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How It Works

The Process:

What We Do?

TendersOnTime is the largest and most comprehensive aggregator of government procurement opportunities, published from across the globe. As per IMF 2022 estimates the total global GDP stands at 161.449 Trillion USD on PPP basis, and at 15% average spend the global Public Procurement market size stands at whopping 24.22 Trillion USD.

We collect, collate and sell these government procurement opportunities to suppliers which are interested in supplying their products and services to various Government Organizations. For providing these opportunities we charge a nominal annual subscription fee.

To watch our corporate film, please visit the Link.

User Benefits

There is no agency in world which can dictate all sovereign states to publish their procurement opportunities on a single platform. And this is where Tenders Aggregators like TendersOnTime plays an important role, not only by making these opportunities available to the supplier community, in a timely manner BUT also helping the purchasers by way of spreading these opportunities to relevant suppliers. And thus helping them achieve their objective of making Public Procurement more efficient and transparent.

Suppliers/users of this website need not scan various newspapers or visit the website of all the purchasers, in order to receive these opportunities. For a single person or even for an organization it is not possible to scan all the sources. And even if anyone do it, it would not justify the cost. Hence it makes sense for the users to Subscribe to TendersOnTime services at a fraction of cost.

How we are Different?

  •     Daily tracking of 600,000+ purchasers from across 240+ Countries
  •     Scanning 500+ Newspapers, especially from Africa & Asia
  •     Daily addition of 50,000+ Tenders/RFPs from all across the Globe
  •     Translation of tender notices published in other languages
  •     Monthly addition of 100,000+ Contract Awards from across the Globe
  •     Monthly Traffic of 453649 Unique Visitors
  •     4.5 Million Indexed Pages with Google

How to Search?

TendersOnTime provides two types of search facility. One the basic search, which is lightning fast and gives all available tenders from across the globe. This search option is good for quickly assessing the available opportunities.

The second option is - advance search, which provides facility to search tenders on various parameters.

Users can refer the detailed video about how to use advance search?

How Tenders are Delivered?

Apart from searching tenders though the portal, user also receive customize daily email alerts, matching to their product/services and the chosen geography.

Large corporates can create multiple profiles with various combinations of Geography and product/service.

There are various other options for data sharing, which are explained in subsequent sections.


TendersOnTime offers various subscription plans to meet the requirement of all class of companies.

Payment Methods

User can pay the subscription charges through various payment channels and in various international currencies. Some of the payment methods offered by TendersOnTime are:

  •     Swift/Wire Transfer
  •     By Credit Card
  •     By Paypal
  •     Through Mobile
  •     Online Transfer
  •     UPI and Net Banking

My Profile Section

TendersOnTime offers various user-friendly features in the user profile section. A detailed video will help in understanding the salient features.

We appreciate your valuable feedback in enhancing customer experience.

Bid Facilitation and Consultancy Services

With the help of local agents/associates spread across 60+ Countries, TendersOnTime provide end to end bid facilitation and consultancy services.

A) Avail Individual Services:

All below mentioned services are available upon payment of USD 100 to our Premium and Platinum Clients:

  •      Procurement of Tender Documents (Actual document cost & courier charges, if applicable shall be charged extra)
  •      Attending Pre-Bid meetings
  •      Submission of Tender document and attending bid opening

Note: The service fee of USD 100 is towards meeting the expenses incurred by our local agent in the home country and can be paid directly to him.

B) Avail End-to-End Bid Facilitation and Consulting Services:

If you avail the end-to-end bid facilitation services, the charges shall be as below:

b.1) Procurement of Tender Doc - Actual doc charges+ actual courier charges (if applicable). Services fee of USD 100 is waived off.

b.2) Certain % of CIF cost of the project. For this we sign a tripartite agreement among your company, our local agent and our company. The % commission covers our efforts and the efforts put by our local agent including other miscellaneous expense to be incurred by him.

b.3) If you win the contract and get your money in your account then only, you need to pay us and local agent within 7 days, from the date of receipt of payment. In case you receive payment in advance or on pro-rata basis, then you have to pay us accordingly.

b.4) In case your bid is not successful then our local agent will help you in taking the bid bond back.

