Germany government tender for Contract notice: Pharmaceutical products

Germany government tenders for Contract notice: Pharmaceutical products. Ref No: 14864133, Deadline: 5th Jul 2018.

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Country : Germany
Summary :

Contract notice: Pharmaceutical products

TOT Ref No : 14864133
DOCUMENT REF. NO. : 271795-2017
Competition : ICB
Financier : Self Financed
Office Name: DAK-Gesundheit
Address: Nagelsweg 27-31
Town: Hamburg
Postal Code: 20097

Phone: +49 402396-2682
Fax: +49 402396-3661
Tender Details :

Object of the contract
Pharmaceutical products

Description: Contract notice: Pharmaceutical products

Authority Type: Body governed by public law
Contact Nature: Supplies
Procedure: Open procedure
Document: Contract notice
Regulation: European Union
Award criteria: Lowest price
CPV code: 33600000,33600000
CPV Description: Pharmaceutical products.
Completion of a non-exclusive discount agreement pursuant to - 130a para. 8 SGB V for the active substance immunoglobulins, ATC J06BA02, for the period v. [Reference number: 1001818-Immunglobuline
- 130a paragraph 8 SGB V allows the health insurance companies and pharmaceutical companies to carry out frame-fee agreements on the costs of the statutory social security schemeMedicinal products. With regard to the statutory provisions governing the award of public contracts, a regular process of active substance-related, competitive tendering procedure is carried out by DAK-Gesundheit according to the regulations of the fourth part of the GWB. For medicinal products to be designated by the tenderer in Annex 2 to the contract,G. Active substance (immunoglobulins, ATC J01XB01), the DAK health intends to conclude drug discounts with the latest pharmaceutical sales contracts with most possible pharmaceutical companies. A discount agreement i. R. d. Admission model to the above. Active substance enters into force for the first time on 1.9.2017 and ends on 31.8.2018 (2x6 months option). It endsDAK-G assumes that this procedure does not come within the scope of the antitrust law because of the lack of a selection decision and the non-discriminatory accessibility of all pharmaceutical companies. It ends automatically, with the entry into force of the exclusive contract-To immunoglobulins, normal human, for intravascular use, ATC J06BA02, as a result of a procurement procedure under the regulations of Part Four of the GWB with one or more contracting parties. In order to meet the diversity of potential contract partners within the framework of the licensing model, each pharmaceutical company is required to conclude a framework during the term of the contractAt any time and under the same conditions. The necessary contract documents are available via the online portal under the I.3. , The link to the download is available.
The prerequisites for the conclusion, or the later accession to the contracts entering into force for the first time on 1 July 2017, are complete and timely transmissionThe following references / explanations / attachments (available for download under the link given under I.3) to the following contact person at DAK-G:
1. Offer letter,
2nd Current proof of entry in the professional or commercial register (see III.1.1.)
3. Declaration by the company (Annex A1) that none of the exclusion criteria is in accordance with -- 123, 124 GWB (see III.1.1.).
4. Declaring that medicinal products for which the interested party wishes to conclude a contract under this procedure are subject to authorization under the drug law and that the tenderer is entitled to sell them at the start of the contract (Annex A2) (see III.1.1.) , Declaration by the company that the legal requirements for the minimum wage and the tariff noBe observed and complied with (Annex A3) (see III.1.1.). Recognition of the contractual provisions of the DAK health, in particular also of the specified discounts by signing the contract stamped with a company stamp (2 times in the original) by the interested party in the designated place. The completed enclosures 1 and 2 to the contract (2-fold in the original). The interestsT added the medicaments to the above. Substance, which shall be the object of the contract. (DAK-Gesundheit,
Mariam Shirdel (0042 60),
Nagelsweg 27-31,
. The documents are to be submitted by post to: 20097 Hamburg.
In addition, the attachment 2 as an Exceldatei at the same time to the mail address Contracts within the scope of this model and to the above. Active substance will be concluded for the first time with effect from 1 July 2017 and end on 31.8.2018. The contract can be extended by the DAK-G twice as often as six months. Interested parties wishing to become contractors on this date have the documents to be submitted up to the 5th of the previous monthNatsbei o. G. Position. This is due to the timely access to DAK health. Later accessions are possible at any time. In order to be able to join during the term of the contract on the 1st or 15th of the following month, the above- Documents, irrespective of the desired accession, of the DAK health up to the 5th of the previous month. Here, too, the rAccess to both DAK-Gs. Example: The bidding requested by the bidder is to be made on 15.7.20xx (follow-up), the documents must be submitted by 5.6.20xx (previous month).
