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National Consultants: Monitoring Officers in Support of Programs

Country : DR Congo
Summary :

National Consultants: Monitoring Officers in Support of Programs

TOT Ref No : 32905025
Competition : NCB
Financier : UN System
372, avenue Colonel Mondjiba Concession Immotex (Ex-Utexafrica) Kinshasa-Ngaliema Tel: 815557680 / 996050399 Fax:871.761.481.320 / 243.880.3006
DR Congo
Email :kinshasa@unicef.org
URL :http://www.unicef.org/
Tender Details :

Tenders are invited for National Consultants: 4 Monitoring Officers in support of programs, NO-B, (Matadi, Kenge, Bandundu and Inongo) - Reserved for DRC Nationals. 1. Background and rationale: The West Office (BO) of UNICEF was set up in April 2018 with the restructuring of the UNICEF DRC office in 2017. It is based in Kinshasa, the capital of the DRC alongside the National Office. The staff of the office was not complete until the end of July 2018. This West Office covers five provinces (Kinshasa, Kwilu, Kwango, Kongo Central and Maindombe) whose total population is estimated at nearly 25% of the population of the DRC and an area of ??15% of the 2,345,000 km2 of the DRC. The office is staffed with 10 staffs program without staff operations or emergencies. Since the second half of 2018, all five provinces have experienced various cries (cholera epidemics, expulsion of Congolese, conflict and population movements) some of which are still ongoing. All these elements together do not facilitate a close monitoring of UNICEF interventions by the staff. The western provinces face a variety of issues, including: - High rates of chronic and acute malnutrition among children under 5 in some provinces - Low access to water health and sanitation - Difficulties in access to children`s rights, their promotion and protection - Problems of access to and retention of children at school - Low access to the population with quality health services and the recurrence of epidemics To answer ; In collaboration with national and provincial authorities, UNICEF has developed a five-year Country Program based on annual work plans (AWPs) and by province. For the West Office it is split into provincial PTAs that must be implemented through partnership with state technical services and civil society through Non Governmental Organizations (NGOs), Community Assistive Organizations (CSOs) and businesses. In order to ensure better monitoring of the activities implemented as part of the implementation of the AWP, the West Office needs additional human resources, including multi-purpose individual consultants able to provide support to state and non-state partners involved in the implementation of the AWP. said program at the operational and decentralized level. These will be a localized entry point from which close monitoring of partnerships with the BO will be carried out in support of program officers based in Kinshasa. The following programs will be involved in this consultation: Nutrition, Water, Hygiene and Sanitation, Health, Education, Child Protection, Communication for Behavioral Change and Planning. 2. Objectives: The overall objective of this consultation is to provide support to the decentralized coordination and monitoring of the multi-sectoral activities of the UNICEF PTA in the provinces of Kwango, Kwilu, Maindombe and Kongo-Central. 3. Tasks, Responsibilities and Methodologies: The following duties and responsibilities will be assigned to individual program support consultants: at. Support partners in the design of program documents (FT, Prodocs) at the decentralized level before their dispatch for finalization at the level of the sector program at the BO b. Technically and administratively support the partners in the implementation of the activities financed through the program documents (FT and Prodocs) c. Program and conduct field visits and programmatic visits (VPs) to funded sector partners and produce reports of programmatic visits according to the required formats and in support of sector program officers, identify alternative strategies to increase performance, and the impact of the program on the targets d. To support the analysis of the periodic reports submitted by the partners and to bring before it definitive submission its inputs for improvement e. Participate in local meetings / events requiring UNICEF presence and provide inputs for technical support f. Support monitoring of key UNICEF programs at the provincial level as well as indicators g. Contribute to the various reports requested (donors, fortnightly, monitoring indicators of the office, the HPM ...) h. Produce reports (monthly and final) of consultation that will include the results, conclusions and recommendations of the consultation; i. Make inter-sectoral and intra-sectoral collaboration with other programs (Unicef ??and other donors) effective in the provinces; Individual Consultants will have to use various methodologies to achieve the objective of their mission including: Direct observation, document analysis, focus group, group or bilateral meetings and possibly workshops ... 4. Expected results and timeline: at. Support sessions for the development of quality FT / Prodocs are planned and carried out with partners b. Monthly work plans are available c. Monthly activity reports are submitted and within the required time d. VP reports are produced and transmitted for tracking and archiving within 72 hours of completion e. Analyzes of partners` activity reports are submitted to BO referents f. Minutes of meetings / workshops are prepared and submitted to the BO in an acceptable time g. Quality data for the monitoring of key programs is collected and an analysis with appropriate corrective actions is produced during the semi-annual and annual reviews h. Contributions to the various reports are provided in due time i. Monthly and final reports are produced; j. Inter and intra-sectoral collaboration is effective in the provinces concerned 5. Consultant Profile and Required Qualifications: The national program support consultant will be recruited at a NO level and the required qualification and profile are: • Hold a university degree in social sciences, medicine, public health with a master`s degree in a related field; • Being of Congolese nationality; • Have experience with United Nations agencies; past experience in partnership with UNICEF would be an asset; • Experience in developing countries in planning, management, monitoring and evaluation especially in the social field would be an asset; • At least 2 years of experience in the area of ??program management and 1 year in the implementation of community-based approaches; • Excellent writing skills; • Knowledge of the working environment in DR Congo and especially the western provinces is a major asset; • Have a spirit of analysis, negotiation, anticipation, rapid field intervention, communication and excellent interprofessional relations and initiatives with a strong ability to mobilize partners around you and humanitarian emergencies • Being able to work under pressure in a difficult context and with a minimum of supervision; • Being able to work in a multicultural team; • Have a good command of French and good knowledge of local languages ??(Lingala and / or Kikongo); • Applicants must confirm their availability to work in any province of assignment (Kwango, Kwilu, Kongo Central and Mai-Ndombe) and specify their first choices. 6. Duration of the contract and assignment: 11 months renewable depending on performance, programmatic needs and availability of funds. This is group recruitment and will be based on provincial profile, experience and priorities and program needs in the provinces involved. The assignments are the chief places of the provinces concerned: - Matadi for the province of Kongo-Central - Kenge for the province of Kwango - Bandundu for the province of Kwilu - Inongo for the province of Maindombe The consultants will be based in the offices of financial partners / and / or state partners with on-site offices that will be identified according to availability. 7. Supervision: Individual Consultants will be under the administrative supervision of the West Office Manager with direct contact with the various programs who will assume the role of Technical Supervisors. They will collaborate with Program Associates on administrative matters related to the execution of their activities. NB: In applying, applicants must submit their technical and financial offers and determine the period of their availability. Attention: the two technical and financial offers must imperatively be presented so that the applications can be examined. Technical Offer : Document where the Consultant: (a) explains their understanding of the Terms of Reference; (b) explain how the balance sheet will be conducted with the steps; (c) presents a synthetic table with the various studies of this type already carried out, (d) presents his Curriculum vitae; (e) confirm its availability for the period in question. Financial Offer : The Consultant will make a financial offer which will include the daily fee and the number of consulting days. DSA fees for missions will not be included and will be calculated directly by UNICEF. Advertised: May 10, 2019 W. Central Africa Standard Time Applications close: 17 May 2019 11:55 PM W. Central Africa Standard Time [Disclaimer: The above text is machine translated. For accurate information kindly refer the original document.]

Deadline : 17th May 2019
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