There are other services which are provided Free of Cost under this arrangement. These are:

  •      Seeking Clarifications from the Purchaser
  •      Translation of the tender document, if not in English.
  •      Preparation of responsive and winning bids
  •      Help in EMD (Earnest Money Deposit)
  •      Providing Market Intelligence, local taxes and Duties, labour laws etc.
  •      Successful and timely submission of tender Documents
  •      Attending Bid Opening
  •      Tie Up with Local Partner for Project Execution
  •      Help in setting up the local office

Availing these services is purely your discretion. Further, all above-mentioned services you can avail ONLY when you subscribe to our Platinum package. To know more about bid facilitation and consultancy services, please Visit the Link. For Indian customers, we also provide complete GeM related services like: GeM Registration, GeM profile creation, Vendor Assessment, Brand Approval, Catalogue Approval etc. To know more about GeM related services, please visit the Link

Competitor’s Data

If you want to know who is winning government contracts and at what price, then you can approach us. We are a comprehensive repository of Contract Awards information. We can provide you information of last 8+ years about your competitors. This type of information can give you solid insight on buying patterns, rates offered by your competitors, geographical pattern etc.

Archival Data for Market Research

Many of our clients from consulting domain are purchasing this data for research purpose and to serve their clients. You can request the data about a particular product/service OR for the whole industry from a particular country/region/continent or from across the Globe.

The data is 100% genuine as it is from government sources and thus correct insight into the public procurement market size related to their product and services. Many companies are using this data to formulate their market entry strategy for a particular geography.

The data can be transferred in any format suitable to the client like: MS Excel, XML, direct server transfer or through API. For examples:

  •      A pharmaceutical company purchasing information on Azithromycin purchased by various government organizations in the African continent in the last 5 years.
  •      A defence company purchasing information on bulletproof jackets purchased by various defence, para-military and police organizations around the world in last 6 years.
  •      A hospital furniture manufacturer purchasing information on hospital beds purchased by various hospitals and healthcare organizations in Asia and African continents in the last 3 years.

Publishing Tenders

For any organization, having a reliable, cost effective and efficient vendor/supplier is very critical in organization’s success and long-term growth. Now this requires constant hunting and wider publicity of one’s procurement requirement to a wider but relevant supplier community. TendersOnTime helps its client in achieving this objective. Since, we are the world’s largest tenders aggregator, we have a large number of validated suppliers/clients from almost all industry segments and from across the globe. Below are some of the advantages of publishing tenders with TendersOnTime:

  •      Superior Approach, High ROI
  •      Very Economical
  •      Instantaneous Global Reach
  •      Other Benefits

To know more about the charges and other benefits of publishing tenders with TendersOnTime, please visit the Link

Buying Data in Bulk

Apart from providing tenders information to individual businesses, we also provide this information to organizations like: Industry Associations, Chamber of Commerce, Trade Bodies and News Aggregators etc. TendersOnTime provides this data to these organizations with absolute redistribution rights.

One of our prestigious client is: International Trade Centre (ITC), an agency that has a joint mandate with WTO and the United Nations. ITC in turn disseminates this information to SMEs around the world through their ProcurementMap platform. Please read the full news Here

TendersOnTime can provide the content through any option and at any frequency required by the client. Few of the content delivery options are:

  •      XML
  •      XLS
  •      API
  •      Direct Server Transfer

To know more about buying data in bulk, please visit the Link

Partner Program

Welcome and join us in growing the business together for mutual benefits. Our Partner Program has been specifically designed to help you generate regular and handsome income by leveraging your language/communication skills, knowledge and contacts. As an extended member of TendersOnTime family, you shall have access to the resources you need, the support you want and the rewards you deserve.

Highlights of the Partner Program:

Our business provides world best business opportunity to those who are thinking of starting your own business or how to earn extra income. Below are some of the highlights/salient features of our Partner Program:

  •      Nil investment
  •      Quick start
  •      Unlimited potential to earn year on year
  •      Quick pay-outs
  •      Opportunity to join global network
  •      Flexible working hours
  •      Work from home


In our endeavour to achieve the customer delight, we consistently innovate and find ways to provide maximum value and support to our clients. Accordingly, we came up with the idea of providing various day to day used tools, at a single point.