Note: The publication is made here using the form for open procedures. As already made clear, this is not such a notice had to be from tTechnical reasons, as there is no suitable form for approval procedures. Current proof of entry in the professional or trade register (not more than 6 months in the case of dispatch) in accordance with the legislation of the country in which the company is resident, Eg current commercial register extract; Copy is sufficient.
2. Declaration of the company,That none of the exclusion criteria is in accordance with -- 123, 124 GWB. To this end, the A1 is to be signed, to be stamped with the company stamp and to be submitted in the original. Declare that for those drugs for which the interested party wishes to conclude a contract under this procedure, there is an authorization under the drug law and that the bidder is entitled to the contract(Annex A2) (see III.1.1.)
4. Declaration of the company that the statutory provisions on the minimum wage and the tariff refusal are observed and complied with (Annex A3). For this purpose, the A3 has to be signed, stamped with the company stamp and submitted in the original.
The DAK health has a so-called Praeq through the European publicity platform(See EU notice 2015 / S 105-190319 of 3.6.2015). If the bidder has received an effective pre-qualification notice from the DAK health in good time before submission of the dossier, he needs the company-specific suitability certificates-(Proof of entry in the professional or commercial register, declaration of the company's own declaration that none of the exclusion criteria according to -- 123, 124 GWB is present, certificate of harmlessness of the statutory health insurance fund) with copy and appending of the pr-qualification certificate. Annex A2 is to be added in all cases. The Prequalification Notice of theDAK health also serves as evidence for open-house procedures of DAK health, irrespective of the value of the contract.
Declaration that the medicinal products for which the interested party wishes to conclude the contract in the Rahmendieses procedure are subject to authorization under the drug law and That the tenderer is entitled to sell at the start of the contract. For this purpose, diE to sign the attachment A2, to provide it with a company stamp and to submit it in the original. DAK Health has published a so-called pre-qualification procedure for pharmaceutical companies for the simplified participation in future drug discounts (EU notice 2015 / S 105-190319 of 3.6.2015) via the European Notification Center. If the bidder(Proof of their entry into the professional or trade register, the company's own declaration that none of the exclusion criteria in accordance with -- 123, 124 GWB is available, Certification of the statutory health insurance(E) not be included in a copy of the prequalification certificate. Annex A2 is to be added in all cases. The DAK health pre-qualification certificate also serves as a proof for open-house DAK health procedures.
The contract documents can also be sent by e-mail in the case of the DAK health mentioned in I.1. Referred to abovebecome T.
Questions and notes on the tender documents are sent by e-mail or in writing (by fax or letter) by electronic means (via bidder communication via the award portal or in individual cases by e-mail Under I.1. Contact point. They are to be formulated in German. AAre made available in anonymous form to all entrepreneurs who requested the tender documents by means of a registration. In doing so, the answers are made available to the entrepreneurs via bidder portal Companies that have downloaded the tender documents without registration have their own responsibilityTo follow the further communication and, if necessary, to the above- This publication is not a public procurement contract within the meaning of the Public Procurement Direc- tive Directive 2014/24 / EU of the European Parliament and of the Council and / or the right to rectify the dispute. In order to achieve a high degree of transparency for the intended
VertrThe publication is published in the Supplement to the Official Journal of the European Union. In the absence of a corresponding publication form, the contract notice shall be used. The resulting conceptual specifications, such as, for example, the procedure description "Open procedure", are solely for the use of this publication form and the VeroeffPlatform. A further meaning, in particular a submission of sub-regula- tory regulations, insofar as they are not compulsory for legal reasons, is not associated with this.
Announcement ID: CXP4YM5YEFY.

Internet address (URL):
Directive: Classical Directive (2014/24/EU)

Deadline : 5th Jul 2018
Documents : Download

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