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Capital Minsk
ISO 3166 Code BY
Population 9,475,100
Area, Sq KM 207,600
Currency Belarusian ruble
Official Language Belarusian, Russian
GDP, Billion USD 71,710
GDP Growth Rate, % 1.0
Inflation, Avg CP, % Chng 25.0
Interest Rates, % N/A
Unemployement Rate, % 0.6
Exchange Rate, 1 USD Equals 15325
International dial code 375
Time Zone GMT+03:00
Internet TLD .by

Belarus is located in Eastern Europe and is bordered and surrounded by five countries, Russia to its North and East, Poland to its West, Ukraine to the south, Latvia to the North and finally Lithuania to its North-West. The land is relatively flat and is comprised of large regions of marshy land. The country has innumerable streams and has approximately 11,000 lakes. Dnieper, Pripyat and Neman are three major rivers that flow through the country and 40 percent of the country is believed to be covered by forests. The largest city of Belarus is Minsk which is also the capital of the country. People here speak Belarusian which is the official language of this country. The early history of the country shows the predominance of Bandkeramik cultures. Later the territories of the country were obtained by the Russian Empire. A significant part of Belarus emerged as Byelorussian SSR in the year 1919 while it was still under the Russian rule which further led to the formation of Lithuanian-Byelorussian SSR. In the year 1988 many nationalists claimed that the Soviet Government is trying to wipe off the Belarusian people from the country as the people were executed by the government in large numbers. That’s when the nationalists decided to seek independence and in the year 1990, the country was declared sovereign. Manufacturing and service industries of this country are believed to play an essential role in helping the economy of the country to rise. Most of the country’s economy is controlled by the State. 51.2 % of the people are employed by the state controlled companies, foreign companies employed only 1.4 % of people and private companies employed 47.4%. The country depends on Russia for imports including petroleum. Energy products, heavy machineries and agricultural products are some of the items that the country exports. The country was one of the most developed industrial states in the world in the year 1991 during the dissolution of the Soviet Union. The GDP of the country was estimated to be across 83.1 billion US dollars in the year 2006 or 8,100 USD per capita. According to the government statistics the unemployment rate was recorded around 1.5 % in 2005. The banking system comprises of one privatized bank and 30 banks that are owned by the state. In the year 2011, the Belarusian Ruble which is the currency of the country depreciated against the USD by 57% and the depreciation was believed to be even steeper in the black market. In the same year, the country had to ask International Monetary Fund for an economic rescue package.

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