If you want us to develop any other tool, which is not listed here, please Contact Us. We will try our level best to develop it for you within 48 hours, that too free of cost. Some of the currently available tools are:

  •     Convert Case
  •     Password Generator
  •     Combinator
  •     SIP Calculator
  •     Column to Comma Separated List
  •     Find Keywords
  •     ASCII to Text
  •     Text to ASCII
  •     HEX to Text
  •     Text to HEX
  •     HEX to ASCII
  •     ASCII to HEX

To view all available tools, please visit the Link

Document Library

In this section we have tried to bring all the documents related with Public Procurement at one place. Our endeavour is to facilitate the supplier community and save their precious time, searching for various documents. This section is a treasure trove of procurement related information and knowledge. It contains important Glossary, Standard Bidding Documents, information about Multilateral Funding Agencies, Standard Codes and many more.

We declare and accept that all the IPR (Intellectual Property Rights) or the Copyrights belong to the respective organizations only and TendersOnTime has nothing to do with the content. Further, users are advised to contact the respective organization for any clarification. TendersOnTime does not guarantee the accuracy, currency, reliability and the correctness of any document listed in this section.

This section is comparatively new and we are consistently working on it and trying to make it as comprehensive as possible. However, you can visit the currently available documents by visiting the Link

Customer Support

Last but not the least, we believe in serving our customers to the best of our capabilities and always seek their patronage in our growth. Users can contact us for any help/assistance related with TendersOnTime services like:

  •     Demo
  •     User Profile Update
  •     Getting additional tender documents
  •     Modification in Keywords for
  •     Translation of documents
  •     Assistance in bid facilitation and consultancy services etc.

Users can contact us through various channels like: Call, WhatsApp, Email etc. Please visit our Contact Us page for the complete details.

FAQ Section :

General Questions

Why I Should Participate In Tenders?

Supplying to government through tendering process is a MUST for any organization because it not only helps in mitigating the risk associated with slowdown in economy, but also helps in lifting businesses top and bottom lines. You may be knowing that governments across the globe spends on an average 15% of their GDP through Public Procurement. As per IMF 2022 estimates the total Global GDP stands at 161.449 Trillion USD on PPP basis, and at 15% average spending the Global Public Procurement market size stands at a whopping 24.22 Trillion USD. Apart from the massive volume, these opportunities are genuine, time based and are already budgeted for.

Unlike Public Procurement, supplying to the private sector has various challenges like: No genuinity, the lead may be only for the purpose of inviting quotation, delayed payment, favoritism and budget constraints, etc.

There is an interesting phenomenon with Public Procurement. It is inversely related with slowdown in the economy. That means, when the growth slows down in any geography or in the world, the government across the globe pump money in to the system and thus purchase more through that money.

Why Should I Pay For Tenders Information When It Is Available Free Of Cost In Public Domain?

Yes, the information is available free of cost in the public domain but it is scattered. We make lots of efforts in collecting this information from various sources, available in various formats, using different terminologies and in various languages. Users can also do the same thing but then they have to invest a very large amount in this activity and thus it would not be viable for them, economically. Hence, it makes sense for the users to Subscribe to TendersOnTime services at a fraction of cost.

However, it does not make any sense to subscribe TendersOnTime services only to those suppliers, who are serving either in a very small geography or dealing with only one government organization.

We Have Enough Projects In Hand, Why We Should Subscribe To Your Services?

Subscribing to TendersOnTime services, not only help suppliers in participating in tenders but also helps them by way of providing key insight into the public procurement market like - buying patterns, rates offered by your competitors, geographical pattern etc. Many of the companies are using this data to formulate their market entry strategy for the particular geography.

What Are The Source From Where You Capture The Data?

Since we are a Tenders aggregator, we collect data from all know sources. We track 600,000+ government suppliers from 240+ countries. In addition to that we scan 500+ newspapers, trade journals, government procurement portals etc.

Do You Have Any Tie Up With Issuing Authorities, For Publishing Their Tenders On Your Website?

Though we do not have any direct tie-up with any government entity, but we are pleased, many of government purchasers post their requirements on TendersOnTime portal for wider publicity.

