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Establishment of long term agreements for provision of pharmaceuticals and health products in support of the undp country offices implementing health projects and programmes

Tender Details

Tenders from Bermuda for Establishment of long term agreements for provision of pharmaceuticals and health products in support of the undp country offices implementing health projects and programmes. The tender belongs to Materials and Products sector. The tender reference number is 9791121 and it is closing on 13th Jan 2017. Tendersontime request the suppliers, service providers and manufactures to Register on the site in order to receive the international tenders on daily basis.

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Country Bermuda  
SUMMARY Establishment of long term agreements for provision of pharmaceuticals and health products in support of the undp country offices implementing health projects and programmes  
TOT Ref. No. 9791121
Notice Type Tenders
Document Ref. No. LTA of Pharmaceuticals and Health Products, HIST ITB LTA 26-2016
Competition ICB
Financier UN System 


Tel: 00441-0000,

Attn: Sonia, Tardajos
Country :Bermuda
Email :sonia.tardajos@undp.org

Tender Details
Establishment of Long Term Agreements for provision of pharmaceuticals and health products in support of the UNDP Country Offices implementing health projects and programmes

Deadline: 13-Jan-2017 17:25

Time zone: (GMT 1.00) Brussels, Copenhagen, Madrid, Paris


Overview :

Dear Sir / Madam;

The United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) hereby invites you to submit a Bid to this Invitation to Bid (ITB) for the above-referenced subject.

This ITB includes the following documents:

Section 1 - This Letter of Invitation

Section 2 - Instructions to Bidders (including Data Sheet)

