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Contract notice: Meters

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Tender Details

  • Bulgaria
  • Contract notice: Meters
  • 4th Oct 2019

Other Information

  • 35726776
  • 398016-2019
  • ICB
  • Self Financed
  • ?????????? ??????????? — ?????
    Office Name: ?????????? ??????????? — ?????
    Address: ???. „??. ??????? ????????“ ? 8, ?????? ???? 1, ???? 3, ??????? ? 1317 — ???????????
    Town: Sofia
    Postal Code: 1000
    Contact Point: ????? ????????? — ???????????, ????? „?????????? ???????“

    Phone: +359 29653906
    Fax: +359 28683215
    Email :zop@tu-sofia.bg
    URL :www.tu-sofia.bg

Key Values

  • Object of the contract

    Description: Contract notice: Meters

    Authority Type: Body governed by public law
    Contact Nature: Supplies
    Procedure: Open procedure
    Document: Contract notice
    Regulation: European Union
    Award criteria: Lowest price
    CPV code: 38550000,38552000,38550000,38552000,38433300
    CPV Description: Meters.
    Electronic meters.
    Spectrum analyzer.
    Delivery of vector and spectral analyzer for Technical University - Sofia under project BG05M2ОP001-1.001-0004-C01 UNITE delivery of vector and spectral analyzer for Technical University - Sofia under project BG05M2ОP001-1.001-0004-C01 UNITE (Universitiesscience, informatics and technologies in the e-society) and includes 2 separate positions:
    Main Site: Franco warehouse of the contracting authority Sofia, Blvd. Cl. Ohridski # 8
    Includes delivery of 1 vector analyzer with frequency range: 10 MHz 40 GHz; temperature stability of frequency: (0 C to 50 C): / -1 ppm; frequency time error (aging): / -1 ppm / year; number of inputs: 2; maximum outputand power:> 5 dBm; maximum dynamic range:> 120dB; maximum number of points for each measurement (trace): 100,000; built-in display:> 10 inch; time domain analysis (Time Domain Analyses); ability to analyze Eye Diagram type; interfaces: LAN, USB; possibility to measure Noise figure; calibration kit (open, short, Match, Through): 0 Hz to 40 GHz.
    StationNational support:
    The warranty period is a minimum of 36 months from the date of the signed, unaccounted-for-delivery protocol certifying the analyzer`s delivery. Within the warranty period, the Contractor shall, within 30 calendar days, from the date of the bilaterally signed statement of findings, remedy with all his or her own powers and means all defects, inconsistencies, damages, defectsand / or deviations of the delivered appliance, respectively supplying spare parts and / or components, replacing defective parts and / or components with new ones. In the event that these activities cannot be performed within 30 calendar days, the contractor shall, within 15 calendar days, provide the contracting entity with a revolving appliance of the same or similar class until the defect / damage is remedied, such as the warranty period of the appliance inthe repair / repair process is extended by the duration of the repair / repair. The guarantee for repairs / attachments is 12 months from the date of the bilaterally signed protocol certifying the repairs / attachments. The contracting authority`s complaint message may be sent by fax, e-mail or regular mail. The contractor is obliged tosend its representative to the site for finding and identifying the damage / non-compliance within 5 calendar days after receiving the client`s complaint message. During the visit, a statement of findings shall be drawn up in 2 identical copies, describing the type of damage / malfunction / mismatch / defects and / or deviations of the delivered device, as well as the possibilityfor their removal on the spot - at the premises of the contracting authority, and when this is not possible - at a service base. The Contractor shall provide a service base on the territory of the Republic of BULGARIA and / or the European Union, and within 10 days from the date of conclusion of the contract inform the contracting authority in writing about the location and contacts of the relevant service base.
    Not with
    The participants will be removed if any of the grounds under Art. 54, para. 1 PPL and Art. 107 PPL (Article 55 PPL does not apply), except in the cases explicitly mentioned in the PPL. The Contracting Authority will also remove from participation:
    - participants - related parties according to -2, item 45 of the PD of the PPA,
    - the participants who in any way included somewhere in their tender outside the envelope "Offeredand price parameters "elements related to the bid price (or parts thereof),
    - bidder who submitted a technical proposal that does not meet the requirements of the technical specification and conditions of the contracting entity,
    - bidder who bid , higher than the maximum for the line item,
    - a participant for whom there are barriers to participation in a common positionnatural orders provided for in Art. 3, item 8 of ZIFODRUPDRTLTDS, unless they have applied exceptions under Art. 4 of it,
    - a participant for whom the prohibitions under Art. 69, para. 1 and para. 2 of the CITAA,
    - a tenderer who, within the period specified in the invitation, refuses (if applicable) to extend the period of validity of the tender or if it submits a tender with a shorter period of validity. The circumstances ofArt. 54, para. 1, items 1, 2 and 7 of the Public Procurement Act refer to the persons referred to in Art. 54, para. 2 of the Public Procurement Act in connection with Art. 40 of the PDAB. According to Art. 46 of the PPPOP the participants are obliged to notify the client in writing within 3 days from the occurrence of the circumstance under art. 54, para. 1, Art. 101, para. 11 of the PPL. According to Art. 67, para. 1 of the PPA, when submitting a tender, the participant declares the lack of groundsremoval by submitting an OEDO. It shall provide the relevant information required by the contracting authority and indicate the national databases containing the declared circumstances or the competent authorities which, under the law of the country in which the applicant or participant is established, are required to supply information. The contracting authority may requireat any time after the opening of tenders, the submission of all or part of the documents proving the information specified in the EDES, when this is necessary for the lawful conduct of the procedure under Art. 67, para. 5 of the PPL. With the participation of a non-legal entity, Art. 59, para. 6 of the PPL. In the case of subcontractors, Art. 66 of the PPL. Relationshipbut the use of the capacity of third parties shall be subject to the provisions of Art. 65 PPL.
    Offers are submitted to the address Sofia, Blvd. Cl. 8 Ohridski Str., TU Sofia, office 1317 - paperwork.

    Internet address (URL): www.tu-sofia.bg

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