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Contract notice: Health services

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Tender Details

  • Hungary
  • Contract notice: Health services
  • 12th Aug 2019

Other Information

  • 34630929
  • 328254-2019
  • ICB
  • Self Financed
    Office Name: MVM Paksi Atomer?m? Zártkör?en M?köd? Részvénytársaság
    Address: HRSZ.: 8803/17
    Town: Paks
    Postal Code: 7030
    Contact Point: Bakó Györgyi

    Phone: +36 75506750
    Fax: +36 75508517
    Email :kozbeszerzes@npp.hu
    URL :http://www.atomeromu.hu

Key Values

  • Object of the contract
    Health services

    Description: Contract notice: Health services

    Authority Type: Utilities entity
    Contact Nature: Services
    Procedure: Negotiated procedure
    Document: Contract notice
    Regulation: European Union, with participation by GPA countries
    Award criteria: The most economic tender
    CPV code: 85100000,85121000,85145000,85147000,85100000,85121000,85145000,85147000
    CPV Description: Health Services.
    Medical practice services.
    Company Health Services.
    Occupational Health Services
    Reference Number: EKR000687582019
    Occupational Health Services
    Main Site: MVM Paksi Atomerőmű Zrt. (7030 Paks, hrsz .: 8803/17.) Occupational and All-inclusive Service (Including Laboratory Exams, and Psychological Examalso the employees of MVM Paks Nuclear Power Plant Ltd.
    The activities to be carried out under the auspices of the occupational body:
    1. occupational service - with special attention to proper examination of the working dog,
    2. psychological pectoral system,
    3. work-eges, mixed-physiologists, ergonomics, hygiene service,
    4. other matching tasksservices to be serviced
    1. Occupational and Healthy Services
    1.1. Workshop suitable for examination (2 400 "A" categories, 15 pcs / year "B"; 440 pcs / ev "C", 100 db / ev "D" categories)
    1.1.1. The Choice of Suitable Examinations for the Working Dog
    1.1.2. Types of suitable examinations Preliminary Examination Adequate Examination for Periodic Working Dogs rowsuitable job exam aptitude Zaro Examination
    2. Psychological Examination
    2.1. Psychological Appropriate Examination Exercises and Modes
    2.1.1. Psychological Appropriate Examination Category 1 (uj belepő, egyeb)
    2.1.2. Psychological Appropriate Examination Category 2 (hatosagi-, priority tarsasagi jogosito es leaderi)
    2.1.3. Psychological Appropriate Examination 3rd Kategoria (brother-in-law, NBSZ 2nd)
    Examination (db) / ev 2020. 2021. 2022. 2023. 2024. 2020-2024. ev oesszesen
    1 category 430 220 220 220 430 1520
    2 category 180 180 180 180 180 900
    3 category 400 400 850 400 400 2450
    Oesszes: 1010 800 1250 800 1010 4870
    2.1.4. All-in-one psychologists allapotfelmeres (130 ora / ev)
    3. Munsk-egeszseguegyi, -physiologists, ergonomics, hygiene service (50hours / year / physician; 350 ora / ev / work hygienic specialist)
    3.1. The occupational health care worker of the occupational health care service is responsible for some of the tasks included in the work about the job
    3.2. Tasks that qualify for work-for-work specialization
    3.3. The Labor Inspection Examination
    4. Other Tasks
    4.1. First-aid and medical care in Suergős (Evi 180 ora)
    4.2. A block under the pool idearegular work check (evi 70 ora)
    4.3. Respond to the Catastrophic Exercise Practice (Doctor Eating: 32 Ora; Specialist: 12 Ora)
    4.4. Responds to the work of the Commissariat for Work at the Workplace (doctor 10 ora)
    4.5. For programs run on technology systems, a surgeon (2 persons) and a professional (2 persons) medical doctor (2 persons or 6 persons)..6. Medical Exercise (6,760 ora)
    4.7. Examinations on the Toxicological Service Framework: 10 pieces / ev,
    4.8 for blood alcohol examinations. Checking for Kabitozer-free allap (drug controlled (urine) 3 pcs / ev, drug test 300 pcs / ev.)
    5. Other conditions for medical service providers
    5.1 Time and place of service: MVM Paksi Atomerőmű Zrt.at nkanapas 7.00-12.00 ora and 13.00-15.00 ora
    Kizaro Causes
    In the present case there can be no respondent, timekeeper, subcontractor and not eligible for a real-time master is a Kbt. - 62 (1) - (2) of the exclusions referred to in the exclamation point.
