Switzerland government tender for Contract notice: Electromechanical equipment

Switzerland government tenders for Contract notice: Electromechanical equipment. Ref No: 18255769, Deadline: 22nd Dec 2017.

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Country : Switzerland
Summary :

Contract notice: Electromechanical equipment

TOT Ref No : 18255769
DOCUMENT REF. NO. : 454562-2017
Competition : ICB
Financier : Self Financed
Office Name: Bundesamt für Straßen ASTRA, Abteilung Straßeninfrastruktur Ost, Filiale Winterthur
Address: Grüzefeldstraße 41
Town: Winterthur
Postal Code: 8404
Contact Point: Offerte: 080488 F4 VM, Teilprojekt VTV und VMS-GEVII

Email :beschaffung.winterthur@astra.admin.ch
URL :https://www.simap.ch
Tender Details :

Object of the contract
Electromechanical equipment

Description: Contract notice: Electromechanical equipment

Authority Type: Ministry or any other national or federal authority
Contact Nature: Works
Procedure: Open procedure
Document: Contract notice
Regulation: GPA
Award criteria: The most economic tender
CPV code: 31720000,31720000
CPV Description: Electromechanical equipment.
080488 F4 VM Expansion of VTV GE VI / GE VII and VMS GE VII.
With the project "Traffic Management Switzerland (VM-CH)" the FEDRO creates the conditions for an effective influence on traffic ASTRA branch Winterthur should be adapted and extended according to the requirements of VM-CH.
Main Site: GEVI: Nationalstrassen canton SG, TG and GL
With the project "Traffic Management Switzerland (VM-CH)" the FEDRO creates the conditions for an effective influence on the traffic The traffic management facilities in the FEDRO Branch Winterthur should be adapted to the requirements of VM-CH The project F4 VM comprises several subprojectst the delivery, installation and commissioning of 63 new IP cameras (52 pcs in the GE VI and 11 pcs in the GE VII), as well as in the GE VII the renewal of the video management system (VMS) for a total of about 700 cameras and the renewal of the visualization in the VLZ and BLU headquarters.
For more information, see para. 4.5.
The following proof of suitability / confirmation must be used together with the(default) offer documents are submitted, otherwise the offer can not be received: To EK1: For the offerer: 1 reference object over completed work with comparable complexity and from the same specialist area. To EK2: annual turnover provider> double annual turnover of the order
At the request of the client after submission of the offer and before theThe following proofs are to be submitted:
- extract from the commercial register, not older than 3 months,
- excerpt from the register, not more than 3 months old.
Regarding EC3: For the person in charge Project leader: 1 Reference object for completed works in the same function or vice-function with comparable Complexity and the same subject area.
On EK4: Proof of the availability of the Schlue
For EC5: Up to 70% of the work may be done by subcontractors
Partial offers are not allowed
Conditions for non-WTO member countries: None.
Business conditions: According to the contract of agreement envisaged.
Negotiations: Stay reserved. Pure bidding rounds resp. Price negotiations are not carried out. in theSubsequent negotiations may lead to a corresponding price change in the course of renegotiations. Provisions of the contract: The client awards public service contracts for services in Switzerland only to providers who are responsible for compliance with health and safety regulations and working conditions for employees and employeesto ensure equal pay for men and women.
Other information: 1. Reservation of the project's availability as well as the availability of the credits; 2. The preparation of the offers will not be refunded. The offer documents will not be returned; 3. Based on Art. 13 para. 1 lit. h VoeB and Art. XV, lit. D, GPA, the client reserves the right to newto assign such contracts, which relate to the present basic assignment, in accordance with the open procedure. -------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------- -> point. 2.6 (continuation): GEVI: Subproject Video Equipment Expansion (VTV) in GE VI: Delivery, installation and commissioning of new IP cameras in dhe GEVI, distributed across NS sections in the cantons of SG, GL and TG (interface to the on-site infrastructure are the existing NW switches in the control centers and factories, the new IP cameras are integrated on-site into the existing video management systems GEVI) Services: RPH , techn. Machining (engineering entire system) including design documentation Configuration of the whole-Plant communication to the VMS-SG / GL / TG over the NW incl. Necessary techn. Clarifications Project meetings in Winterthur, St. Gallen and / or on site in the SG / GL / TG region Communication test with NW and VMS supplier (integration of cameras incl. Camera control) Collaboration with third-party suppliers Creation of the test certificates for the final test in the factory (FAT ) and the systemon-site testing (SAT) Acceptance, provisional, commissioning, functional / single camera test and trial operation EUD, KAPO, VMZ-CH and third-party training Adjusted overall documentation GEVII: Subproject Expansion of video equipment (VTV) in GE VII, as well as new delivery of a video management system (VMS) GE VII and renewal of visualization in the headquarters VLZ and BLU. Delivery, installation and commissioninghme of the new IP cameras in the GEVII incl. masts, attachments to bridges and terminal boxes, distributed across NS sections in the canton of ZH Delivery and commissioning of a new video management system (VMS) incl. BSS (picture storage) in the cantons ZH and SH Upgrade of the large-screen display and Replacement LCD Monitors (delivery, installation and commissioning) in the VLZ and upgrade of the LCD monitors (Liefuction, installation and commissioning) in the BLU Services: RPH, techn. Processing (engineering of entire plant) including design documents Creation of specification documents for the integration of new cameras / objects into the new VMS for the neighboring projects Configuration of the entire system Integration into the BKN Communication to the UeLS via the NW incl. Clarifications Projebriefings in Winterthur, Zurich and / or on-site Communication test (integration of all existing and new cameras incl. camera control) Collaboration during work test and commissioning tests Third party suppliers (UN adaptation BR VTV) Creation of the test steps for the final test at the factory (FAT) and the system test on site (SAT) acceptances, temporaries, commissioning, function test and-Test run Training GE VII, Police SH, Kapo ZH Coordination meetings with third projects Adjusted overall documentation Reconstruction and ...

Internet address (URL): https://www.simap.ch
Directive: Classical Directive (2014/24/EU)

Deadline : 22nd Dec 2017
Documents : Download

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