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Environmental and Social Diagnostic Study

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  • Solomon Islands
  • Environmental and Social Diagnostic Study
  • 23rd Jul 2019

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  • 34725630
  • 1263686
  • ICB
  • World Bank (WB)
    Honiara World Bank Office Mud Alley, Honiara Postal Address: PO Box 1744 Tel : +677 21444 Fax: +677 21448
    Solomon Islands

Key Values

  • Expression of Interest are invited for Environmental and Social Diagnostic Study REQUEST FOR EXPRESSION OF INTEREST FOR SELECTION # 1263686 This Request for Expression of Interest is for a Firm Selection. Please log in as a valid Firm User if you wish to express interest in this selection. Selection Information Assignment Title Environmental and Social Diagnostic Study in the Western Provinces, Solomon Islands Publication Date 16-Jul-2019 Expression of Interest Deadline 23-Jul-2019 at 11:59:59 PM (Eastern Time - Washington D.C.) Language of Notice English Selection Notice Assignment Country · SB - Solomon Islands Funding Sources The World Bank Group intends to finance the assignment/services under: · BB - BANK BUDGET · TF0A8165 - IFC CMAW - World - CES · TF0A5340 - Pacific Partnership II Individual/Firm The consultant will be a firm. Assignment Description SELECTION FOR CONSULTANTS BY THE International Finance Corporation, WORLD BANK GROUP REQUEST FOR EXPRESSIONS OF INTEREST Electronic Submissions through World Bank Group eConsultant2 https://wbgeconsult2.worldbank.org/wbgec/index.html ASSIGNMENT OVERVIEW Assignment Title: 1263686 - Environmental and Social Diagnostic Study in the Western Provinces, Solomon Islands Assignment Countries: - Solomon Islands ASSIGNMENT DESCRIPTION The Western Provinces (WP) of Solomon Islands has long been touted as a potential hub for tourism development in the South Pacific. However, a number of challenges prevent tourism from developing beyond a nascent stage; these challenges have been documented by IFCs Tourism Investment Needs Assessment in Western Province completed in 2018. A key challenge is the prevalence of unregistered land, with communal land ownership, lack of clarity of land title and high risk of social and environmental (E&S) issues attached to a particular piece of land highlighted as primary barriers by potential investors. This consultancy will conduct an Environmental and Social Diagnostic Study (ESDS) of the WP in the Solomon Islands for the Tourism Sector and related field work activities is planned to be undertaken and prepared by independent international and local experts. This Term of reference (ToR) provides a detailed description of tasks and standards for the development of a landscape-level Environmental and Social Diagnostic Study (ESDS) of the WP in the Solomon Islands for the Tourism Sector and related field work activities to be developed in two phases, Phase I initial diagnostic, and Phase II recommended framework (all together defined as the ESDS work), by independent international and local experts (the E&S consultants) in these areas, to: map and assess landscape-level E&S impacts and risks associated with the likely development of the tourism sector near the gateway cities of the WP in the Solomon Islands (i.e. Munda, Gizo and Segne) and delineating a corridor encompassing them (see Figure 1); assess plans, programs, policy, legal and institutional framework and human and institutional capacity to manage risks and impacts of tourism development, in a way consistent with Good International industry Practice (GIIP) , at national and provincial level; support the subsequent preparation of a long-list of sites that meet the identified needs of investors (i.e. investable sites (in hub/corridor locations)); and define set of recommended actions to address the identified impacts and risks and enhance sustainable tourism development. The aim of the ESDS is to identify a balanced, equitable and sustainable development pathway for tourism in the WP, Solomon Islands, in the short-medium term to realize investment within 3-10 years and beyond, based on environmental, social and economic considerations , to achieve long-term economic development and sustainable use and protection of natural resources and ecosystems. The ESDS will be prepared in a participatory manner, therefore in carrying out the ESDS work the E&S consultants will: consider views and concerns of key stakeholders including, but not limited to, relevant authorities, civil society, local and international NGOs, Lenders, representatives of affected communities, vulnerable groups, tourism organisations and providers, land right owners and users etc.; leverage local knowledge by partnering with local E&S experts familiar with E&S aspects of the region/area, local context, and applicable