Do You Share The Names Of Issuing Authorities With Your Clients?

No, but during the currency of the subscription, subscribers will come to know from which source the information has been fetched.

What Kind Of Service You Provide?

We provide information on tenders, EOI, general procurement notices, procurement plan and RFPs etc. We also provide information on contract awards.

If I Subscribe To Your Services, How Many Tenders I Will Get On A Daily Basis?

That purely depends on the services and products offered by the subscriber and the geography for which they have subscribed for. A construction company subscribed for global information will receive thousands of tenders every day whereas a company engaged in say printing of currency notes will receive hardly few tenders in the whole year.

If We Win The Tender, How TendersOnTime Get Benefitted?

TendersOnTime earns its revenue by selling the subscription. We do not expect or receive any amount from our client when they win any tenders. Conversely also, if they do not win any tender during their subscription validity, TendersOnTime will not be held responsible.

Do You Also Provide Private Tenders?

Yes we do. But the percentage of private tenders is very less. And there is a proper reason for the same. Since the government entities are the custodian of common man’s funds, they need to be very transparent and efficient in their procurement operations and hence must publish their tenders to a larger supplier community. But its not true in the case of private organizations as they are procuring from their own funds and hence there is no compulsion on their part to publish their requirements in the public domain. Most of the private organizations have their own procurement process and vendor/supplier list.

Do You Also Provide Directory Listing Services?

As of now no, but soon we will launch it.

Do You Have Mobile Application Of TendersOnTime Website?

Yes, its being developed and will be available soon to the users soon.

Genuinity/ Trust Related Questions

How Can We Trust You? How Long Have You Been In This Business?

We are a Mumbai, India based organization. The company was established on 23 July 2013. The promoters are technocrats with 33+ Years of experience and they have worked at C/D levels in their earlier organizations. Below are some of the registration certificates which can establish genuinity and trust worthiness of our business:

Many United Nations agencies, NGOs and even few Government Organizations from across the globe are utilizing our services; which establishes that we are not only genuine but trust worthy as well. One of our prestigious clients is: International Trade Centre (ITC), an agency which has a joint mandate with WTO and the United Nations. ITC in turn disseminates this information to SMEs around the world through their ProcurementMap platform. Please read the full news Here

What Is The Relationship Between TendersOnTime and Global Tenders Services Private Limited?

TendersOnTime is our brand/portal name whereas Global Tenders Services Private Limited (GTS) is the name of the legal entity or our company’s official name. GTS owns and manage many other tenders related portals/brands like: www.TendersPedia.com; www.DefenceTenders.com; www.IndianTenders.in; and country specific tenders portal in 190+ countries like:








What’s The Difference Between TendersOnTime And Other Portals?

Please refer: How we are Different?

How Will I Be Assured That The Tenders Are Authentic?

We would like assure you that all the tenders published on our website are 100% Genuine. We are the aggregator of content, and on a daily basis we process 50000+ Tenders. So, creating 50000+ false documents/stories on a daily basis is not possible for any organization. Further, our existence in this business spanning more than a decade is the biggest testimony that we provide authentic and timely information to our clients.

What If I Do Not Get Any Tenders During My Subscription? What Is Your Refund Policy?

It is just impossible. But sometimes. it happens that a user could not participate in any tenders due to various reasons, which might not be in user’s like: Capacity or capability constraint in the organization, not meeting the minimum qualification criterion defined in the tenders or the user was new to tendering. For refund, please read our refund policy mentioned in Terms and Condition.

How I can Be Assured That I will Get The Complete Tender Documents Post My Subscription?

Since we are tenders aggregator, we make can provide what is available on various government websites or in public domain. We try our level best to upload all available documents and/or provide links to those documents. In many cases the tendering authorities charge for the tender document and/or handover the tender document only to the authorized representative of the bidder; in such cases we are helpless. However, we help our clients in these cases as well by providing various Tenders Support Services in association with our local agents in 60+ countries. However these services are charged and provided on best effort basis.

What If I Do Not Get Relevant Tenders?

