Contract notice: Software-related services

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Country : Switzerland
Summary :

Contract notice: Software-related services

TOT Ref No : 21449587
DOCUMENT REF. NO. : 112085-2018
Competition : ICB
Financier : Self Financed
Office Name: Office fédéral des constructions et de la logistique OFCL
Address: Fellerstrasse 21
Town: Berne
Postal Code: 3003

Email :[email protected]
Tender Details :

Object of the contract
Software-related services

Description: Contract notice: Software-related services

Authority Type: Ministry or any other national or federal authority
Contact Nature: Services
Procedure: Open procedure
Document: Contract notice
Regulation: GPA
Award criteria: The most economic tender
CPV code: 72260000,72260000
CPV Description: Software-related services.
(18015) 704 Maintenance, Support and Development of the SAP Project System
SECO's Service Center is in charge of the management and implementation of projects of economic cooperation and development in the countries emerging. SECO uses the SAP project system (SAP PS) to manage the framework credits. This call for tenders aims to hire a supplierable to maintain, support and develop SAP PS. This call for tender includes 2 basic services (GL) and 2 options (OP) as follows:
Main Site: At the premises of the agent or at the SECO sites in Berne.
The SECO service center for the east in charge of the management and implementation of projects of cooperation and economic development in the countriesemerging. SECO uses the SAP project system (SAP PS) to manage the framework credits. The purpose of this tender is to hire a supplier who can provide maintenance, support and development for SAP PS. This call for tender includes 2 basic services (GL) and 2 options (OP) as follows:
GL01: SAP PS maintenance and support for the period from 1.9.2018 to 31.8.2022.
GL02: phase of transition for the period 1.7.2018 to 31.8.2018.
OP01: SAP PS developments for the period 1.9.2018 to 31.8.2023.
OP02: SAP PS maintenance and support for the period 1.9.2022 to 31.8. 2023.
The proof of qualification enumerated below must be provided in their entirety and without restriction or modification at the same time as the offer, otherwise it will not beon the latter.
Economic / financial capacity
The tenderer has the economic / financial capacity necessary to carry out the mandate.
Certified true copies of the Commercial Register and the Register of Prosecutions not older than 3 months when the contracting authority requests them or, for foreign tenderers, equivalent official and foreign documentss recently established.
This evidence should be provided on request, after the presentation of the offer and prior to contract work.

CA02 Contact (SPOC)
The Bidder has a contact (SPOC) Load manage the problems related to the mandate and make decisions.

CA03 costs
the Bidder agrees that for the term provided for the commitment, no fee will be himin principle pours. The fees are included in the prices.
Organization / provision of a support service
The tenderer confirms to provide a support service corresponding to the levels of service mentioned in ch. 4.1 of the specifications.
a) Respect of procedural principles
The tenderer confirms that the third parties (subcontractors) that he has engaged to realize the manhe and himself respect the procedural principles referred to in the Declaration Form of the Confederation Procurement Conference (CA).
(b) Additional Evidence of Equality of Treatment between Men and Women
Suppliers with More 50 employees and their first-tier subcontractor also with more than 50 employeesin addition to the self-declaration, a proof of the audit of their salary practice.
Acceptance of the general conditions (CG) of the confederation
- for IT services, edition of October 2010 and,
- for business contracts in the IT field and for the maintenance of individual software, October 2010 edition.
Acceptance of the contract draft
The subjectThe contractor is willing to accept the draft contract set out in Annex 6 [A6] of the specifications.
Partial offers are not allowed.
Conditions for countries which have not adhered to the WTO agreements: none.
General Conditions: Performance according to the General Conditions (GC) of the Confederation:
* for IT services, October 2010 edition;
* for business contractse in the IT field and for the maintenance of individual software, edition of October 2010. These can be consulted at Documentation section CG.
Negotiations: are reserved. The adjudicator does not engage in price negotiations. Tenderers may only change the prices indicated in their tender in special circumstances (egfor example, when the requirements need to be clarified or specified) and where the contracting authority expressly authorizes them in its invitation to participate in negotiations.
Conditions governing the procedure: the adjudicator awards public contracts for services in Switzerland only to tenderers guaranteeing compliance with the provisions on the protection of work andworking conditions and equal pay for women and men. If the service is performed abroad, the tenderer at least complies with the fundamental conventions of the International Labor Organization mentioned in Annex 2a of the OMP. The form for the Confederation Procurement Conference (CA) must be signed and attached to the offer.The acquisition will be subject to the state of progress of the project and the availability of the credits. The adjudicator reserves the right to accept, to refuse totally or partially the services provided as options.
Indication of the means of appeal: according to art. 30 LMP, this publication may be attacked, within 20 days of its notification,Federal Administrative Court, PO Box, 9023 St. Gallen. The appeal memorial, to be presented in 2 copies, will indicate the conclusions, reasons and means of proof and will bear the signature of the appellant party or his representative; a copy of this publication and the exhibits invoked as evidence shall be attached, where available.
Closing time forsubmission of tenders / Remarks: Remarks on the submission of tenders: place of submission of tenders: according to section 1.2
(a) For delivery to the reception of OFCL's goods (by the tenderer himself or by courier ): the offer must be postmarked no later than the closing date indicated above, during the business hours of receipt of goods (8: 00-12: 00 and 13: 00-16: 00) contre acknowledgment of receipt of the OFCL.
b) Delivery by post: the postal seal or the proof with bar code of an officially recognized Swiss or foreign post office is determining for the date of delivery (postage by an enterprise machine is not recognized as a postal seal).
(c) Delivery of the offer to a Swiss diplomatic or consular representation abroad:foreigners may submit their tenders at the latest on the date of delivery above to a Swiss diplomatic or consular representation in their country, during opening hours, against a confirmation of receipt. They are obliged to send this confirmation by fax (fax number 1.2) to the contracting authority. The tenderer must ensure in allIf he has proof of delivery of the offer within the time limit. Delayed bids can no longer be considered and will be returned to the sender.
Remarks (deadline for written questions): for any questions regarding the establishment of the bid, please contact us forward your requests anonymously through the forumum to ...

Internet address (URL):
Directive: Classical Directive (2014/24/EU)

Deadline : 26th Apr 2018
Documents : Download

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