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Capital Honiara
ISO 3166 Code SB
Population 581,344
Area, Sq KM 28,450
Currency N/A
Official Language N/A
GDP, Billion USD 1,010
GDP Growth Rate, % 0.1
Inflation, Avg CP, % Chng N/A
Interest Rates, % N/A
Unemployement Rate, % N/A
Exchange Rate, 1 USD Equals NA
International dial code 677
Time Zone GMT+11:00
Internet TLD .sb

Solomon Islands, is a sovereign country and consists of a large number of islands in Oceania that lies to the east of Papua New Guinea as well as northwest of Vanuatu. The country covers a total area of 28,400 square kilometers. Honiara is the capital of the country and is located on the island of Guadalcanal. The name of the country is taken from the Solomon Islands archipelago. It is a collection of Melanesian islands which includes the North Solomon Islands. However, it excludes outlying islands like Bellona and Rennellalong with the Santa Cruz Islands. The islands were inhabited for almost 1000 of years. In the year 1568, a Spanish navigator was the first European to visit the islands and named them the Islas Salomón. Britain, in June 1893 defined its area of interest in the Solomon Islands archipelago and declared the southern Solomon Islands as a British Protectorate. During the World War II, the Solomon Islands campaign which lasted from 1945 from 1942, witnessed fierce fighting between the Empire of Japan. The official name was changed to Solomon Islands in the year 1975 from the British Solomon Islands Protectorate. Self-government was achieved next year, in 1976. The country attained its independence after a couple of years later. Currently, Solomon Island is known to be a constitutional monarchy. On the basis of per capita GDP which is 600 dollars, Solomon Island can be considered a lesser developed nation as more than 75% of the total labour force of the country is involved in subsistence as well as fishing. Most of the manufactured petroleum and goods are imported. Until the year 1998, when cost for tropical timber in the world fell steeply, timber was the chief as well as exclusive product of Solomon Islands main export product and in the recent years, Solomon Islands forests were overexploited quite dangerously. Some of the other prominent exports as well as cash crops include palm oil ad copra. Minerals exploration in other areas of the country continued. The islands are quite rich in undeveloped mineral resources like gold, lead, zinc and nickel. Tourism of the country particularly diving is quite an important service industry for Solomon Islands. Tourism growth is hampered by transportations and lack of infrastructure. The Government of the country was insolvent by 2002. Since the RAMSI intervention which was done in the year 2003, the government has recast its budget and consolidated as well as renegotiated its domestic debt with Australian backing.

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