We are committed to provide you relevant tenders during the currency of your subscription. We understand our client’s requirement in details, take the list of keywords related to their business, visit their website and then we configure their query. We request our clients to monitor the daily email alerts for few days and if they need further fine tuning in their profile, we do it immediately. In maximum 2-3 iterations the query gets optimized. However our clients can approach us any time during the currency of their subscription to update/add/edit their choice of keywords.

Can I Get The Free Trial To Test The Efficacy Of The Service?

Yes, we do provide free trail to our prospects after judging their seriousness and on case to case basis.

Website Related Questions

Can We Participate In Tenders, Directly From Your Website?

No, we are just the information provider and not an online tendering platform.

Why Sometimes Tenders Are Available On TendersOnTime Website But Not At Authority’s Website?

Yes, it happens sometimes, because the Tendering Authority/Purchaser first publish the tender in newspaper and then on its website. In some countries the law is very particular about publishing tenders in the newspaper, and relaxed in case of online publishing.

How You Capture And Process Tenders Available In Other Language?

In case of tenders published in newspapers we do manual translation whereas in case of online tenders, we either take the help of machines or do it manually.

Why There Are Duplicate Tenders On Website?

Yes, it happens sometimes as we are taking tenders from multiple sources. We have a process of checking the incoming tender based on 3 fields: Country, Deadline and the Tender Notice Number. But this system fails in few cases because the publisher of that source has done some mistake in deadline or in the tender notice number. Thus, our system allow the incoming tender to be entered, assuming it to be a new tender.

Although, we are continuously working on addressing this issue, but we believe in giving benefit of doubt and think it is better to have a duplicate tender than missing a tender.

In Tenders Search It There Any Filter Related With Quantity?

No we don’t have, as this information is not available in a separate field in many a cases. Manual entry by referring to the tender document would be very costly affair and will increase the subscription cost substantially.

What Is ICB And NCB?

ICB means International Competitive Bidding. These are the opportunities in which suppliers from all eligible countries can participate. Where as in case of NCB (National Competitive Bidding sometimes also referred as DCM or Domestic Competitive Bidding), suppliers from the home country can only participate.

What Is MFA Tenders?

MFA means Multilateral Funding Agency. TendersOnTime covers tenders from all MFAs, Bi-Lateral Funding Agencies, NGOs and all the organs of The United Nations. Please visit the page for the complete list of Funding Agencies Covered by TendersOnTime.

What Is RFP, RFQ, RFI And Corrigendum Notice?

RFI (Request for information) is an exploratory stage notice floated by the purchasers to procure the products, services or works, which they have not purchased in the past and have very little or nil experience about the same. Responses to RFI by the suppliers helps in collecting macro-level information about the intended product/service, the competitive landscape, new technologies available and efficacy of the product/service.

Since, RFI is more like a fact-finding document, there is no universal template for RFI. Purchasers can ask open ended questions in the RFI notices and answers to them by various respondents, will give them maximum exposure about the products/services being procured in future through RFP stage. For example if a government university wants to procure Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software, then the responses received through various respondents will help the university in preparing the proper RFP document.

RFP (Request for Proposal) is a document that requests suppliers to propose solutions to the purchasers' requirement of various products and services. Through the responses to the RFI, which is a previous stage to RFP, the purchaser has already gathered sufficient knowledge/inputs about the procured item. Generally a RFP is issued when the purchaser plans to evaluate the vendors on other factors beyond pricing.

In order to get best value of the money and to have a well-defined process of evaluation, the purchasers should freeze few specifications like: Timelines, payment terms, guarantee/warrantee, specific technology to be used (if at all), size, quantity, information about existing system in case if the proposed solution needs to interact/integrate with the existing system.

However, apart from the pricing, the purchasers should keep few specifications/parameters which shall be evaluated based on weighted average. These parameters can be related with innovation, quality, supplier's relevant experience, financial strength, support and maintenance, team size etc.

RFQ (Request For Quotation) is floated in a situation where the purchaser is clear about its requirement and the responses would be evaluated purely based on the pricing. In most of the cases the procurement through RFQ is used when the purchaser is looking to buy off-the-shelf products that do not need customization. In some cases the RFQ is issued only to the pre-qualified suppliers.

Corrigendum is any change in the original tender notice. Few changes like: Change in the pre-bid meeting, change in bid deadline, change in scope etc are intimated to the prospective bidders through Corrigendum.

