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Capital Kuala Lumpur
ISO 3166 Code MY
Population 30,458,700
Area, Sq KM 329,750
Currency Ringgit
Official Language Malaysian
GDP, Billion USD 3,13,159
GDP Growth Rate, % 5.9
Inflation, Avg CP, % Chng N/A
Interest Rates, % N/A
Unemployement Rate, % 3
Exchange Rate, 1 USD Equals 3.74
International dial code 60
Time Zone GMT+08:00
Internet TLD .my

Malaysia is a federal constitutional monarchy which is situated in Southeast Asia and comprises of three federal territories along with thirteen states. Malaysia covers a total area of 329,847 square kilometres that is separated by the South China Sea and is divided into similarly sized regions. One is East Malaysia and another one ks known as Peninsular Malaysia. Peninsular Malaysia shares a land border with Thailand and maritime borders with Vietnam, Singapore and Indonesia. East Malaysia shares its maritime border with the Philippines and land borders with Brunei and Indonesia. KualaLumpur is the capital of Malaysia and the seat of the federal government is in Putrajaya. In 2015, the total population recorded of this county was over 30 million and it became the world's 43rd most populous country. Malaysia is known to be one of 17 mega diverse countries on earth and is blessed with a large numbers of endemic species. The origins of this country can be traced back to 18th century in Malay Kingdoms but the kingdoms later became a part of the British Empire. The territories of Peninsular Malaysia were unified in the year 1946 for the first time with the Malayan Union. Malaya was restructured in 1948 as the Federation of Malaya and got its independence on 1957. The country is both multi-cultural and multi-ethnic which have made an impact and started playing a significant role in politics. The constitution has provided freedom of religion for the non muslims people living in this country and has declared Islam to be the state religion. This country is known to have had the best economic records in entire Asia since its independence. The GDP of this country has consistently grown at a rate of 6.5% per annum on an average for almost 50 years. Natural resources played a significant part earlier in helping the economy to flourish but with time it has expanded in the other sectors such as science, commerce, tourism and medical tourism. In recent times, the country is believed to have a newly industrialised market economy which has made the country 29th largest in the world and third largest in Southeast Asia. Malaysia is a founding member of the East Asia Summit, Association of Southeast Asian Nations and the Organization of Islamic Cooperation among others. The economy of this country is considered to be a relatively open state-oriented and newly industrialised market economy. The economy of the country during the years 2014–2015 was one of the most competitive in Asia and helped Malaysia to earn 6th position in Asia and 20th in the world on the basis of that. Last year, as in 2014, the economy grew upto 6% which was recorded to be the second highest growth in ASEAN.

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