Italy government tender for Contract notice: Refuse disposal and treatment

Italy government tenders for Contract notice: Refuse disposal and treatment. Ref No: 19394897, Deadline: 12th Feb 2018.

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Country : Italy
Summary :

Contract notice: Refuse disposal and treatment

TOT Ref No : 19394897
DOCUMENT REF. NO. : 519148-2017
Competition : ICB
Financier : Self Financed
Purchaser : AMA SPA
Office Name: AMA SpA
Address: Via Calderon de la Barca 87
Town: Rome
Postal Code: 00142

Phone: +39 651692874
Fax: +39 65193063
Tender Details :

Object of the contract
Refuse disposal and treatment

Description: Contract notice: Refuse disposal and treatment

Authority Type: Body governed by public law
Contact Nature: Services
Procedure: Open procedure
Document: Contract notice
Regulation: European Union, with participation by GPA countries
Award criteria: Lowest price
CPV code: 90510000,90510000,90510000
CPV Description: Refuse disposal and treatment.
Collection, transport and recovery of organic waste, from AMA plant facilities to authorized plants, divided into 10 (ten) Lots for the duration of 36 (thirty-six) months.
Reference Number: AMA call n. 48/2017
The contract subdivided into 10 (ten) Lots has as its object the provision in favor of AMA SpA of the collection, transport and waste recovery serviceorganic waste coming from differentiated waste collection, from AMA plants to authorized plants, for a duration of 36 (thirty-six) months.
The contract concerns the provision in favor of AMA SpA of the collection, transportation and recovery of organic waste coming from from separate waste collection, from AMA plant offices to authorized plants, for a duration of 36 (thirty-six) months,as better indicated in the Disciplinary Rules and related annexes.
Pena exclusion from the tender as essential elements of the offer, each competitor (single company / RTI / Consortium) must satisfy, also in accordance with the provisions of the Disciplinary of Competition, the following conditions:
a) registration for activities concerning the services tendered in the Business Register or in a dand the professional or commercial records of the State of residence if it is an EU Member State, in accordance with the provisions of art. 83, Legislative Decree no. 50/2016;
b) there are no grounds for exclusion pursuant to art. 80 of Legislative Decree no. 50/2016;
c) registrations in the National Register of Environmental Managers, as per art. 212 of Legislative Decree no. 152/2006, for the activities and the corresponding categories and claxes referred to in point 7.1.1, letter b) of the Disciplinary of the Race.
d) authorization in progress of validity, necessary for the purpose of the exercise of the plant / s destined for recovery operations (R3) for waste of urban origin with reference to the codes listed in the tender documentation.
Pena exclusion from the tender as an essential element of the offer, for each lot, each-competitor (sole proprietorship / R.T.I. / Consortium) must possess the minimum global turnover requirements as per point 7.1.2 letter a) of the Disciplinary of the Competition.
1. The supplementary provisions of the present Call, including the additional causes for exclusion, are contained in the tender regulations and its annexes, which can be freely disclosed and downloaded from the client's profile to theURL address
2. For the purposes of paying the contributions due - pursuant to art. 1, paragraphs 65 and 67, of the law n. 266/2005 - by the economic operators wishing to participate in the tender, the identification codes of the tender (CIG) are: 7324095265 (Lot I), 7324126BF7 (Lot II), 7324140786 (Lot III), 7324148E1E (Lot IV), 73241564BB (Lot V), 7324164B53 (Lotto VI), 73241721F0 (Leight VII), 7324182A2E (Lotto VIII), 7324188F20 (Lotto IX), 73241900CB (Lot X).
The payment methods can be viewed on the website ServiceRiscossioneContributi.
3.All the declarations, under penalty of exclusion, must be drawn up exoplated to the senses for the effects of the DPR n. 445/2000, non-assertion of the illegitocopy photostaticadi a document identifying the underwriter in course of validity.
4.AMA SpA reserves the right to:
a) proceed with the awarding even in the presence of only one valid offer, if deemed appropriate and convenient;
b) not proceed with the award if no offer is suitable or suitable in relation to the contract object;
c) suspend, re-submit or not award the tender; d) do not enter into a contract with a motivated nature even if the award has been previously made; e) proceed with the awarding of a single / single lot as well.
5. The competitors for which there is one of the grounds for exclusion pursuant to Legislative Decree no. 50/2016 and, in particular, pursuant to article 80 of said legislative decree.
6. They are not allowed / they will be escbids bids equal to or greater than the amount placed on the basis of bidding, as well as incomplete, partial and / or conditional bids.
7. Abnormally low bids are identified and assessed on the basis of the provisions of article 97 of Legislative Decree no. n. 50/2016 applicable to the criterion for the award of the lower price.
8.E subcontracting permitted in accordance with the provisions of article 105 of Legislative Decree no.n. 50 / 2016.
9. Information and clarifications on tender documents may be requested, from Monday to Friday, at the General Management - Purchasing Service by PEC at the address in point I.1), no later than end of 13.00 of 29.01.2018.
10.The clarifications will be sent by e-mail to who, having downloaded the electronic version of the documentationara, make explicit request by specifying the data necessary to allow the submission and will be published in electronic format on the site referred to in the sub-point. I.1.
11. It should be noted that, with reference to the Contract that will be signed with the successful bidder, the regulation on the traceability of financial flows pursuant to Law 13 August 2010, n. 136.
12. Furthermore, it is specifiedthat the contractor of each lot with which the contract is signed, during the execution of the latter and throughout its duration, must keep AMA constantly up-to-date on the retention of possession of the requisites required by article 80 of the Legislative Decree n. 50/2016 as well as point 7.1.4 of the Competition Regulations.
13.The competitors, within the economic offer, dethey must indicate their labor costs and corporate burdens on health and safety in the workplace, pursuant to article 95, paragraph 10 of Legislative Decree no. 50/2016 and subsequent amendments and additions.
14.The competitors, with the submission of offers, allow the processing of their personal data, pursuant to Legislative Decree no. 196/2003, for bankruptcy requirements and withlations.
15.AMA does not make use of an arbitration clause which, therefore, is not contractually provided for.
16. This procedure was authorized by resolution of the BoD no. 25 of 29.09.2017.
17.The person in charge of the procedure and the arch. Massimo Bagatti.

Internet address (URL):
Directive: Classical Directive (2014/24/EU)

Deadline : 12th Feb 2018
Documents : Download

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