India Tenders


Capital New Delhi
ISO 3166 Code IN
Population 1,265,280,000
Area, Sq KM 3,287,590
Currency Rupee
Official Language Hindi, English
GDP, Billion USD 18,76,797
GDP Growth Rate, % 7.4
Inflation, Avg CP, % Chng N/A
Interest Rates, % N/A
Unemployement Rate, % N/A
Exchange Rate, 1 USD Equals 63.48
International dial code 91
Time Zone GMT+05:30
Internet TLD .in

India is officially known as the Republic of India. It is a country that is situated in South Asia and considered to be the seventh-largest country by area. India is also the second-most populous country and its population is over 1.2 billion people along with being the most populous democracy in the world. Surrounded by the Arabian Sea on the southwest, Indian Ocean on the south and the Bay of Bengal on the south-east, the country also shares its land borders with Bangladesh and Burma to the east, Pakistan to the west along with China, Nepal, and Bhutan to the north-east. India is in the vicinity of Maldives and Sri Lanka and the Maldives in the Indian Ocean and in addition to that the Andaman and Nicobar Islands of the country share a maritime border with Indonesia and Thailand. The country is the home to the ancient Indus Valley Civilization and is known in the entire world for its rich and diverse culture. Its history can be traced back to ancient times and the Indian subcontinent was identified with its cultural as well as commercial and cultural wealth for much of its long history. Mainly four religions originated in our country such as Buddhism, Hinduism, Jainism, and Sikhism Christianity, Islam, Zoroastrianism and the Abrahamic religions of Judaism arrived in the 1st millennium CE. In the year 1947, India got its independence after a prolonged struggle for independence against the British. The economy of the world is known to be the seventh-largest in terms ofnominal GDP and third-largest in terms of purchasing power parity. India has become one of the fastest-growing major economies; it is considered a newly industrialized country. Terrorism, poverty, corruption, malnutrition are some of the prominent problems that the country faces. However, it has the third-largest standing army in entire world and is ranked ninth in military expenditure. India consists of 7 union territories and 29 states. As of April 2015, the International Monetary Fund has estimated that the worth of the Indian economy is worth 2.306 trillion US dollars. The average annual GDP growth rate of the country has reached 6.1% during the years 2011–12. The economy of this country is also known to be one of the fastest growing economies in the world. The country ranks 140th in terms of nominal GDP per capita and 129th in terms of GDP per capita at PPP in the world.

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