Project Name

Storage media-Supplies, Spain-Madrid, Ref No:2018/S 030-066723

Award Details

Contract Award Information:Storage media,
Purchaser Details: Metro de Madrid, Sociedad Anónima, ES, [email protected],
Contractor Details: Abast Systems Solutions, S. L., C/ Ecuador, 39-45,Barcelona 08029, ES, ,
Notice Reception Id: 18-063320-001
Notice Deletion Date: 2018-05-19
Available Language: ES
Supplies Contract - 066723-2018
Directive Value: 2004/17/EC
CPV: 30234000
Ref Num: 066723-2018
Notice Data: 2018/S 030-066723,
, ES, ES, Storage media, 473 239,00
CodIf Data: 20180208, Utilities entity, Open procedure, European Union, Not applicable, Lowest price, Urban railway / light rail, metro, tramway, trolleybus or bus services, 01506
Additional Information:
Носители за съхраняване на информация Иcпaния Мадрид
Média pro ukládání dat Španělsko Madrid
Lagermedier Spanien Madrid
Speichermedien Spanien Madrid
Μέσα αποθήκευσης Ισπανία Μαδρίτη
Soportes de almacenamiento España Madrid
Salvestuskandjad Hispaania Madrid
Muistivälineet Espanja Madrid
Supports de mémoire Espagne Madrid
Storage media Spáinn, an Maidrid
Memorija Španjolska Madrid
Tárolóeszközök Spanyolország Madrid
Supporti di memorizzazione Spagna Madrid
Atminties terpės Ispanija Madridas
Atmiņas vide Spānija Madride
Medj tal-ħażna Spanja Madrid
Geheugenmedia Spanje Madrid
Nośniki do przechowywania Hiszpania Madryt
Suportes de memória Espanha Madrid
Suporturi de memorie Spania Madrid
Pamäťové médiá Španielsko Madrid
Pomnilni mediji Španija Madrid
Lagringsmedier Spanien Madrid

Metro de Madrid, Sociedad Anónima, C/ Cavanilles, 58, Madrid, 28007, ES, Servicio de Contratación, [email protected],, , , , , , , , , Suministro de ampliación de cabinas de almacenamiento del Área de Sistemas de Información de Metro de Madrid, SUPPLIES, , , , 2017/S 183-376262,SC 2000002139 06-02-2018 Abast Systems Solutions, S. L. C/ Ecuador, 39-45 Barcelona 08029 Purchase Country

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