Contract notice: Programming services of packaged software products

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Country : Bulgaria
Summary :

Contract notice: Programming services of packaged software products

TOT Ref No : 19399982
DOCUMENT REF. NO. : 519350-2017
Competition : ICB
Financier : Self Financed
Office Name: Национална здравноосигурителна каса
Address: ул. „Кричим“ № 1
Town: Sofia
Postal Code: 1407
Contact Point: Кристиян Велинов

Phone: +359 29659-345
Fax: +359 2965-9165
Email :[email protected]
Tender Details :

Object of the contract
Programming services of packaged software products

Description: Contract notice: Programming services of packaged software products

Authority Type: Body governed by public law
Contact Nature: Services
Procedure: Open procedure
Document: Contract notice
Regulation: European Union
Award criteria: Lowest price
CPV code: 72210000,72210000,72210000
CPV Description: Programming services of packaged software products
"Development, implementation and guarantee support of NHIF's Social Exchange Information System under Agreement № INEA / CEF / ICT / A2016 / 1171568 with ECAA"
Reference Number: 1430
The subject of this procurement is: "Development, deployment and warranty maintenance of an Electronic Exchange Systemsocial security information of the NHIF in the framework of Agreement № INEA / CEF / ICT / A2016 / 1171568 with the European Commission's Implementation Agency for Innovations and Networks for the implementation of Project 2016-BG-IA-0031 "Ensuring Electronic Exchange of Social Security "Main site: Headquarters of the National Health Insurance Fund, Sofia, 1, Krichim Str.
The subject of this public procurement contract is:implementation, and maintenance of a National Health Insurance Fund's electronic system for the exchange of social security information in the framework of Agreement № INEA / CEF / ICT / A2016 / 1171568 with the European Commission's Implementation Agency for Innovations and Networks implementing project 2016-BG- IA-0031 "Ensuring Electronic Exchange of Social Security Information between Bulgaria and the EU."
Achieving the Common Objective-will be implemented through the following specific objectives corresponding to the activities planned under the project:
1.1. Transition to effective electronic data exchange and gradual replacement of paper procedures through further development of national systems (development of horizontal modules for data exchange between national access points to prepare structured electronic documentsand to considerably reduce reaction time),
1.2. Significantly increase the efficiency of coordination in the field of social security between Bulgaria and the EU by installing the Reference Implementation of National Application (RINA); Compliance with the requirements and deadlines set out in Regulations (EC) 883/2004 and 987/2009 by facilitating the electronic exchange of social data The objectives described in the previous paragraphs are carried out with the following main activities that form the scope of the project: • • Activity 1. Implementation of National Access Point (NAP) and RINA in NHIF; • Activity 2. Development of modules for communication and data exchange between the National Access Points and NHIF; • Activity 3. Developmentof a module for controlling the data for loading in SEED
2. The execution of the order also includes the following activities:
2.1. Development, installation, testing and acceptance of a national access point (AP); Development, installation, testing and acceptance of RINA;
2.3. Preparing and adopting an analysis of the information to be uploaded to RINA for the purpose of compiling EESSI documents forNHIF;
2.4. Preparation and adoption of analysis of NHIF information systems and information needed for exchange between national access points and for the compilation of EESSI documents; Preparing a specification of the data required for exchanges between national access points; Development, integration and adoption of interfaces in the form of communication and data exchange services between nationsaccess points and RINA data for compiling EESSI documents for the NHIF; Preparation and adoption of documentation with system requirements / design of data management module for SED;
2.8. Development, installation and acceptance of SED data management module;
2.9. Conducting training of 3 IT employees of the National Health Insurance Fund for the administration, installation and configuration of a module-data management for SED;
2.10. Conducting training of 30 NHIF end-users on the user functionalities of the SED data management module (including training of trainers); Passing compatibility testing of the Bulgarian EESSI system provided by the EESSI Core Service Platform or by an approved testing organizationcompliance / compatibility;
2.12. Verify functionality of Software Products
2.13. Transfer of Intellectual Property Rights to Software Products
2.14. Warranty Maintenance of Software Products
Detailed information on specific project activities is set out in Section II of the procurement documentation.