What Is Self-Funded Tender?

These are the opportunities which are financed by the purchasers’ themselves and from their own budget.

What Is The Eligibility Criteria in ICB Tenders?

Every tender has its own classification criterion. As explained above, in case of ICB suppliers from all eligible countries can in those tenders.

What Is Competition Type In The Tenders?

It’s about nature of participation. That means whether suppliers from all countries can participate or its restricted only to the supplies from home country.

What Is Free Tender On Your Website?

These are the tenders in which the complete details of the tender are available free of cost to the users. These are generally posted on TendersOnTime website by various purchasers.

What Is Funded And Self-Funded Tender?

As explained above, funded tenders are financed by a particular funding agency, whereas self-financed ones are financed by the purchasers themselves.

How We Can Publish Tender On Your Portal?

Please visit the page: Publish Tenders

How You Promote Tenders Published By Us?

Apart from showing these tenders in section Free Tenders, we also send these tenders to the companies in database. There are various other options available for promotion.

How Many Years Of Archival Data Do You Provide?

We have archival data available from the year 2014.

Can A Subscriber Get Complete Access To Archival Data?


Do You Also Sell Raw Data In Bulk?

Yes, please visit the Page for more information.

What Is Projects And Contract Awards Information?

Project information is similar to an industry news which informs the users about the upcoming project. This is the early stage of the tendering process, in which particular products or services are purchased. This information helps user to get prepared and do their homework for future opportunities.

Whereas, Contract Award Notices are the notices containing information about the contract awarded to the supplier/s or a consortium of suppliers. This information is very useful to the suppliers to keep a tab on their competitors and the prices being offered by them.

Subscription And Login Related Questions

What Is User Id?

Your email id is your user Id. We also use your email id as the primary key in our user table.

What Is User Account?

User account is basically one email id and associated password. Based on the subscription plan subscribed by the client, a client can get multiple user account for different users in their team. The basic package contains one user account, that means one email id (which is the user id) and the corresponding password to access the website. The daily email alerts are sent to the same registered/primary email id.

In cases where the client has subscribed for higher plans and say got 3 user accounts, the client gets lots of flexibility and can customize daily email alerts in various ways like:

  •     The query/profile to receive daily email alerts is the same in case of all the 3 email Ids.
  •     3 different product profiles on 3 different email id but the geography is the same. For example 5 drug molecules on first email id, another 5 molecules on second email id and next 5 molecules on third email id. Geography is same in all 3 cases say Whole of Africa.
  •     ⦁ 3 different product profiles on 3 different email id and for the different geography. For example 5 drug molecules on first email id from Africa, another 5 molecules on second email id from Asia and next 5 molecules on third email id from Europe.

How Much Time It Takes To Activate The Services?

All account are activated on priority basis, once we receive the payment. In no case the client activation takes more than 24 Hours.

What If I Do Not Receive Login Credentials?

It some cases it happens that our system has sent the welcome email containing login credentials, but the same is lying in client’s SPAM folder. We strongly advice all our users to check their SPAM folder frequently and mark all emails from TendersOnTime as ‘Not SPAM’. User can take the help of their IT Team to put TendersOnTime domain in their white list.

What If I Forget My Password?

Please use the Forget Password feature and check your inbox/SPAM folder to view your existing password.

Do You Require And Document For Subscription?


If We Subscribe TendersOnTime, Where Else I Need To Pay?

You need not to pay any other amount to TendersOnTime. But yes, you may need to invest at various other places during the tendering process like: while purchasing the tender document, EMD, Security deposit etc.

Why Your Charges Are Higher Compared To Your Competitor?

We are the most comprehensive and updated database of tenders and other public procurement opportunities. Our domain expertise coupled with the use of latest technology help us send very relevant tenders to our clients. This is the biggest challenge the aggregation industry face and we can proudly announce that we excel in that. Apart from relevancy, timeliness of information is also very critical in tendering process. Our domain name – TendersOnTime proves our seriousness to deliver the tenders on Time.

Is There Any Restriction/Capping On Biding Into Tenders?


What Is Your Refund Policy?

Please read our refund policy as mentioned in the Terms & Condition.

