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Capital Copenhagen
ISO 3166 Code DK
Population 5,655,750
Area, Sq KM 43,094
Currency Danish krone[a]
Official Language Danish
GDP, Billion USD 3,35,878
GDP Growth Rate, % 1.5
Inflation, Avg CP, % Chng -0.75
Interest Rates, % N/A
Unemployement Rate, % 6.8
Exchange Rate, 1 USD Equals 6.57
International dial code 45
Time Zone GMT+01:00
Internet TLD .dk

Denmark is located in Northern Europe and shares its boundaries with Germany in the south. Denmark is located south of Norway and in the southwestern part of Sweden along with forming a part of the cultural region called Scandinavia along with Norway and Sweden. The Kingdom of Denmark, being a sovereign state constitutes two autonomous countries in the North Atlantic Ocean and Denmark, itself. The country covers an area of 43,094 square kilometers and has a population of 5,668,743 as of April 2015. Denmark comprises a peninsula, an archipelago of 443 named islands out of which only 70 are inhabited and Jutland. These islands have arable, flat land, sandy coasts and also have low elevation along with a temperate climate. In the year 1849, The Constitution of Denmark was signed which led to the demolition of the absolute monarchy that begun in 1660 and established a constitutional monarchy organized as a parliamentary democracy. The nation’s capital and the largest city of the country, Copenhagen housed the national parliament as well as government seats. Copenhagen is also known to be the main commercial center of Denmark. The currency of Denmark is Krone and it became a member of the European Union in 1973. In spite of being a member of the European Union, it has retained its own currency. Denmark is among the founding members of the United Nations, the Nordic Council, the OECD, NATO and OSCE. Denmark has got highest of ranks in numerous comparisons of national performance which includes health care, education, democratic governance, civil liberties, human development and prosperity. Due to its stable and high income economy, Denmark offers a high standard of living to its people. It is often ranked as one of the happiest countries in the entire world. Denmark is also known to have the world’s highest social mobility along with highest per capita incomes in the world and a high level of income equality. The country also has one of the highest personal income tax rates in the world. Even though a large number of Danes are National Church members, the constitution of the country ensures ‘freedom of religion’. In terms of the economy of the country, Denmark ranks 21st in the world if the GDP per capita in PPP is considered and 10th as per nominal GDP per capita. The country has expanded its industrial base over time and as of 2006, the industrial sector, solely contributed about 25% of GDP.

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