Contract notice: Payroll management services

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Country : Switzerland
Summary :

Contract notice: Payroll management services

TOT Ref No : 21449586
DOCUMENT REF. NO. : 112084-2018
Competition : ICB
Financier : Self Financed
Office Name: Office fédéral du personnel OFPER
Address: Eigerstrasse 71
Town: Berne
Postal Code: 3003

Email :[email protected]
Tender Details :

Object of the contract
Payroll management services

Description: Contract notice: Payroll management services

Authority Type: Ministry or any other national or federal authority
Contact Nature: Services
Procedure: Open procedure
Document: Contract notice
Regulation: GPA
Award criteria: The most economic tender
CPV code: 79211110,79200000,79211110,79200000
CPV Description: Payroll management services.
Accounting, auditing and fiscal services.
(18032) 614 Salary beneficiary salaries
Each year, the federal government awards external service contracts ranging from 40,000,000 to 50,000. 000 000 francs has some 6000 salaried persons called fee beneficiaries. These cause administrative costsThese are important because, under social insurance law, the federal government is considered an employer and is therefore responsible for the proper payment of social insurance contributions. The outsourcing of the salary administration of the fee-holders must guarantee a tax-compliant account of the social insurance contributions, the insurancee-accidents and the pension fund and avoid costly adaptations of the information system for the management of data of the staff of the federal administration (IGDP). The current supplier may submit an offer.
Main Site: All of Switzerland, but mostly Berne.
Each year, the Federal Government awards external service contracts worth 40 000 000 and 50 000 000 francs to some 6000 salaried persons called fee beneficiaries. These incur significant administrative costs because, under social insurance law, the federal government is considered an employer and is therefore responsible for the proper payment of social insurance contributions. Outsourcing the administration ofthe salaries of the beneficiaries of the fees must guarantee an account according to the law of the contributions to the social insurances, to the accident insurance and to the pension fund and to avoid expensive adaptations of the system of information for the management of the data of the personnel of the Federal Administration (IGDP). The current supplier may submit an offer.
Qualification evidence enumerThe following must be provided in their entirety and without restriction or modification at the same time as the offer, otherwise it will not be entered into the latter.
Data Protection and Security.
The Bidder must prove that he holds an ISO 27001 certification or a certification which he is required to demonstrate the equivalence.
Respect of the priProcedures, health and safety rules and equal pay between men and women. (a) Respect for the principles of the procedure
The tenderer confirms that he and his subcontractors respect the principles mentioned in the form. of the Confederation Procurement Conference (CA).
(a) affixing a legally valid signature on the CA form (aAnnex 2).
All bidders must submit this proof (a) with the offer.
(b) Supplementary proof of equality of pay between women and men.
Bidders employing more than 50 persons and their subscribers. -traders who employ more than 50 people must justify the respect of equal pay between men and women not onlyby signing the form, but also by proving that their salary practices have been verified.
(b) proof that the respect of equal pay between women and men has been verified by one of the following means:
- Logib autocontrol tool ( The sheet must be duly signed,
- controles by a state organ. The confirmation or certificate attesting to the control must be provided,
- equal pay reviews by third parties, provided that the standard analysis model of the confederation ( /en/home/topics/labour/salarial-social-platform/test-controls-in-the-public-market.html)
The BFEG maintains a list of companiesand organizations that offer employers an independent and impartial analysis of pay equality with the standard analysis model of the Confederation ( platform-equal-pay / lohngleichheitsanalysen-durch-dritte.html).
The document or certificate attesting the analysis must be provided.
This proof (b) must only be provided qon request, within 10 calendar days of the latter, after the submission of the offer and before the contract award.
Acceptance of the General Conditions (GC) of the Confederation relating to the purchase of services (September 2016 edition,
acceptance of the draft contract:
The tenderre agrees to accept without reservation the draft contract set out in Annex 6 of the specifications.
The tenderer undertakes to conclude a performance contract for the duration of the mandate (2019 - 2025) and to honor its commitment by providing the corresponding services.
The tenderer has the economic / financial capacity necessary for the execution of the mandate for the mountexpected and within the time allowed.
The tenderer must prove that no prosecution is brought against him due to unpaid social contributions and taxes.
Official extracts from the Commercial Register and the Register of Prosecutions: document original official or certified true copy (not more than 3 months old); equivalent documents are required for submissivesThe tenderer must provide a document in which the compensation fund attests that the AVS, AI, AC and APG contributions have been paid within the deadlines during the three years preceding the invitation to tender. ...
Partial offers are not allowed.
Conditions for countries which have not adhered to WTO agreements: None.
General conditions: Performance according to thes Confederation General Conditions (GC) for the purchase of services (September 2016 edition, September 2016). These can be consulted at documentation section CG.
Negotiations: are reserved. The adjudicator does not engage in price negotiations. Tenderers may only change the prices indicated in their tenderParticular circumstances (eg when requirements need to be clarified or clarified) and where the contracting authority expressly authorizes them in their invitation to participate in negotiations.
Conditions governing the procedure: The adjudicator awards public contracts for services in Switzerland only to tenderers who ensure compliance with the provisions on protection of work and working conditions as well as equal pay for women and men. If the service is performed abroad, the tenderer at least complies with the fundamental conventions of the International Labor Organization mentioned in Annex 2a of the OMP. The Confederation Procurement Conference (CA) form entitled must be signed and attached to the
Other indications: the acquisition will be subject to the progress of the project and the availability of credits. The adjudicator reserves the right to accept or refuse all or part of the services provided as options. Transfer from the existing operating organization. The tenderer makes available the necessary staff resources for the transfer and shows how he intends to transfer the data. On transfer, the contracting process has the electronic retrieval database of fee beneficiaries for each administrative unit, on the basis of the current data provider (asset fees beneficiaries in 2018). The basic data will then be transferred to the tenderer on astorage port along with contracts and personal files (in paper format). The latter is responsible for consolidating the basic data of the fee beneficiaries (identified by their social insurance number) for each administrative unit and throughout the transfer. The tenderer guarantees the smooth progress of the transfer operations and indicates which investment-the interface test and data transfer represent for the adjudicator. Since the Bidder does not have any personnel resources for interface testing and data transfer, the Bidder indicates in its bid the price associated with the provision of the corresponding resources. Encouragement of profitability. The current contractor has already taken over theuts related to the transfer. These are also the responsibility of the tenderer. Each tenderer is therefore free to indicate in his tender the costs which are specifically incumbent on him.
Indication of the remedies: in accordance with art. 30 LMP, the present publication may be attacked, within 20 days of its notification, at the Federal Administrative Court, postal boxe, 9023 St. Gall. The appeal memorial, to be presented in 2 copies, will indicate the conclusions, reasons and means of proof and will bear the signature of the appellant party or his representative; This will include a copy of this publication and the exhibits invoked as evidence, where available.
Closing time for submission of tenders.
Notes: remarks on the dbid offer: place of the tender offer: according to section 1.2 a) for delivery to the reception of the OFCL's goods (by the bidder ...

Internet address (URL):
Directive: Classical Directive (2014/24/EU)

Deadline : 18th Apr 2018
Documents : Download

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