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Germany government tender for Contract notice: Engineering design services

Country : Germany
Summary :

Contract notice: Engineering design services

TOT Ref No : 22467112
DOCUMENT REF. NO. : 162961-2018
Competition : ICB
Financier : Self Financed
Office Name: Berliner Verkehrsbetriebe (BVG), Anstalt des öffentlichen Rechts
Address: Holzmarktstraße 15-17
Town: Berlin
Postal Code: 10179
Contact Point: Bereich Einkauf/Materialwirtschaft, FEM-SE3 (IPLZ 42300)

Email :einkauf.se3@bvg.de
URL :www.BVG.de
Tender Details :

Object of the contract
Engineering design services

Description: Contract notice: Engineering design services

Authority Type: Utilities entity
Contact Nature: Services
Procedure: Negotiated procedure
Document: Contract notice
Regulation: European Union, with participation by GPA countries
Award criteria: The most economic tender
CPV code: 71320000,71320000
CPV Description: Engineering design services.
U6 Tunnel Renovation West, Renovation of Building Sealing: Engineering Services Project Planning LPH 2 5
The subject of this invitation to tender is planning services of phases 2 to 5 according to HOAI, -- 41 ff in the Structural Engineering performance picture.
The district office of Berlin is planning a thorough renewal the Muellerstrasse in the above area. Due to the BaIn order to exploit synergies, it is necessary to maintain the structure and ensure the functional integrity of the underground railway stations by means of a comprehensive renewal of the external seal. These works will contribute to increasing the operational safety and serviceability of the BVG Tunnel Construction Line U6 upon completion of the work-to be rehabilitated route are numerous war damage in the wall and ceiling area recorded. In the interests of preserving the structure and thus ensuring the proper functioning of the structural subway systems, comprehensive sealing work is to be carried out on the tunnel construction in conjunction with a road rehabilitation of Muellerstrasse. Given the building age and the scThese structures have to be considered as a necessity to maintain the operational safety of the subway system.
The tunnels, section 100.7 71 to 101.8 60 between the U6 line (Se-Lpo) and U-Bhf. Wedding (WE) are part of the subway line U6 of the Berliner Verkehrsbetriebe.
The planned double-track tunnel section is unter the two-lane Muellerstrasse and is bounded by the Seestrasse and Lynar or Lindowerstrasse (S-Bahn viaduct). There are the following subway stations on the route to be rehabilitated:
- U-Bhf. Leopoldplatz (1 and 2-fold depth, line U6 / U9 intersection station, 2 tracks per station), here only the 1-fold depth,
- U-Bhf. Wedding (1-time depth, 2 tracks, line U6),
Before the HintBecause of the high demands on the timely, qualitative and economical planning implementation, the BVG commissioned a planner with the services.
- in accordance with HOAI 2013, in the performance plans Objektplanung Ingenieurbauwerke, Lph. 2-5,
- Performance parts of structural design,
- and special services.
In the context of a phased assignment.
For the aptitude test, the applicant hasto prove for himself and, if applicable, for his subcontractors his technical knowledge, efficiency and reliability in accordance with III.1.1) to III.1.3) with the application to participate. Proof of suitability is provided by submission of the form "Self-declaration of suitability." The "Self-declaration of suitability" form is enclosed with the participation documents and can be found directly under the URL specified in section I.3nd available free of charge. The form must be completed and signed in a legally binding manner with the request to participate.
For applicant communities, the "self-assessment for eligibility" must be completed, signed and submitted by each member, as well as for subcontractors named in the applicationf refer to the capacity of another company (suitability lending), the applicant must also submit a self-declaration to the (respective) suitability lender as to suitability for this company and prove his actual accessibility to this company by submitting a commitment letter from the suitability lender (- 47 para. 1 champagne VO). For the obligationThe awarding authority shall use the form "Undertaking" contained in the participation documents.
In order to confirm the following statements, the candidate shall provide the certificates of the competent authorities and, upon request, submit them within the time limit set by the contracting authority.
The following information and formalities, to the persoThe economic situation of the economic operator and the requirements for entry in a trade or professional register are:
self-declaration of suitability, d. H. insofar as part of the form "self-declaration on suitability":
- the corruption register,
- information on business liability / professional liability insurance,
- for entry in the professional / commercial register,
- craftor business card of the responsible chamber of trade or Zugehoerigkeitsbescheinigung of the competent industrial and commercial chamber,
- statement that no serious misconduct exist (excerpt according to - 30 exp. 5 BZRG).
- statement that no exclusionary basis acc. -- 123; 124 GWB.
- Certificate of safety from the BG,
- payment of the contributions to the KThe following information and formalities on economic and financial performance are required:
Self-declaration (part of the self-declaration form on suitability):
- The turnover of the company in the last 3 completed business years.
a) Information about the participation documents mub) answering any questions from the candidates no later than 6 calendar days before the end of the period for participation, and any other information relevant to the proceedings will be sent to all applicants direct, free of charge and exclusively by download under point I.3) of the specified URLposed. Until the deadline for submission of applications to participate, the candidate is required to comply regularly and independently with documents, answers and answers provided on this link, as well as additional or additional questions. A separate notice by the client will not be given;
c) if the candidate has the capacity to prove his / her suitabilityIf he wishes to use another company (third party / subcontractor) (suitability lending), he must give the name of the other company and state what he wants to use for the other company's capacity (form). Corresponding evidence must be provided to the extent that it would be available to the candidate. In addition, the candidate must submit by submitting theUndertaking of the undertaking "Appropriate lending" of this company proves that the funds required for the contract are actually provided to him (see - 47 SektVO).
With regard to proof of the required professional ability or the necessary professional experience, an applicant may choose the capacities of others Company according to - 47 Abs. 2 SektVO only dd) the applications are in writing, unattached and signed in their original form and as a copy on a data carrier in a sealed envelope at the address indicated in I.3) submit. The envelope is to be provided with the inscription: "Application for participation in the Vergprocedure, Order No .: FEM-SE3 / 9261/17, Procurement / Materials Management, FEM-SE3, U6 Tunnel Renovation West: Renovation of Building Sealing Engineering Services Project Planning LPH 2 - 5, Please do not open! "The submission of participation applications by E - Mail or fax is not permitted;
e) The submitted tender documents are to be treated confidentially and may only be used within the scope of this contractf) in the awarding of public contracts, the enterprises which are awarded the training places receive preferentially within the framework of the valid procurement regulations with the regulations of - 1, 7 and 8 of Berlin tendering and procurement law and otherwise equivalent offers on collectively agreed pay-as-you-go systems to secure the binitial training or participation in training. Proof must be provided by the tenderers eligible for the award of a certificate from the authority responsible for vocational training
Internet address (URL): www.BVG.de
Directive: Classical Directive (2014/25/EU)

Deadline : 14th May 2018
Tender Documents : Download

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