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PH Indicator Strips

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Tender Details

  • Qatar
  • PH Indicator Strips
  • 29th Jan 2020

Other Information

  • 39967858
  • ICB
  • Self Financed
    Al Gharrafa Street Ar-Rayyan, Doha Tel: +974 4003 3333
    Email :info@sidra.org
    URL :https://www.sidra.org/

Key Values

  • Quotation are invited for PH Indicator Strips. Description: PH Indicator Strips-Mandatory specs- Range at least pH 2.0 - 9.0 , must be graded by 0.5, e.g. 2, 2.5, 3 and so on Product should be FDA or CE certified (please submit certification with quotation) Item Description: Consumables Long Item Description: PH Indicator Strips -Range at least pH 2.0 - 9.0 , must be graded by 0.5, e.g. 2, 2.5, 3 and so on Commodity Code: 1700 Commodity Code Description: Medical Science & Research Quantity: 1,100.0000 Terms and Conditions PO Terms and Conditions Agreement to RFP and Sidra Terms and Conditions By submitting a Proposal under this RFP, the Vendor acknowledges its agreement to the RFP requirements and terms and conditions set out herein, and the agreement set forth in {Schedule 5}relating to Vendor2019s provision of services and/or delivery of goods to Sidra. Vendor shall complete the Agreement to Sidra Terms and Conditions form set forth in {Schedule 6}, and submit it together with its submissions to this RFP. For the avoidance of doubt, Vendor2019s agreement to the RFP requirements and terms and conditions, and to Sidra2019s terms and conditions relating to the provision of goods/services, is a pre-requisite to Vendor2019s participation and consideration under this RFP. Any Proposals received absent a duly completed Agreement to Sidra Terms and Conditions form, shall not be considered by Sidra, and shall be excluded from the RFP. Failure to provide all of the required materials and information, or failure to fully comply with these RFP Terms and Conditions in any way may render the Proposal null and void. Vendors are required to focus on the goods/services requested by Sidra within this RFP, rather than proposing other goods/services to Sidra. Presentation of the Proposal Vendors must submit their Proposals in the required format and to the required timetable Preparation of Proposals 3.1. All Proposal Items, data, and accompanying materials must be in English. 3.2 When requested by Sidra, satisfactory evidence of the authority of the person signing on behalf of the Vendor must be furnished. 3.3 The Vendor-s "Company Name" must be inserted on each page of the Proposal. 3.4 The Proposal shall be properly executed on behalf of the Vendor. 3.5 Proposals shall be irrevocably valid from the day of submission, and remain so for a period of (120) calendar days from the RFP Closing Date. 3.6 The Proposal shall be made without any reservations and Sidra reserves the right to reject any Proposal if it contains reservations. 3.7 The Vendor shall bear all responsibility for and pay all costs and expenses and other charges incurred in preparation, submission, and negotiations (which may subsequently arise) in connection with its Proposal. 3.8 Sidra reserves the right to: a. Reject all or any Proposals, including the lowest proposal, for any reason; b. Negotiate with any Vendor (to the exclusion of any other Vendor), at any time before, or after selection of a Preferred Vendor, and upon any terms and conditions; c. Award contracts for all or part of any combination of parts of the goods/services and to one or more Vendors; d. Re-advertise for Proposals; e. Waive any irregularities or informalities in the RFP; f. Amend the RFP Closing Date, the Acceptance Date or any other date in the RFP by the issue of a written amendment notice; g. Amend this RFP, or any associated documents, by the issue of a written amendment notice; h. Seek clarification of any Proposal; i. Suspend or cancel, (in whole or in part), this RFP; j. Take any actions or steps that would be in the best interest of Sidra; k. Modify, amend, or substitute the RFP at any time; l. Make changes to the timetable; m. Issue additional instructions or requests for information to prospective Vendors as needed, n. Conduct investigations about the qualifications and experience of responsive Vendors; o. Meet with any Vendor before and/or after the RFP Closing Date and prior to award of the contract for any purpose, including to require a presentation of the Vendor-s Proposal; and p. Consider or reject any alternative Proposal, in Sidra-s sole discretion. 3.9 Sidra shall not be bound to give reasons for any action taken under Clause 3.8. Consideration of Response It is clearly understood that the sending of this RFP and the receipt of a completed Proposal from a Vendor shall not in any way bind Sidra to enter into an agreement with any Vendor, or in any way create a financial commitment binding upon Sidra. Acceptance of Responses 5.1 Sidra expressly reserves the unconditional right to reject any or all Responses which do not conform to these instructions, or fail to meet any requirement of the RFP. Neither is Sidra simply obliged to accept the least expensive offer. 