France government tender for Contract notice: Grounds maintenance services

France government tenders for Contract notice: Grounds maintenance services. Ref No: 19399979, Deadline: 22nd Jan 2018.

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Country : France
Summary :

Contract notice: Grounds maintenance services

TOT Ref No : 19399979
DOCUMENT REF. NO. : 519346-2017
Competition : ICB
Financier : Self Financed
Office Name: Ville de Cannes
Address: Hôtel de ville de Cannes, place Bernard Cornut Gentille, CS 30140
Town: Cannes
Postal Code: 06406
Contact Point: M. le maire ou son représentant, l'adjoint délégué

Phone: +33 497064550
Fax: +33 497064540
Tender Details :

Object of the contract
Grounds maintenance services

Description: Contract notice: Grounds maintenance services

Authority Type: Regional or local authority
Contact Nature: Services
Procedure: Open procedure
Document: Contract notice
Regulation: European Union, with participation by GPA countries
Award criteria: The most economic tender
CPV code: 77314000,77312100,77314000,77314000,77312100
CPV Description: Grounds maintenance services.
Weed-killing services.
Services of brushing of various grounds and edges of tracks
Services of brushing of various grounds and edges of ways.
Main Site: City of Cannes
Various services of brushing for all or part of various fields. It may be both regularly scoured areas (annually), as well as�areas not cleared for several years (from more than one year to less than 5 years, or from more than 5 years to less than 10 years or more than 10 years)
A form DC2 latest version of 26.10.2016 duly complete, or one or more equivalent documents containing the information requested for the purpose of verifying the candidates' abilities, such as: a statement concerning the turnoverthe maximum of the last 3 financial years available according to the date of creation of the undertaking or the beginning of the activity of the economic operator, insofar as the information on these turnover figures are available.
Business consulting file on the site Owner ID: City Hall of Cannes (06). modalityfinancing and payment - the payment of expenses will be made by administrative mandate followed by a transfer - the overall payment period may not exceed 30 days - the rate of default interest is equal to the interest rate applied by the Central Bank has its most recent main refinancing operations, in force on the first day of the half-year of theduring which interest on arrears began to accrue, plus eight percentage points. The amount of the lump sum payment for recovery costs is fixed at EUR 40 - the appropriations necessary to finance the operation are entered in the city's accounts in the annual budget - financing from own funds - revisable unit prices - for the lot 1: Advance rate if the coNditions are fulfilled: 5%.

Internet address (URL):
Directive: Classical Directive (2014/24/EU)

Deadline : 22nd Jan 2018
Documents : Download

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