The Contracting Authority does not impose requirements on managerial fitnessprofessional activity. In order to verify compliance, the requirement to have a minimum turnover in the scope of the contract, calculated on the basis of the annual turnover, in the amount of not less than 796 000,00 (seven hundred and ninety six thousand BGN) excluding VAT for the last three completed financial years in total (2014, 2015, 2016) depending on the date of the participantsthe participants are filled in Part IV, point B, item 2a in EEDOP, where they present information on the amount of the realized turnover in the sphere covered by the contract for the last three completed financial years (2014). , 2015 and 2016), depending on the date on which the participant was established or commenced its activity.2 On the basis of Article 67, Paragraph 5 of the Local AuthoritiesThe Contracting Authority may at any time require from the participants the submission of documents proving the information specified in EEDOP according to Art. 62, para. 1 of the Public Procurement Act, where this is necessary for the lawful conduct of the procedure. The participant designated as a contractor shall, before concluding the contract, present the documents proving its conformity with the mandatecriteria for economic and financial condition, according to Art. 67, para. 6 in connection with Art. 62, para. 1 of the Public Procurement Act by submitting annual financial statements or their components, when publication is required and a reference to the turnover in the sphere falling within the scope of the order. In the case of unions which are not legal entities, compliance with the selection criterion is evidenced by one or morethat of the participants in the unification. If subcontractors participate, the requirements apply to that subcontractor in view of the share and type of activities that will be performed.
Bank guarantees issued by foreign banks should be routed through a Bulgarian bank confirming the authenticity of the message, translated into Bulgarian• The amount of money transferred to a bank account of the National Health Insurance Fund BNB Head Office IBAN: BG80 BNBG 9661 3300 1100 03, BIC code of the Bulgarian National Bank : BNBGBGSD,
- Original of an insurance policy for insurance that deprives the performance by coverage by the insurer on liabilityThe terms and conditions under which the performance guarantee is withheld or released shall be settled by the contract concluded between the Contracting Authority and the Contractor in the framework of the public procurement. lodges a performance guarantee. The terms and conditions regarding the warranty, onon-prepaying advance funds are detailed in the contract documentation and in the draft contract. The Contracting Authority shall remove from participation a participant, for whom there are other than the grounds under Art. 54, para. 1 of the Public Procurement Act and those under Art. 55, para. 1, items 1, 3, 4 and 5 of the Public Procurement Act, as well as the other grounds referred to in Art. 107 of the PPA, as well as when it is established that the participant is a company registeredin a preferential tax jurisdiction or controlled by such a company or one of the members of the grouping is registered or controlled by a registered company, unless there is an exception under Art. 4 of the Economic and Financial Relations Act with companies registered in jurisdictions with preferential tax regime, the persons controlled by them and their activitiesand where a participant is a related party within the meaning of - 2, item 45 of the PA of the Public Procurement Act with another participant in the procedure. The Contracting Authority pays the Contractor remuneration, in BGN, by bank transfer, to a designated bank account as follows: 5.1. An advance payment of 20% of the contract value within 20 (twenty) days of submission by andthe guarantor of the guarantee providing the advance funds and the original invoice.5.2. The balance of 80% of the value of the contract within 20 days from the implementation of the National Health Insurance Fund's electronic system for the exchange of social security information and the functional check-up, without any remarks, certified by the signing of the Acceptance Protocol and issued factfrom the Contractor
5.5. Expert "Programmer" 5: - Approved "Bachelor" degree in the field of "Technical Sciences" or "Natural Sciences Mathematics and Informatics", according to the Classifier, adopted by CMD № 125 / 24.06.2002. or equivalent equivalent acquired abroad; - A valid certificate for working with the software available in the application and / or server (Oracle Oracle) O level OCP (Oracle Certified Professional or equivalent) - Minimum of information technology; -Travel as a programmer in at least 3 projects related to development. multi-layer information solutions based on multi-layered architectures and / or service-oriented architectures. - Experience as a programmer in at least 1 information development project supporting 3 or more registers and / or information , which is andbang. and exchanges data with 3 or more external systems
6. All other requirements and conditions for the performance of the public procurement are detailed in the order documentation
Internet address (URL):
Directive: Classical Directive (2014/24/EU)

Deadline : 26th Jan 2018
Documents : Download

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