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Contract notice: Software development services

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Tender Details

  • Bulgaria
  • Contract notice: Software development services
  • 24th Sep 2019

Other Information

  • 35728830
  • 398697-2019
  • ICB
  • Self Financed
  • ???????????? ??????? ?? ?????? ?????
    Office Name: ???????????? ??????? ?? ?????? ?????
    Address: ???. „??? ????? III“ ? 136
    Town: Sofia
    Postal Code: 1618
    Contact Point: ???????? ????????, ????????? ???????

    Phone: +359 29406414/+359 29406432
    Fax: +359 29559015
    Email :r.boianova@eea.government.bg
    URL :http://eea.government.bg/

Key Values

  • Object of the contract
    Software development services

    Description: Contract notice: Software development services

    Authority Type: Ministry or any other national or federal authority
    Contact Nature: Services
    Procedure: Open procedure
    Document: Contract notice
    Regulation: European Union
    Award criteria: The most economic tender
    CPV code: 72262000,72262000,72262000
    CPV Description:
    Development of the National Waste Information System (NISO)
    In connection with amendments to the Waste Management Act and Ordinance No. 1 of 4.6.2014 on the order of the models for providing information on waste activities , as well as the procedure for keeping public registers (promulgated SG, issue 51 of 20.6.2014, amended SG, issue 51 of 19.6.2018, amended and supplemented SG, issue51, dated 28 June 2019), as well as in order to comply with the Ordinance on the General Requirements for Information Systems, Registered and Electronic Administrative Services (adopted by Decree No. 3 of 9.1.2017, promulgated SG, Issue 5 of 17.1.2017, effective from 1.3.2017, amended and supplemented, Issue 66 of 10.8.2018, effective 10.8.2018) it is necessary to upgrade the National Information waste system
    Main Site: Territory of the Republic of BULGARIA, Executive Environmental Agency
    General and Specific Objectives of the Project
    The project is aimed at upgrading the waste information system and bringing it in line with the current regulations. The update should be carried out in connection with:
    - entry into force of amendments to the WMA and Ordinance No. 1 of 4.6.2014 on the procedure and models, which provide information on waste activities,
    - changes in the order for keeping public registers under Article 45, para. 1, item 10 and item 11 of the WMA,
    - the requirements of the Electronic Management Act and the Ordinance on the general requirements for information systems, registers and electronic services.
    In connection with the changes in the WMA, it is necessary to build:
    - a register of waste producers,who have ceased to be waste in the cases of art. 5, para. 2 of the WMA and in accordance with the acts of the European Commission, adopted in accordance with Art. 6 (2) of Directive 2008/98 / EC,
    - a register of persons whose manufacturing process identifies a substance or object as a by-product
    In connection with amendments to the Ordinance on the general requirements for information systems, registers ande-services need updating of the existing NIS.
    The main purpose of the contract is to maintain the established processes for keeping accountability for waste activities, providing waste reports and for the products after which the MROs are incorporated into the common national information system. waste system, as well as further optimization of the system related to wastecurrent and future legislative changes
    The achievement of the general objective will be achieved through the following specific objectives, corresponding to the activities planned under the project:
    - upgrading the system with the development and implementation of 2 additional modules (registers under Article 45, paragraph 1, p. 10 and p. 11 of the WMA),
    - upgrading the existing electronic services and bringing them in compliance with the Ordinanceand for the general requirements for information systems, registers and electronic services
    - maintenance of a national register of sites for activities with MSPM, WEEE, ELV and NUBA,
    - maintenance of a national register of traders and waste brokers,
    - complete technological modernization and aligning NISO with current requirements for information systems, registers and electrons
    The scope of the project
    The goals described above are accomplished with the implementation of the following main activities that form the scope of the project:
    - Activity 1 "Analysis and Specification",
    - Activity 2 "Design",
    - Activity 3 "Development, Documentation and Testing",
    - Activity 4 "Implementation and Training"
    The Contracting Authority does not place a requirement on the fitness (competence) for exercisingprofessional activity of the participants in the present procurement procedure.
    The contracting authority does not place a requirement on the economic and financial status of the participants in this procurement.
    The technical proposal will be evaluated on the following sub-indicators:
    - K1 project ",
    - K2" Proposal for IS architecture and functionality ",
    - K3 "Approach for implementation of the activities".
    A participant for whom there is any of the circumstances under Article 54, paragraph 1 and Article 55, paragraph 1, items 1, 3 shall be removed from participation in the procedure. , 4 and 5 of the Public Procurement Act
    Grounds for Removal under National Legislation:
    1. Pursuant to Article 3, Item 8 of the Law on Economic and Financial Relations with Companies Registered in Preferential Tax JurisdictionsIn such cases, the entities controlled by them and their beneficial owners of companies incorporated in preferential tax jurisdictions and their controlled entities are prohibited from directly and / or indirectly participating in a public procurement procedure under the Public Procurement Law and regulations its implementation, regardless of the nature and value of the contract, includingand through a civil society / consortium in which a company incorporated in a preferential tax regime jurisdiction participates, unless the grounds of art. 4 of the above law.
    2. Pursuant to Art. 4, item 23 in conjunction with Art. 14 and Art. 17, para. 1 of the Law on Measures against Money Laundering (promulgated SG 27/03/2018) the assignor shall remove legal entities from participation in the procedure./ associations - participants in the procedure, for which it is not possible to identify who is their true owner.
    3. Participant for whom the grounds under Art. 69, para. 1 and 2 of the Anti-Corruption and Forfeiture of Illegal Acquisition Act.
    4. Tenderer who has bid higher than the estimated estimate by the contracting entityorder axis
    5. Bidder who does not meet the selection criteria or does not fulfill the other condition specified in the notice or in the procurement documents.
    6. A tenderer who has submitted a tender which does not meet:
    a) the pre-announced conditions for the performance of the contract;
    b) the rules and requirements related to the environment, social and labor law, applicableactive agreements and / or provisions of international environmental, social and labor law, which are listed in Annex 10 to the PPL;
    7. A participant who has not submitted a justification under Art. 72, para. 1 of the PPA or whose offer was not accepted in accordance with Art. 72, para. 3-5 of the Public Procurement Act.
    8. Affiliates Participants
    9. Bidder who does not qualify for submission, includingfor form, manner and term.
    According to Art. 67, para. 1 of the PPA, when submitting the tender, the tenderer declares that there are no grounds for removal from the procedure and compliance with the selection criteria by submitting the EDES. The documents proving the information specified in the EDES may be additionally required under the conditions of Art. 67, para. 5 and 6 of the Public Procurement Act
    Participants may receive a needyou have information about tax and social security obligations, employment protection and working conditions in force in the Republic of BULGARIA and related to the services covered by the contract, as follows:
    a) Regarding tax and social security obligations:
    National Revenue Agency:
    NRA Information Phone 359 70018700
    Website: www.nap.bg
    b) About the obligations related towith employment protection and working conditions:
    Ministry of Labor and Social Policy:
    Internet address: http: www.mlsp.government.bg
    Sofia 1051, 2 Triaditsa Str.
    Tel. 359 28119443
    When submitting the bid pursuant to Article 67 (1) of the Public Procurement Act, the tenderer declares compliance with the said selection criterion by providing the EDPS.
    Internet address (URL): http://eea.government.bg/

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