Germany government tender for Contract notice: Engineering services

Germany government tenders for Contract notice: Engineering services. Ref No: 19398519, Deadline: 1st Feb 2018.

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Country : Germany
Summary :

Contract notice: Engineering services

TOT Ref No : 19398519
DOCUMENT REF. NO. : 519223-2017
Competition : ICB
Financier : Self Financed
Office Name: Energie und Wasser Potsdam GmbH
Address: Steinstraße 101
Town: Potsdam
Postal Code: 14480
Contact Point: Abteilung Beschaffung

Phone: +49 331661-1600
Fax: +49 331661-1603
Tender Details :

Object of the contract
Engineering services

Description: Contract notice: Engineering services

Authority Type: Other
Contact Nature: Services
Procedure: Competitive procedure with negotiation
Document: Contract notice
Regulation: European Union
Award criteria: The most economic tender
CPV code: 71300000,71300000
CPV Description: Engineering services.
Planning services Construction of a partial flow treatment plant in the Leipziger Str ..
Reference Number: 1726/1 EWP
The subject of this invitation to tender is the engineering work required to set up / expand the facilities for:
Main Site: Wasserwerk Leipziger Str .; Leipziger Str. 12; 14473; Potsdam.
The Energy and Water Potsdam GmbH operates onLocation Leipziger Strasse 12 a waterworks with a current treatment capacity of max. 12,000 m / d. Due to the steadily increasing demand for water in the LH Potsdam, the expansion of the treatment capacity by 4,000 m / d to 16,000 m / d is necessary. The existing drinking water treatment consists of the process steps pressure ventilation, iron removal, manganese removal and physicalfor post-exhaustion. Due to changing raw water conditions the establishment of a separate partial flow treatment within the existing filter hall, consisting of a pre-treatment (de-ironing and Entmanganung) and a downstream flocculation with subsequent separation via an ultrafiltration membrane is provided. For the design of the partial flow treatment wasn small-scale pilot tests have already been carried out both for the filter system and for the further processing steps. Subject of the invitation to tender are the planning services required by HOAI for the erection of the plants for:
pressure ventilation,
filtration system for iron removal and demanganization,
flocculation and UF membrane installation incl. CEB plant and connecting(1) Company profile (company, address, country, legal form, legal representative for legal entities, telephone, telefax, e-mail address, contact person).
(2) Declarations of conformity according to - 6 VgV whether and in what way the candidate has economic links with other companies, and whether and in what way the candidate applies to A(3) Declaration on the absence of the grounds for exclusion in accordance with - 42 (1) VgV i.V.m. - 123 GWB
(4) Self-declaration concerning the non-existence of the exclusion criteria pursuant to - 42 (1) VgV i.V.m. - 124 GWB.
(5) Application for a joint declaration according to point II.2.14.
(6) Proof of professional liability insurance according to the following requirements:
MinCondition: The application for participation must be accompanied by proof of valid professional liability insurance covering at least EUR 1,500,000 for personal injury and at least EUR 1,500,000 for other damage (property damage and property damage) per claim by presenting a copy of the insurance certificate. The overall performance for allInsurance periods of one insurance year must be at least twice the coverage amount. It is also sufficient to submit an irrevocable declaration from an insurer (insurance or insurance intermediary) that, in the case of an order, the applicant is covered by a professional indemnity insurance covering the previously mentioned minimum cover amounts and the minimum maximum amountwill be. After placing the order, a copy of the valid insurance certificate must be submitted later. In the case of a Community of Applicants, each member of the consortium must provide proof of insurance under the above-mentioned conditions or, respectively, make an irrevocable letter of intent from an insurer.
(7) Self-declaration on the total turnoverz (net) in relation to the last 3 completed business years (2014, 2015, 2016).
(8) Self-declaration of the turnover (net) for the services corresponding to the current 3 completed business years (2014, 2015, 2016 ). (1) The application for participation must be signed. For candidate communities, the application is either from all members(2) The request to participate must be made in duplicate (one original, one copy) in a sealed version and with "Application for planning by engineers for the erection of a partial flow treatment plant at the Leipziger Str. provided envelope at the contact point mentioned under I.1)(3) The client will provide ready-made application forms. These and all other documents (evaluation matrix, project description, etc.) are available for free download at the following link:
(4) For foreign applicants, equivalent certificates are sufficients country of origin. For documents in other languages, certified translations into German must be enclosed.
(5) Only the documents required for the selection of applicants will be taken into account. Additional documents are not required. (6) The required supporting documents, information and declarations must be submitted by each member of a consortium-If the possibility of providing subcontractors is used, the subcontractor's share must be indicated with the request to participate. The third party to which the candidate relies in order to prove his / her suitability must make a statement of commitment with the request to participate.
(8) Inquiries will only be answered if they are submitted in writing - i. by post, e-mail or fax - until late24.01.2018 15:00 at the contact point mentioned under point I.1). An answer to questions is also given in writing only. Telephone information will not be given.
(9) On the website candidate information will be stored in the communication area for this call. Applicants without registrationg can view them there and download them independently. It is the responsibility of the applicants to obtain regular information and retrieve the relevant information. Applicants who have registered upon request of these tender documents will be notified by e-mail if retrievable information is available.
(10) The client points out that he has completed his operational shutdown on 25.12.2017-until 01.01.2018. Within this period, inquiries about the announcement and the tender documents can not be answered. Due to this circumstance, the offer period according to - 20 VgV will be extended to a total of 42 days from the day of the electronic transmission of the notice.
Announcement ID: CXP9YAAY1BZ.

Internet address (URL):
Directive: Classical Directive (2014/24/EU)

Deadline : 1st Feb 2018
Documents : Download

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