Germany government tender for Contract notice: Architectural and related services

Germany government tenders for Contract notice: Architectural and related services. Ref No: 20595504, Deadline: 26th Mar 2018.

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Country : Germany
Summary :

Contract notice: Architectural and related services

TOT Ref No : 20595504
DOCUMENT REF. NO. : 065459-2018
Competition : ICB
Financier : Self Financed
Office Name: Tierpark Berlin-Friedrichsfelde GmbH
Address: Am Tierpark 125
Town: Berlin
Postal Code: 10319
Contact Point: IBPM Gesellschaft für interdisziplinäres Bauprojektmanagement mbH, Fasanenstr. 71, 10719 Berlin

Phone: +49 30467249610

Tender Details :

Object of the contract
Architectural and related services

Description: Contract notice: Architectural and related services

Authority Type: Other
Contact Nature: Services
Procedure: Competitive procedure with negotiation
Document: Contract notice
Regulation: European Union
Award criteria: The most economic tender
CPV code: 71200000,71200000
CPV Description: Architectural and related services.
Tierpark Berlin-Friedrichsfelde - Architectural services for the reconstruction, revaluation and redesign of the Dickhaeuterhaus
The Tierpark Berlin-Friedrichsfelde GmbH intends to commission architectural services for the reconstruction, redesign and enhancement of the Dickhaeuterhaus including visitor areas, grounds and stables for Gtoilets and inner rooms as well as Fraianlagen gem. -- 34 and 39 HOAI.
Main Site: Am Tierpark 125
For the reconstruction, revaluation and redesign of the Dickhaeuterhaus in Tierpark Berlin-Friedrichsfelde the object planning according to the performance of the fee structure for architects and engineers (HOAI) - 34 building design and - 39 free spaces for the work phases LP 1 - GrundlagenerLP 2 - Preplanning, LP 3 - Design Planning, LP 4 - Approval Planning, LP 5 - Execution Planning, LP 6 - Preparation of Procurement, LP 7 - Assistance in Procurement, LP 8 - Object Monitoring, LP 9 - Property Management and Documentation , The commission from the LP 3 is gradual.
The Dickhaeuterhaus is located in the middle of the zoo and was opened in 1989. The GrundflThe area of the building is approximately 6,000 square meters. The building is surrounded by star-studded outdoor facilities that are used for animal husbandry and are part of the planning task.
In 1994, a 2,000-liter lakeside lake basin was integrated into the building. In the interior of the building various floor heights have been implemented, the animal areas are by Graeben vom BSeparated esucherbereich, for the elephants is also a pool available. The interior of the building is surrounded by ring-shaped economic and Versorgungsengenggen, a farmyard joins the building. In the first floor rooms are especially designed for storage purposes.
As part of the transformation, the Dickhaeuterhaus should be close to naturecontinue to develop the designed experience area. Restructuring of the interior should in particular improve the animal husbandry conditions and fulfill the legally anchored safety and housing guidelines. A barrier-free routing is to be implemented in the visitor area.
The cost framework amounts to 20,000,000 million euros gross incl. UV (KG 200-700).
Attendance to the vocational trainingfinally, requirements for entry in a trade or professional register.
List and brief description of the conditions:
1) The application form must be completed in full within the application deadline. from the manager (s) u./o. to be signed by the authorized representative (s). The absence d. Signature on d. Application form leads-directly to the exclusion from d. further procedures. It is possible, d. European Self-declaration (EEE) introduced by Directive 2014/24 / EU. The EEE need not be used if the application form, including annexes, is submitted in its entirety. In the case of a consortium, the application form must be submitted to the applying team as a whole2) Proof of signature authority is to be provided by the candidate, in the case of the consortium, by each member. This can be done by submitting a register extract; If such a registration is not given, a power of attorney must be enclosed with the application form in which d. all the partners of the company bear the signatorymighty. Annex 1 to the application form can be used for this purpose;
3) Signed declaration pursuant to -- 123 GWB on d. Non-binding exclusion reasons (Annex 2 of the application form). In the case of a consortium, this annex must be submitted by each member;
4) Signed declaration pursuant to -- 124 GWB on d. Non-compliance with optional exclusion criteria (Annex 3 dapplication form). In the case of a consortium, this annex must be submitted by each member,
5) In the case of a consortium, d. Information d. Appoint members to the order shares (Annex 4 of the application form). Furthermore, a power of attorney for d. authorized representatives d. (Annex 5 of the application form);
6) In the event of an inspectionEntrepreneurs are gem. - 36 VgV the order shares, d. to be subcontracted by the contractor (Annex 4 of the application form); 7) Is d. Applicant or tenderer, d. Fulfillment d. Order on d. Capacities of other companies (subcontractors), is in d. 2nd stage of the negotiated procedure for d. Subcontractor d. Declaration according to - 123, 124 GWB about d.-Failure to comply with any possible exclusions and d. Letter of commitment pursuant to - 36 (1) VgV (Annexes 2, 3 and 6 of the application form). Award of a part d. Contract to a third party by means of subcontracting, and at the same time relies on the capacity of such third party with regard to its ability to perform in accordance with -- 45 and 46 VgVand only with the help of external capacity (subcontractors) d. has to satisfy the minimum requirements (suitability loan in accordance with - 47 VgV), must already comply with d. Application an appropriate letter of commitment d. subcontractor (Annex 6 of the application form) and the self-declaration by the subcontractor (Annex 2 and Annex 3 of the application form). Beyond that is-in the case that this d. economic and financial capacity of the candidate, a declaration of joint liability of the candidate and the subcontractor for d. Order execution in accordance with - 47 para. 3 VgV to be submitted,
8) Signed agreement on compliance d. Minimum requirements according to BbgVergG (Annex 7 of the application form). This plant is in case of a-Consortium of each member;
9) proof ue. D. Leadership d. Job title "Architect" by copy d. Registration certificate in d. Chamber of Architects. Indication d. Entry no. in the application form. For foreign applicants: Is in d. Home state d. Person d. Professional title is not regulated, d. professional condition, who has a diploma, exam certificate or sons
The understanding and knowledge of zoological planning, posture and core refurbishment are important criteria for the award of the contract.
In the context of the second stage of the procedure, the tenderers must therefore submit the following documents:
- A preliminary draft of the Restructuring of the interior (visitor area and animal stables),
--Concept study (preliminary considerations on the approach of the planning task).
With the submission of all required documents, the bidders receive a compensation of a lump sum of 1 500 EUR net for their expenses. With the payment of the expenses, Tierpark Berlin acquires ownership of the documents and drafts. The Tierpark Berlin is allowed the documents and designs for the treeuse and modify without the co-operation of the author / author.

Internet address (URL):
Directive: Classical Directive (2014/24/EU)

Deadline : 26th Mar 2018
Documents : Download

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