5.2 The successful Vendor, if any, will be required to enter into an agreement with Sidra in the form set forth in Schedule 5. 5.3 Sidra shall commit to accepting a Vendor-s offer in full, in part or as modified by negotiation, only by signing an agreement. 5.4 The successful Vendor shall be required to enter into an agreement with Sidra in the same business name as stated in the Proposal it submitted. Disclaimer 6.1 Each Vendor must perform its own evaluation of all information and data provided by Sidra. Sidra makes no representation or warranty regarding any information or data provided by Sidra. 6.2 Successful Vendors will be determined by the adequacy of the Proposal, along with the effective summarization of goods/services, indicating how the vendor organization can fulfill Sidra-s requirements with enough clarity to substantiate the detail that follows. Successful Vendors will present data in such a way that that is easily understood by Sidra reviewers. Negotiation Phase The Vendors determined by Sidra to possess the greatest capacity to compete for this contract will be selected to move into the negotiation phase of this process. Notification will be sent to Vendors if they have been selected for the negotiation phase. Confidentiality The information contained in this RFP is Confidential and is governed by the Non?disclosure Agreement signed by the Vendor for the express purpose of receiving this RFP. The information contained in this RFP, and any additional information conveyed during the response, preparation, evaluation, or negotiation, is disclosed for the sole purpose of providing each Vendor with sufficient information to develop and submit a response. Any other use or disclosure of this RFP and related information, without the prior written consent of Sidra is strictly prohibited and will result in the Vendor being excluded from further consideration, in addition to any other remedies available to Sidra as prescribed by law. Trade Secrets and Proprietary Information If the Proposal contains information that the Vendors considers proprietary information or trade secret, then the Vendor must clearly designate the information as “confidential” and keep it readily separable from the Proposal document. Pricing information shall not be considered a trade secret or proprietary information. Vendors who designate substantial portions of their Proposals as trade secrets may subject their Proposals to being disqualified. Irrevocability of Proposal By submission of a clear and detailed written notice, the Vendor may amend or withdraw its Proposal prior to the RFP Closing Date and time. However, upon the elapse of the RFP Closing Date and time, all Proposals become irrevocable. By submission of a Proposal, the Vendor agrees that should its Proposal be selected, the Vendor will enter into a contract with Sidra. Proposal Withdrawal before Closing Date By submitting a written request signed by an authorized Vendor-s representative, a Vendor may withdraw its Proposal at any time before solicitation closing date. Withdrawn Proposals will be provided to an authorized representative of the Vendor. Proposal Withdrawal after Closing Date A Vendor may request withdrawal of its Proposal after RFP Closing Date if there is reasonable evidence that a major unintentional mistake was made in the Proposal Correction of Proposal before Closing Date If the Vendor withdraws its Proposal for correction purposes, the Vendor must follow the above procedures and resubmit the Proposal before RFP Closing Date. Proposal correction must be performed off Sidra-s premises. Correction of Proposal after Closing Date Sidra, at its own discretion, may accept a request from a Vendor to correct submitted Proposals after RFP Closing Date if the Vendor provides reasonable evidence that a major unintentional mistake was made in the Proposal. No price correction will be allowed. Conditional Offers Vendors are requested to comply with and agree to all of the instructions as well as the terms and conditions included in the RFP and any subsequent addenda. Conditional offers, in any way, will not be accepted. Sidra will not agree to any additional terms or conditions proposed by the Vendor. No canvassing Any Vendor who indirectly or directly canvasses any officer, employee or advisor of Sidra, other than Sidra`s Representative, concerning any aspect of this RFP may, at Sidra-s sole discretion, be disqualified. RFP not a tender document This RFP is not a tender document and will not form part of any subsequent tender. Information complete and accurate All information provided by a participant in the Proposal is warranted by the participant to be complete and accurate in all material respects. The participant also warrants to Sidra that the provision of information to Sidra, and the use of it by Sidra for the evaluation of the Proposal, will not breach any third party intellectual property rights. Tied Proposals When two or more responsive Proposals end up in a tie at the end of the evaluation process, Sidra may 1) accept the Proposals and split the order between the Vendors, if feasible, 2) break the tie using a random pick approach, or 3) request a best and final Proposal from the Vendors. Special Preference for Local and GCC Products