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Contract notice: Beach services

????? ???? ??????????? has floated a tender for Contract notice: Beach services.The project location is Greece and the tender is closing on 20 Jan 2020. The tender notice number is 581707-2019, while the TOT Ref Number is 38753407. Bidders can have further information about the tender and can request the complete tender document by registering on the site.

Procurement Summary

Country : Greece

Summary : Contract notice: Beach services

Deadline : 20 Jan 2020

Purchaser's Detail

Purchaser : ????? ???? ???????????
Office Name: ????? ???? ???????????
Address: ??????? ?????????? 26
Town: Nea Moydania
Postal Code: 632 00
Contact Point: ????? ???? ???????????

Phone: +30 2373350215
Fax: +30 2373065792
Email :stelios.ramandanis@nea-propontida.gr
URL :http://www.nea-propontida.gr

Other Information

TOT Ref No. : 38753407

Document Ref. No. : 581707-2019

Competition : ICB

Financier : Self Financed

Tender Details

Object of the contract
Beach services

Description: Contract notice: Beach services

Authority Type: Regional or local authority
Contact Nature: Services
Procedure: Open procedure
Document: Contract notice
Regulation: European Union
Award criteria: Lowest price
CPV code: 92332000,92332000
CPV Description: Beach services.
Provision of lifesaving services for the busy beaches of Nea Propontis Municipality for the year 2020.
Relates to the work for lifesaving activities of the Nea Propontis Municipality beaches for the year 2020, which have been designated as multi-purpose beaches. with Minutes of Port Authority Committees.
Main Site: Municipality of Nea Propontida.
AfWork on the lifeguard coverage of busy beaches of the Municipality of Nea Propontida for the year 2020, which have been characterized as busy bathing facilities with the minutes of the Port Authority Committees.
The beaches are:
1) N. Kallikratia beach, East: from extension of D. Selemenaki to west: extension of Chatziargyriou Street.
2) Agricultural beach
3) beach
4) Sozopolis beach, in front of the hotel next to beach - basketball soccer fields.
5) Nea Plagia beach, east: from west: beach basketball court next to the hotel.
6) Nea Flogita beach, east: from K. E. (football stadium) to the west: KYE
7) Dionysiou Beach, east: from Venizelos Street extension (KY) to west: Pavlos Street extension
8) N. Moudania beach, east: from N. Moudania stream to the west: rooms to let.
9) N. Potidea beach, north: from outer canal entrance to the south, hotel.
10) Agios Mamanta beach
11) beach, 800 m in total, 400 m on either side of the health-care shop under the brand name
The Municipality will award a tenderthe aforementioned work to a contractor, who will have the necessary, by law (PD 31/2018), staff (the required number of lifeguards), equipment and know-how, and relevant experience necessary for its good performance
Personnel assigned by the contractor to carry out the project will be 18 persons in accordance with the law, that is, as many people as needed to shipcaterers, provided with the necessary authorization by the Port Authority, which will be in force. The (12) lifeguards will cover the lifeguards of the busy beaches of Nea Propontida. The two (2) lifeguards will patrol the aforementioned coast by sea, with the 5m high speed professional boat. The other two (2) lifeguards will patrol with special equipmentThe 4x4 vehicle above the busy beaches and two (2) are designated as supervisors, to ensure the project.
Lifeguard Obligations:
The lifeguard is on standby with a swimming garment throughout his service and can patrol with a lifeguard , paddling near the bathing area or sitting on the existing lifeguard pier from 10:30 am to 17:30 pmand for 7 days a week.
The lifeguard monitors the swimmers while performing his duty, is ready to provide assistance and performs no other parallel work.
All natural or legal persons, cooperatives and associations, joint ventures, bidding jointly and carrying out similar projects, on the subject ofand have the necessary staff, equipment, know-how and experience to perform the project, and have already successfully completed exactly the same work on a comparable scale. and NPD, in GREECE or abroad. In particular, economic operators involved in the process of concluding this contract shall be required to exerciseadvertising activity related to the subject of the services to be provided, namely lifeguard services. Participating economic operators must have a specific approval or be a member of a specific organization in order to be able to provide the relevant service in their country of origin and are required to prove that they have such approval or that they are members of that organization.
Especially for economic operators established in GREECE, they are required to produce:
Certificate of their professional or commercial register, with certification of registration for the particular profession or a certificate of practice issued by a public authority not more than 6 months before the closing date for the submission of tenders and shall cover the exercise of the activities
Lifeguard license: valid for at least 3 years.
Eligible applicants must also prove that the required lifeguard licenses have been issued by the competent port authority, in accordance with the conditions laid down by the textual provisions.

Internet address (URL): http://www.nea-propontida.gr

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