    Preliminary proof of Kizaro causes in the resignation application:in zerzesi, the appropriate and expedient reasons are confirmed, and the technical description of the Kezzeszerzes is determined by modi 321/2015. (X. 30.) Government Decree (321/2015. (X. 30.)) of the Government of the Republic of Hungary according to paragraph 1 of the reply to the exclusions of the reasons for the exclusion of the unified european co-procurement document (EEKD) ) Introduce.in the case of the (koezoes) resentative declares that the reasons for the expulsion do not apply to the body or person applying for the (koezoes) rescue or the appropriate real. The statement contains an indication that Kbt. Which body is authorized pursuant to Section 69 para. (4), which body is entitled to, and in accordance with Section 69 para.
    Subcontractors who do not retrieve correctly in their original form must file a statement (resignation) on the (koezoes) resignation that they do not take a good look at Kbt. The power of the excitement under - 62 falls under the littercontractors`. [PPA. - 67 (4)]
    If the capacity of the eligible organization to respond to the complaint is due to the capacity of the organization that has received the certificate, the Kbt. The reasons for expulsion under Section 62 are not valid in forests. [PPA. Section 67 para. (3)]
    Kizaro causes lastreaffirm:
    - The host entity established in Hungary is reset from 321/2015. (X.30) Government Decree 8 (a) - (o) of the introduction of the certificates and declarations, subject to the provisions of 321/2015. (X.30.), - 6 of the Government Decree No. 321/2015. (X.30) Government Decree, Article 10 (1) - (2), certificates, or statementin the light of 321/2015. (X.30.) Government Decree -6. (X.30.) Government Decree 10 - 10, six-member certificates and documents may be included in simple masolati swimming baths. . The power of the excl321/2015. (X.30.) Government Decree 12 of the Government of the Republic of Hungary. Section 69 para. (7) of the bases may be invoked by the expulsion reasons in the reply section (Article 69 para. (4) of the Kbt.). content of the declarationn.
    The reasons for the expulsion should be taken into account in 321/2015. (X.30.) Government Decree 1-16. - A-321/2015. (X.30.), In case of a pending case, in the case of a pending entry, a copy of the registration certificate and the certificate issued by the cegbirosag to the agency shall be appended to the request for registration.more relevant further information is contained in the Kezzeszerzze document.
    Minimum Qualification (s):
    Unsuitable for (koezoes) Kbt. Article 65 (1) (a) and Article 321/2015. (X. 30.) Government Decree 19 (1) (b), if the master`s and penzuegyi`s eligible documents are in accordance with the applicable legal regulationsMolo Reset is a founder based on the results, the repetitive answer to the last battles of the final battles, can be said that in any two years the result before the adozas was negative. (X. 30.) on the basis of Article 19 (2) of the Government Decree, if the person applying for the (koezoes) reset does not have the periodicals for the whole periodIn accordance with the legal regulations of the S-mi law, the result of the period was the beginning of the artificial knot; at least HUF 6,000,000
    If the (koezoes) is shakenThe applicant has not provided a report of the results according to the legal regulations, because in the legal form it is not possible to present the result of the report, but in order to obtain the appropriate moderated modality, the koetel informative on the (koezoes) can be obtained. (X. 30.) Government Decree Section 19 (3)paragraph. In this case, the compilation of the compilation of the (koezoes) quartet is looking for a piece of art in the form of a legal form, which, in turn, is not possible with the introduction of the result record. - (6) para. (6) iranyado
    Gazdasagi es penzuegyi suitable for prior proof in the application:
    A (koezoes) Respondent to the Responding in the Respondent`s Application No. 321/2015. (X.30.), Article 1 (1) of the Government Decree and Article 5 para. The information contained in the file must be declared in advance to be in compliance with the applicable rules for the farmer and penzuegyi.(X.30.) In the case of Article 19 (2) of the Government Decree, the applicant for the (koezoes) reset must confirm the suitability of the application by a statement included in the employment contract. garden data (oessegs) must be entered in the original penznem