legislation and requirements. The E&S consultants will retain the ownership and quality control of any output prepared by the local E&S experts; coordinate closely with IFC Tourism Advisor Solomon Islands, and any other IFC consultant or staff in the collection of data/information of common interests; as necessary and required by the IFC team from time to time during the ESDS work; and refer to: - Local applicable law, policies and requirements of the Western Provinces and broader Solomon Islands when applicable; - IFC`s Performance Standards 2012 as a framework of GIIP; - World Bank Group Environmental, Health and Safety General Guidelines (WBG EHS General Guidelines) and to the applicable industry sector such as, but not limited to, Tourism and Hospitality Development ; - Relevant international treaties to which Solomon Islands is a signatory; - IFCs Stakeholder Engagement Handbook; - IFCs Handbook for Preparing a Resettlement Action Plan; - IFCs Good Practice Handbook on Cumulative Impact Assessment and Management: Guidance for the Private Sector in Emerging Markets; - An example of IFCs work on landscape assessments Myanmars on Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA) for the Hydropower Sector. In preparing the ESDS the E&S consultants will: Review programs, plan, policy, legal and regulatory framework for the Solomon Islands and WP, identify gaps and way to bridge them with IFC PS and WBG EHS, with focus on management of E&S risks and impacts related to tourism development. Identify a methodology to collect and analyse primary and secondary data and undertake related site visit activities following the three focal hubs and corridors (See Figures 1 & 2). Identify a methodology and assess high-level E&S risks and impacts that can be mapped out using Geographic Information System (GIS). Undertake spatial planning and risk mapping aimed to minimize exposure to E&S risks and impacts, including cumulative risks and impacts (see also Box 1 and 2). Build the ESDS on the existing land mapping, if available at the time of this assignment , conducted by IFC and verified by the following filter: focus on sites that are accessible from the main airports - no more than 20 km from the airport (no more than 1 hour by boat): - Tier 1: Crown Land; - Tier 2: registered land owned or leased by a reputable business or individual; - Tier 3: unregistered and/or disputed land. Draft and Final report preparation including a mapping overlay with zones based on the levels of E&S risks and impacts near the gateway cities of WP including prioritized areas for site location, hotel sizes etc. These need to meet the needs of investors including suitable land plots with clear titles. ONLY THOSE FIRMS WITH EXPERIENCE IN THE SOLOMON ISLANDS/PACIFIC AND WITH UPSTREAM/LANDSCAPE LEVEL ASSESSMENTS WILL BE CONSIDERED. ELIGIBILITY The consultant will be a firm with expertise in the Solomon Islands/Pacific and with upstream/landscape level assessments. SUBMISSION REQUIREMENTS The World Bank Group now invites eligible firms to indicate their interest in providing the services. Interested firms must provide information indicating that they are qualified to perform the services (brochures, description of similar assignments, experience in similar conditions, availability of appropriate skills among staff, etc. for firms; CV and cover letter for individuals). Please note that the total size of all attachments should be less than 5MB. All background information should be provided in annex. The team should be diverse (international and local/associate with NGOs and gender spread). Consultants may associate to enhance their qualifications. Interested firms are hereby invited to submit expressions of interest. Expressions of Interest should be submitted, in English, electronically through World Bank Group eConsultant2 (https://wbgeconsult2.worldbank.org/wbgec/index.html) NOTES Following this invitation for Expression of Interest, a shortlist of qualified firms will be formally invited to submit proposals. Shortlisting and selection will be subject to the availability of funding. Only those firms which have been shortlisted will receive notification. No debrief will be provided to firms which have not been shortlisted. Attachments · Optional TOR File Qualification Criteria · 1. Provide information showing that they are qualified in the field of the assignment. · 2. Provide information on the technical and managerial capabilities of the firm. · 3. Provide information on their core business and years in business. · 4. Provide information on the qualifications of key staff. * - Mandatory Shortlisted consultants will be invited to respond to a Request for Proposal. Contract awards will be made in accordance with the World Bank Group Procurement Policies and Procedures.

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