Russian Federation government tender for Investigation and repair of Rusagro diffusion machines

Russian Federation government tenders for Investigation and repair of Rusagro diffusion machines. Ref No: 19400195, Deadline: 15th Jan 2018.

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Country : Russian Federation
Summary :

Investigation and repair of Rusagro diffusion machines

TOT Ref No : 19400195
Competition : ICB
Financier : Self Financed
- 393401, Тамбовская обл., р.п. Знаменка- 393000, Россия, Тамбовская область, Никифоровский р-н, р.п. Дмитриевка- 309560, Белгородская обл., п. Чернянка, ул. Строительная, д. 19- Курская обл, Мантуровский р-н, село Сейм- Белгородская обл, г Валуйки, Степной пер, д 34- п.Пятницкое
Russian Federation
Tender Details :

Description :- Investigation and repair of Rusagro diffusion machines
Comments :-1. The present competitive procedure, at the pre-selection of the Supplier, is directed in accordance with the Tender Regulation of the Tender Organizer in the framework of the implementation of the procedure for requesting commercial offers, which (as well as the procedure of pre-selection of the Supplier itself) is notI do not regulate the offer, the auction or the competition and its conduct. 447-449 Part 1 and 1057-1061 Part 2 of the Civil Code of the Russian Federation. Thus, this procedure does not impose on the Organizer the appropriate amount of civil liability and reserves the right to refuse all received Proposals forfor any reason, or to terminate the selection process at any time without explaining the reasons, while not being liable to the Participants.
2. The tender organizer reserves the right to select several winners, dividing the supply of the specified quantity of goods at its discretion and bThere are explanations of the reasons among several potential suppliers participating in the competitive procedure.
3. A model contract is sent for signature to the Winner (s) determined during the meeting of the Tender Committee, which is conducted by the Organizer of the competitive procedure after the end of the givenThis procedure is on the B2B trading platform B2B-center.
4. The template of the model contract is sent by the Organizer to the interested potential suppliers on an additional request
5. The participant of this procedure sends the Commercial Proposal on the model form of the Organizer of the procedure.
6An organization / documentation that does not conform to the requirements and forms specified in the notice, the Organizer has the right to refuse without explanation of reasons and acknowledge the given documentation, and, accordingly, the Applicant, does not meet the requirements of this competitive procedure.
Total value of purchase : No price indication
The selection of winner takes into account : Price without VAT (show both prices)
Date of publication : 26.12.2017 14:10
Classifier categories : 9431000 Repair services of finished metal products, except machinery and equipment, provided for remuneration or on a contractual basis
9432000 Repair services of machinery and equipment not included in other groups, provided for remuneration or on a contractual basis

Application submission deadline : Jan 15, 2011 at 12:00
Responsible person : Ermakov Oleg
Currency Type : rub

Deadline : 15th Jan 2018
Documents : Download

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