an agreement. In the case of an EG, all parties will be jointly and severally responsible for the implementation of the Contract. The Applicant will designate a representative to be assigned to conduct the business for and on behalf of the Applicant and all its members if the candidate is a GE during the pre-qualification, tender (in case of bid submission). by the Applicant) and during the implementation of the Contract (if the contract is awarded to the EG). 4.2 An Applicant is allowed to submit several applications for pre-qualification on an individual basis, as a GE partner or as a subcontractor. On the other hand, if he is pre-qualified, he will be able to submit only one tender within the framework of the tendering process, whether individually as a Candidate or as a partner of a Group of Companies. `Companies. A subcontractor may participate in more than one tender but only as a subcontractor. If a Respondent submits or subsequently participates in several offers, all proposals in which he / she has participated will be rejected. 4.3 KfW eligibility criteria for prequalification are clarified in Section V - Eligibility Criteria. 4.4 Candidates may not be in a conflict of interest. Any candidate in this situation will be disqualified. Applicants are considered to have such a conflict with one or more participants in the bidding process in the following situations: a) Candidates placed under the control of the same company; b) Applicants who receive subsidies directly or indirectly from each other; c) Candidates who have the same legal representative in the context of this Prequalification; d) Candidates who maintain contact with each other, directly or through a third party, to enable them to access or influence the information contained in their Applications, or to influence the decisions of the Director of Book about this Pre-qualification; e) Candidates or any of the firms to which they are affiliated who have provided consulting services for the preparation of specifications, plans, calculations and other documents for the works which are the subject of this Pre-qualification; f) Candidates who have themselves, or one of the firms to which they are affiliated, have been recruited or must be recruited by the Employer, to perform the supervision or control of the Works within the framework of the Contract ; g) Applicants who have a close business or family relationship with a Project Owner`s staff member (or the Project Implementing Entity`s staff or a recipient of a portion of the funds): i) directly or indirectly involved in the preparation of the Prequalification Document or the Contract Specifications, and / or in the bid evaluation process; or ii) who may be involved in the implementation or supervision of the same Contract, unless the conflict arising from this relationship has been satisfactorily resolved for KfW during the selection process and the implementation of the Contract. . 4.5 Applicants should not be subject to a temporary exclusion from the opportunity to bid under a Bid Security Statement. 4.6 Applicants must provide satisfactory documents that the Client can reasonably request to verify their eligibility. 5. Materials, Materials and Services meeting the Eligible Source Criteria 5.1 Subject to the provisions of Section V - Eligibility Criteria, all materials, equipment and services covered by this Contract and financed by KfW may come from all countries and expenses for the needs of the Market will be limited to such materials, equipment and services. The eligibility criteria and all expenses made under this contract will not violate such restrictions. B. Content of the Pre-qualification Document 6. Pre-Qualification Document Sections 6.1 The Candidates Pre-Qualification Document is composed of a first and a second part which include all the sections indicated below and to which must be added all the riders published in application of Clause 8 of the TSIs. PART ONE Prequalification Procedures • Section I. Instructions to Applicants (IAC) • Section II. Prequalification Data Sheet (FDP) • Section III. Qualification and Evaluation • Section IV. Application Forms • Section V. Eligibility Criteria • Section VI. KfW`s Policy on Fraud and Corruption - Environmental and Social Responsibility PART II Specifications of the Work • Section VII. Scope of Work 6.2 The Owner shall in no way be responsible for the entirety of the Pre-qualification Document and its amendments, replies to requests for clarification, unless said documents have been communicated directly by the Owner. . In case of contradiction, the documents directly issued by the Owner will prevail. 6.3 Applicants must review all instructions, forms and conditions of the Pre-Qualification Document and provide any information or documentation requested by the Pre-Qualification Document. 7. Clarification of the Pre-Qualification Document 7.1 A Potential Candidate who wishes to obtain clarifications on the Pre-Qualification Document may make a written request to the Contracting Authority at the address of the Contracting Authority indicated in the FDP. The Employer will respond in writing to any request for clarification provided that the request is received no later than fourteen (14) days before the deadline for submission of applications. A copy of the Owner`s response, indicating the question asked but without mention of the author, will be sent by the Owner to all Applicants who have received the Pre-Qualification Document directly by the Master. Work. If the FDP so provides, the Owner will also post its response on the web page identified in the FTP. 8. Modification of the Pre-qualification Document 8.1 The Contracting Authority may, at any time before the deadline for submitting applications, modify the Pre-qualification Document by publishing an amendment. 8.2 Any endorsement published is part of the Pre-Qualification Document and will be communicated in writing to all those who have received the Pre-Qualification Document directly by the Owner. The Owner will immediately publish the endorsement on the website identified in the FTP. 8.3 In order to give Prospective Applicants a reasonable period of time to consider an endorsement in the preparation of their application, the Employer may, at its discretion, extend the deadline for the submission of applications in accordance with the provisions of the Article 17.2 of the TSIs. C. Preparation of Application Forms 9. Application Fee Expenses 9.1 The Applicant will bear all costs associated with the preparation and submission of the application. The Employer will not be responsible or liable to cover these costs, regardless of the way in which the Prequalification process takes place or whatever its results. 10. Language of the Candidature File 10.1 The Application Form (SDC), as well as all correspondence and prequalification documents exchanged between the Applicant and the Owner, will be written in the language specified in the FDP. Complementary documents and publications that are part of the Candidature File may be written in another language provided that they are accompanied by an accurate translation of the relevant passages in the language specified in the PDF, in which case, for purposes of interpretation of the Candidature File, the translation will prevail. 11. Documents constituting the Candidature File 11.1 The SDC will include the following documents: (a) The Bid Submission Form, which will include the Applicant`s name, address, telephone number, fax number and e-mail address. If the Applicant is an association, the nomination form must also include a description of the form of association and a list of the members of the association. (f) All other documents requested in the FDP. 11.2 The Applicant will provide information on the commissions and allowances paid, if any, to the agents or to any third party in connection with his application. 12. Application Submission Form 12.1 The Applicant must prepare an Application Submission Form using the form provided in Section IV, Application Forms. This form must be completed without modification of its format. 13. Documents establishing the eligibility of the Applicant 13.1 To establish eligibility in accordance with the provisions of Clause 4 of the TSIs, the Applicant must complete and sign the Declaration of Commitment using the form provided in Sect

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