Can I Pay In Instalments?

No, we take subscription amount in one shot.

Can I Pay In Local Currency?

Yes, but that currency should be freely convertible.

Can I Pay After Winning The Tender?

No, we take the subscription amount in advance.

Can We Work On Commission Bases?

No. Since, we are the tenders aggregator and we invest lots of time and resources to make these opportunities available to our clients, we charge for our efforts.

Do I Have To Pay Any Commission To TendersOnTime, Upon Winning The Tender?

No, you have already paid for our effort in the form of subscription.

Why To Subscribe When There Is No Live Tender?

Today there may not be any live tender but in future you may get.

Can I Avail Only Bidding Support Service And Not The Information Subscription?

Yes, this is possible.

Can I Change My Plan Later?

Yes, you can upgrade your plan and not the downgrade.

Does The Subscription Gets Renewed Automatically?


Content Delivery Related Questions

Can We Receive Tenders Through API?

Yes, for the same please contact your KAM

Can We Receive Tenders Alerts On WhatsApp?

We are working on the same and will soon implement it.

Can We Receive Tenders In Excel Format?


Can We Exclude Regions To Receive The Email Alerts?

Yes, at any point of time, the users can request to update/edit their profile.

Do You Provide Weekly Alert?

Yes possible.

What If I Do Not Receive The Email Alerts?

Please check your SPAM folder. You can also view all those tenders which were sent to you through daily email alerts, in your profile section.

Profile/Customization Related Questions

Can I Modify My Account During My Subscription Validity?

Yes, you can that too any number of times.

Can I Opt For Different Line Of Business To Activate My Profile?

Neither it is automatic nor do we promise in all cases. The reason is, you might have subscribed to special/promotional plan for the industry in which there are very less tenders but in the new industry segment there might be lots of tenders on a daily basis.

Support Services Related Questions

What Support Services You Provide And How It Works?

We provide various types of services, related with public procurement. Please visit the relevant pages on the site and read the sections on this page.

How You Assist In Foreign Countries, Whereas You Are Based In India?

With the help of our local agents/associates in 60+ Countries.

Do You Provide Local Agents Support In All The Countries?

No, as mentioned above we can deliver in around 60+ countries. However, in certain cases and on the special requests from our premium clients we find a capable and trust worthy partner for them in new country.

Do You Share The Contact Details Of Your Local Agents?

No, the contact details of our local agents are available only to our premium clients and only when they attempt to bid in a particular country.

Do You Have Any Physical Office In Other Country?


How You Can Help Us In The Case Of Paid Documents?

With the help of our local agent/associate we deliver the tender document in hard copy to our client. But this service is charges separately.

Can We Submit The Bid Through Your Portal?

No, we are tenders aggregator and not the tendering platform of each government entities.

What Are The Documents Required To Bid In A Tenders?

For the same please refer the tender document, as the requirement for each tender may differ.

What Is The Minimum Qualification Criteria Required For Bidding?

For the same please refer the tender document, as the requirement for each tender may differ.

Can A Start-up Company Participate In Tenders?

Yes, very much. You can start with participating in smaller value tenders and where the qualification requirements are not so stringent.

Do You Give Guarantee Of Winning The Tender?

No, we do not provide such guarantee. If someone is giving you this promise; he is either cheating you or he will adopt some unlawful approach. In either case it’s not advisable to choose that path.

What Is The Success Ratio Of Winning Tenders?

We have signed non-disclosure agreements with our clients and hence can’t divulge this information.

Customer Support Related Questions

What Is Dedicated Key Account Manager (KAM)?

A dedicated key account manager is the single point contact for our premium clients.

What Services A KAM Provide?

A KAM can help you in: translation of tender document, finding the complete tender document, connecting you with the local agent etc.

If I Have Not Taken The KAM Service, Will I Not Get Customer Support?

If you have been assigned the Key Account Manager, then your KAM will also play the role of customer support executive.

What Is The Turn Around Time In Case Of KAM?

Maximum 24 Hours.

Will My KAM Submit The Bid On My Behalf?

No, for that you need to avail our value added services, which are charged separately.

How Many Accounts Does A KAM Handles At A Time?

Around 10