Section 3 - Schedule of Requirements and Technical Specifications

Section 4 - Bid Submission Form

Section 5 - Documents Establishing the EligibiliView More
Deadline 13th Jan 2017
Documents Download
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Centrifug Desiccat Incubat Incubator
Steriliz Aids Testing Kit Airway Management Amalgamator
Anaesthesia Breathing Anaesthesia Machine Anaesthesia Vapori Anaesthesia Ventilat
Anasthesia Stool Anesthesia Breathing Anesthesia Equip Anesthesia Vapori
Anesthesia Ventilat Angiograph Arthroscope Aspirator
Audiometry Auto Clave Autoclave Autopsy Tabl
Baby Heater Baby Incubator Baby Monitor Baby Washing
Balance Basic Pulmonology Bench Meter Biochemical Analyzer
Biological Microscope Biological Safety Cabinet Biomedical Equipment Biomedical Instrument
Biotrode Blood Bank Refri Blood Glucose Blood Glucose Meter
Blood Glucose Monitor Blood Pressure Monitor Blood Warmer Brix Meter
Bronchoscope Brondoscope Calorimeter Cardiac Monitor
Cardio Thoracic Cardiology Cardiopulmonary Cardiotocograph
Chemistry Analyser Chemotrode Chromatograph Clarytrode
Cleaner Counter Clinical Diagnostic Coagulometer Colony Count
Colposcope Computed Tomography Conductivity Meter Confocal Microscop
Coronarograph Cryolipolysis Ct Scan Ct Scan Tube
Ct Scanner Ct-scanner Cultivation Cabinet Defibrillator
Dental Equipment Dental Micro Desiccator Diagnostic Apparat
Diagnostic Equipment Diagnostic Imaging Diagnostic Microscope Diagnostic Otoscope
Dialysis Equipment Dialysis Machine Diluter Disinfecting Equipment
Distillation Doppler Analyzer Dosing Pump Drying Oven
Duodenoscope Ear Speculum Ecg Eeg
Electrocardiogra Electrocardiograph Electroencephalograph Electrostimulator
Electrosurgical Elisa Plate Reader Elisa Reader Emergency Body
Emergency Care Equipment Emergency Shower Endoscope Sink Enema Set
Ent Diagnostic Ent Equipment Ent Instrument Enteral Feeding
Evaporator Evaporators Examination Probe Eye Wash
Fermotrode Fetal Doppler Fetal Monitor Fetal Simulat
Fetoscope Fetus Monitor Fiberoptic Head Lamp Fiberoptic Otoscop
Filltrode First Aid Kit First Responder Flake Ice Maker
Flatrode Flushtrode Focimeter Foetal Doppler
Foetal Simulat Frontline Diagnostic Fume Cupboard Fume Cupboards
Funnel Gel-glass Goniometer Gynaecological Equipment
Haematolog Haemoglobinometer Hamilton Sensor Hanna Instrument
Hba1c Analyser Heart Monitor Heat Therapy Applianc Heating Bath
Heating Table Hematology Analyzer Hemodialysis Chair Hemodynamic
Hemodynamic Monitor Hemogeneizer Histologist Desk Hiv Test Kit
Holter Monitor Hospital Equip Hot Plate Hotplate
Hplc Hydrocollator Hydrolysis Hygiene Kit
Hyperbaric Chamber Hysteroresectoscop Hysteroscope Icp-ms
Immersion Thermostat Immunoassay Imunnofermentnye Analyzer Inchtrode
Infant Incubator Infant Monitor Infant Warmer Infantometer
Infusion Pump Ionization Buffer Irradiator Irrigator
Jacotrode Kick Bucket Lab Mixer Lab Stirrer
Laboratory Balan Laboratory Bath Laboratory Bench Laboratory Burner
Laboratory Centrifugal Pump Laboratory Connecting Sleeves Laboratory Freez Laboratory Furniture
Laboratory Glassware Laboratory Mixer Laboratory Oven Laboratory Porcel
Laboratory Refriger Laboratory Refrigerator Laboratory Safety Cabinet Laboratory Stirrer
Laboratory Tap Laboratory Valve Labware Laparoscope
Laparoscopy Laryngeal Airway Laryngoscope Lipo Laser
Lipo Suction Liquid Transfer Pump Lithotripsy Magnetic Resonance
Magnetic Stirr Magnifying Loupe Malaria Testing Mammograph
Mammography Film Maternal Simulat Mecotrode Medical Diagnostic
Medical Equip Medical Imaging Medical Ventilator Melting Point
Microfine Grinder Microplate Microscope Microtiter
Microtome Minitrode Mixer Shaker Mobile Laboratory
Molecular Testing Motion Shaker Mri Muffle Furnace
Multipara Monitor Myocardial Myomectomy Nasal Speculum
Nebuliser Nebulizer Neonatal Care Neonatal Monitor
Neonatal Ventilat Neonatal Warmer Nephrology Equipment Nuclear Medicine
Oephagoscope Operating Microscope Operating Theater Lamp Operating Theatre Light
Operation Theater Equipment Operation Theater Lamp Ophthalmoscope Orbital Shaker
Orbital Stirrer Otoscope Oxygen Concentrat Oxygen Concentrator
Pacemaker Patient Handling Patient Monitor Peristaltic Pump
Ph Calibration Ph Meter Ph Simulator Ph Simulator Ab
Pharmacy Fridge Photometer Phototherapy Appliance Pipette
Pipettor Pippete Plethysmograph Polarimeter
Portable Infusion Pump Portable Ventilator Power Infuser Pregnency Test Kit
Prosthodontic Pulse Oximet Radiant Warmer Radiology Equipment
Radiometer Radiopharmacy Rapid Screening Test Real World Crm
Refractometer Refrigerated Cabin Restorative Material Resuscitat
Retinoscope Rotarus Pump Rotator Stirrer Salt Meter
Shaker Shoes Sole Coaterfume Cupboard Shortwave Diathermy Single Pore Glass
Sleep Therapy Slimtrode Slit Lamp Sonography Equipment
Sonography Machine Sphygmomanometer Spintrode Sterilization Solution
Stethoscope Stirrer Surgical Imaging Surgical Lamp
Surgical Light Surgical Microscope Surgical Pendant Telespectomy
Thermocycler Thermometer Thermostat Dry Block Tissue Sampl
Titrator Tiuning Solution Tomograph Tonometer
Tonsilectomy Tourniquet Tracheostomy Transfusion Pod
Transport Incubator Transport Ventilator Ultrasonic Bath Ultrasonic Cleaning Bath
Upright Freez Urinalysis System Urine Analyser Urology Equipment
Vacuum Pump Vascular Doppler Vascular Therapy Vibrator Stirrer
Viscosimeter Bath Vital Sign Monitor Water Recirculator Wound Care
X-ray Equipment X-ray Mach X-ray Medicine

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