MINISTRY OF HEALTH has floated a tender for Supply of Medical Consumables. The project location is Palestine and the tender is closing on 14 Dec 2021. The tender notice number is MOH-GSD/MOF/ 2021/185, while the TOT Ref Number is 60630877. Bidders can have further information about the tender and can request the complete tender document by Registering on the site.

Expired Tender

Procurement Summary

Country : Palestine

Summary : Supply of Medical Consumables

Deadline : 14 Dec 2021

Other Information

TOT Ref.No.: 60630877

Document Ref. No. : MOH-GSD/MOF/ 2021/185

Competition : ICB

Financier : Self Financed

Purchaser's Detail

Tel: +970-229871123 Fax: +970-22987056

Tender Details

Tenders are invited for Supply of Medical Consumables for the Ministry of Health. CATHETER FOtLY 2 WAY BALLON, CATHETER (LATEX SILICONIZED), VOLUM 5-10 ML, SIZE 14 CH, CATHETER LENGTH 40 CM. CATH FOLEY 2WAY #24FR CATHETER FOLLY 2 WAY BALLON, CATHETFR (LATEX SILICONIZED). VOLUM 3-5 ML, SIZE 6 CH CATH EMBOLECTOMY 3FR 80CM CATH EMBOLECTOMY 4FR 80 CM САTН EMBOLECTOMY 5FR 80CM CATH EMBOLECTOMY 2FR 80 CM catheter suction approx 40cm .disp.steril size:6 catheter suction approx 40cm .disp Steril size: 8 catheter suction approx 40cm .disp.steril size: 10 catheter suction approx 40rm .disp.steril size: 12 catheter suaion approx 40cm .disp.steril size: 14 catheter suction approx 40cm .disp.steril size: 16 catheter suaion approx 40cm. disp.steril size: 18 Catheter nelaton approx40cm disp. steril size :8 Catheter nelaton approx40cm disp. steril size :10 Catheter nelaton approx40cm disp. steril size :12 Catheter nelaton approx40cm disp. steril size :14 Catheter thoracic drange w/trocar and sentinal straight round softtip radio-opaque approx 20cm length ,size:fG8 VESSELE LOOP BLU+RED STERIL DOUBLE BACK SHEETWATER PROOF FOR STERLIZATION #75*75 DISPOSABLE SHEET 50*60 SHEET WATER PROOF FOR STHRLIZATION *170*120 POLYSAN ABRON PLASTIC SHORT SHEET WATER PROOF FOR STERLIZATION #90*90 EXTENTION TUBE#50CM TOURNOQET RUBBER RECTALTUBES22CH RECTAL TUВЕ #28СН RECTAL TUBE #30CH rectal Tube #24 RECTAL TUBE #25-26 RAY TRACHEAL #7 oral preformd cuff STERIL ENDOTRACHtAL IUBL WITH SUCTION 7.5 sieril ENDOTRACHEALTUBEWITH SUCTIONS Sieril ENOOTRACHEAL TUBE WITH SUCTION 3 steril ENDOTRACHEAl TUBE WITH SUCTION 3.5 Steril ENDOTRACHEAL TUBE WITH SUCTION 4 sieril ENOOTRACHEAL TUBE WITH SUCTION 4.5 ENDOTRACHEAITUBE WITH SUCl IONS sieril ENOOTRACIIEAL TUBE WITH SUCTION 5.5 steril etc. Presentation Date: 01-12-2021 Last date for delivery of the brochure: 14-12-2021. [Disclaimer: The above text is machine translated. For accurate information kindly refer the original document.].

Additional Documents

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