The award of the contract may be subject to local laws concerning preferences for local or GCC suppliers. Such preference is not a waiver of meeting specifications or qualification requirements. Estimated Requirement The required services and/or products specific in the RFP are estimates and may be subject to an increase or decrease of up to 20% without changing the terms and conditions of this RFP. Additional Information Requests Sidra may, before or after closing date, request additional information from Vendors to assist in the selection process. Failure to respond to such requests may result in Proposal disqualification Best and Final Offer (BAFO) Sidra may request responsive or shortlisted Vendors to submit a Best and Final Offer during the course of the Proposal evaluation. Failure to respond to a BAFO request may result in Proposal disqualification Samples If required as part of the RFP, the Vendor will provide required samples of products or service deliverables at its own expense. Provided samples must be clearly marked with Vendor-s name, RFP number, and item number; if the RFP has more than one item/deliverable. Samples of consumables, pharmaceuticals, reports in any format, and all other items that become unusable once used will not be returned to the Vendor. All other items will be returned to the Vendor, at its expense, if requested in writing no later than ten (10) working days after the conclusion of the RFP (award or cancellation). Amendments and Notices Amendments to and notices regarding the RFP will be posted on Sidra-s website. In limited RFPs, amendment and notices will be disseminated to pre qualified Vendors only. Pre-Proposal Conference If offered, the date, time and location of the pre-Proposal conference will be included in the RFP-s timetable. The pre-Proposal conference will provide an opportunity for Vendors to meet concerned staff from Sidra and seek clarifications regarding the RFP. Discussions and clarifications offered during the pre-Proposal conference shall not be considered part of the RFP; unless issued through official written addenda to the RFP. Site Visits As part of the RFP process, Sidra may offer prospective Vendors the opportunity to conduct one or more site visits to the location of service to gain better understanding to Sidra-s requirements. Instructions about the site visit will be sent to the Vendors, when applicable. Vendors may not conduct any site visits [to Sidra or related location] in relation to the scope of services described in the RFP unless authorized by Sidra. Prices and Taxes All prices must be entered in accordance with costing instructions detailed in the solicitation. Vendors must not alter the provided costing format as this will hinder the comparability of Proposals. All quoted prices must be “net prices” and are inclusive of all taxes, fees, and other tariffs imposed by the State of Qatar or any other government or entity. Complaints and Protests If a Vendor has a complaint about or a protest about the outcome of a procurement activity, the Vendor may submit the complaint/protest in writing to Sidra-s Director of P&C any time during the RFP activity and up to fifteen (15) days from conclusion of the procurement activity (e.g. an official award is made or cancellation of the RFP). Quality Standards Goods and services procured by Sidra must meet international quality standards and acceptable business practices. Examples include Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approval for pharmaceuticals and devices, or similar standards and CE mark. All products proposed as part of a Proposal by the Vendor under this Contract will be: 1) new, 2) in latest model, 3) with highest quality, and 4) in compliance with governmental codes, safety and industry standards. Condition and Packaging Unless otherwise specified, all items sipped or delivered to Sidra under this contract must be: 1) appropriately labelled, 2) in first class condition, and 3) packaged and transported in accordance with acceptable industry practices. Inspection of Vendors Site(s) Sidra reserves the right to inspect Vendor-s site before award and/or during the term of the Agreement. Conflict of interest Any Vendor who (if an individual) is also an employee of Sidra or (if a company) has an employee of Sidra as a shareholder or officer, shall be disqualified from submitting a Proposal, other than a Proposal on behalf of a Sidra business unit Errors Sidra is under no obligation to check the Proposal for errors. Acceptance of a Proposal that contains errors will not invalidate any contract formed arising from this RFP No warranties or representations Sidra makes no representations and gives no warranties other than as set out in this RFP. Liability limitation Sidra and its agents or advisors will not be liable in contract or tort or in any other way for any direct or indirect damage, loss or cost incurred by any Vendor or other person in respect of this RFP. Governing law This RFP is governed by the laws of the State of Qatar. The Qatar courts have non exclusive jurisdiction as to all matters relating to this RFP shipment All shipment should be palletized

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