    321/2015. (X.30.) In Section 19 parazoes) is an exhaustive explanation of the case, seeking to find a legal form of legal form which is not possible in the case of a statement of origin. the referral applicant must includeAuthorized or Respondent is authorized to disclose / annotate an organization to make statements electronically in the EDF. Section 65 (12) /
    Candidates filed with the Kezoes must enclose with the application form the document containing the attestation, which must include the fact that the candidates who are responding to the case are in Kezuela.i are authorized to submit statements in the Electronic Co-Purchase System (EKR) / Kbt. Section 35 (2a) /. The respondent who has submitted the resignation will testify to the suitability of the Kbt. According to Section 65 para. (7), the capacity of any organization or person may suffice as well. koev.
    Reflection on the Kbt. Section 21 para. Masodik reszes according to Resz
    1. Adequate:
    a) Complementary: Kbt. Section 56
    b) Competition Commissioner: Kbt. Section 36 (1)
    c) Business Secrets: Kbt. - 44, - 11 (4)
    d) of the EDF documents are introduced by Kbt. Section 47 (2) - (3), the applicant may not access the fax and e-mail.
    E) tajekozodasi koetel-tseg: Kbt. Section 73 (4) - (5) (f) search for a franchise and the following: Kbt. Section 71 (1) - (10)
    If the resthe new hianypot in the hianypotlas frame will bring a new player to the horseshoe, and with this host actor would be a breeze for the next hianypotlas, the new hianypotlast in a dog with this new host act.
    g) Kkvk: Kbt. Section 66 (4)
    h) Variable entries: 321/2015. (X. 30.) Government Decree Article 13 (i) Kuelfoeld Ad Hoc Winner TimekeeperAuthorize: Kbt. Section 136 (2)
    j) Koezoes Responding: Kbt. Section 35, Paragraph 13 (3) of the EDF
    2. Respondent, with the timetable, the truths are in and the language of the accomplished is Hungarian. Documents and statements in foreign languages are in the original language of the Hungarian translation or in one of the swimming pools of the Mass. You must sign Kbt in your resignation application.Article 66 (6). (a) and (b) information / information. Qualified Schedulers under 321/2015. (X. 30.) Governmental Order. (3) - (4) of Section 30, they shall certify that they do not belong to the Kbt. Section 62 para. (1) (b) shall have the power and the author`s performance status. Reflection on the attention of qualified journalists to the fact thatin the suitably dogs of the farmer and Penzuegyi, that is to say in Section III.1.2, the appropriate weaving requirements were determined, and in the technical-professional suit, ie in point III.1.3. (X. 30.) on the basis of Article 28 (3) of the Government Decree on qualifying criteria. The timeline is Kbt. Section 75(2) does not apply the ineffective reason under point (e). Due to the repetitive application, half of the respondents may not be able to pay attention. Ertekelesi criteria system: best ars-gold gold reszszam, sulyszam:
    1. Netto`s schedule in HUF (afa nelkuel), litter: 98, translated to gold
    2. Professional tapas in the field of work organization psychology(Ref. III.1.3.) M2 / b. point base) syamam: 2, useful fueggveny
    The upper and lower limit of the points given by the content of the content elements according to the above-mentioned criteria: 1-100 points. Applicants for the (koezoes) resonance and the appropriately authentic body are the Kbt.Pursuant to Section 65 para. (12), the grounds for exclusion shall be set out in a non-conforming and appropriate statement of suitability for the persons in the EECD to be duly subordinated to the person with the appropriate representation rights. [PPA. Article 67 (1)] 9. The professional report should include:
    The technical-professional schedule of the timekeeperall the data, information and information you have to put in, with which you can easily find out that the current solutions fulfill the requirements of the Koezbekerze Technical Leiras. used esheezos) bemutatasat.
    10th Foreword to the unfortunate non-Ketian advisers of the Kezszeszerzesi project. Koev. Point VI.4.3) The time for resignation is 12.8.2019 11: 00

    Internet address (URL): http://www.atomeromu.hu

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