TREASURY has floated a tender for Introduction of Tips Instant Payments in the State Treasury Description: the Aim of the Subject of the Contract is to Ensure the Implementation of the Introduction of Tips Instant Payments (Target Instant Payment Settlement) in the State.... The project location is Slovakia and the tender is closing on 08 Jan 2024. The tender notice number is 38388 - MSS, while the TOT Ref Number is 93310291. Bidders can have further information about the Tender and can request the complete Tender document by Registering on the site.

Expired Tender

Procurement Summary

Country : Slovakia

Summary : Introduction of Tips Instant Payments in the State Treasury Description: the Aim of the Subject of the Contract is to Ensure the Implementation of the Introduction of Tips Instant Payments (Target Instant Payment Settlement) in the State...

Deadline : 08 Jan 2024

Other Information

Notice Type : Tender

TOT Ref.No.: 93310291

Document Ref. No. : 38388 - MSS

Competition : ICB

Financier : Self Financed

Purchaser Ownership : Public

Tender Value : EUR 5283395.64

Purchaser's Detail

Purchaser : TREASURY
Street: Radlinskeho
Number: 32
City: Bratislava - Stare Mesto district
Postcode: 81005
Lower territorial unit of the country: Bratislava region
Country: Slovakia
Contact information
Contact point: Public procurement (08)

Tender Details

Introduction of TIPS instant payments in the State Treasury Description: The objective of the subject of the order is to ensure the implementation of TIPS (Target Instant Payment Settlement) in the State Treasury in a 24/7/365 regime. The project's purpose of the solution is based on the National Plan for the introduction of immediateof such payments in the Slovak Republic. The subject of the contract is the delivery of a standardized solution covering the functionality of processing instant payments (receiving and sending) and creating prerequisites for expanding the existing communication interface for connection to the TARGET system throughby SWIFT SNP ("service network provider"), in full compliance with European standards, EPC rules and prescribed key elements for the SCT Inst scheme. Adaptation of the solution and its integration into the State Treasury systems (in accordance with the requirements) with subsequent support of the solution for 48 months. Dodanot the relevant licenses required for the implementation of the solution (Works). The order will be executed and delivered in the following activities: a) Analysis and design, creation of proof of concept of the solution in accordance with the Detailed Proposal of the solution, b) Delivery of software, application resources and licenses, c) Impdocumentation and testing, d) Delivery of relevant documentation and personnel training, e) Commissioning and post-implementation support, f) Project management, g) Operational, service, licensing and application support in the period of 48 months from the delivery of the Work. The detailed definition of the subject of the order consists ofdescription of the subject of the contract, listed in parts B.2 DESCRIPTION OF THE SUBJECT OF THE CONTRACT and B.1 BUSINESS TERMS of the tender documents for this contract. Order type: Services Additional order type: Goods 4.1.4 Scope of procurement Estimated value Estimated value (BT-27-Procedure) (value): 5, 283, 395.64 Prassumed value (BT-27-Procedure) (currency): Euro Information on the main classification of the subject of the contract Classification type: Common procurement dictionary Main CPV code: Software implementation Information ...
Deadline for submission of bids: (date): 08.01.2024 Deadline for submission of bids (time): 12:00 Binding bid Deadline, until which the bid must remain binding Deadline, until which the bid must remain binding (BT-98-Lot) (value): 12 Period until which the offer must remain bound (BT-98-Lot) (unit): Month Language nand submission of documents Languages ​​in which bids can be submitted: SLK, CES Information on bid opening Date of bid opening: 08.01.2024 Bid opening time: 12:10 Description of bid opening: All bidders can participate in the bid opening in the online environment of the ELENA information system, who forthey make an offer. The public procurer warns interested parties that the opening of bids with the physical participation of the bidders' representatives will not take place, due to the functionality of the ELENA online bid opening system in real time. Place of bid opening: Bid opening will take place online in the environment of inof the ELENA training system; Security Security is required: yes Description of security: The public procurer requires the applicant to provide security. Detailed information concerningthe composition of the security is specified in the tender documents in part A.1 INSTRUCTIONS FOR INTERESTED PARTICIPANTS AND APPLICANTS; Part III. Preparation of the offer in chapter 15. SECURITY OF THE OFFER. Method of submitting bids or requests to participate Electronic bid submission: Allowed Bid submission address (URL): of document/orders: Tender documents - Introduction of instant TIPS payments in the environment of the State Treasury Ad hoc communication channel Name of the electronic means: ELENA information system;...


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