Peru Tenders


Capital Lima
ISO 3166 Code PE
Population 31,151,643
Area, Sq KM 1,285,220
Currency Nuevo sol
Official Language Spanish
GDP, Billion USD 2,02,350
GDP Growth Rate, % 3.6
Inflation, Avg CP, % Chng N/A
Interest Rates, % N/A
Unemployement Rate, % 6
Exchange Rate, 1 USD Equals 3.17
International dial code 51
Time Zone GMT-05:00
Internet TLD .pe

Peru is officially known as the Republic of Peru. It is a country located in western South America and bordered by Colombia and Ecuador in the north, Brazil in the east, in the southeast by Bolivia, Chile in the south, and Pacific Ocean in the west. It is an extremely bio-diverse country. The territories of this country were once home to various ancient cultures including one of the oldest in the world, the Inca Empire. The Spanish Empire conquered the region in the 16th century. After achieving independence, the country remained in recession. Subsequently, the country underwent changes in government from oligarchic to democratic systems. The country has also gone through periods of political unrest and internal conflict as well as periods of stability and economic upswing. Peru is a representative democratic republic which is divided into 25 regions. Peru is a developing country which has a high Human Development Index score and a poverty level that is estimated around 25.8 percent. Some of the main economic activities of the country include agriculture, fishing, mining and manufacturing. The population of the country is estimated to be 30.4 million and is considered to be multiethnic including Europeans, Africans, Amerindians and Asians. Spanish is spoken mainly in the region. This blend of cultural traditions has resulted in a wide diversity of expressions in fields such as literature, art, music and cuisine. The economy of this country is classified as upper middle income as per the World Bank and is also known as the 39th largest in the world. As of 2011, Peru was one of the worlds fastest-growing economies because of the economic boom that it has experienced during the 2000s. It also has a high Human Development Index. The countrys economic performance historically has been tied to exports, which provide hard currency to finance imports as well as external debt payments. According to 2010 data, 31.3% of the total population of the country is poor and 9.8% lives in extreme poverty. Over the last few decades, the Peruvian economic policy has varied widely. Services in this country account for 53% of the total gross domestic product, manufacturing comprises of 22.3 percent and extractive industries, 15% along with taxes, 9.7 percent. Macroeconomic stability, rising investment and consumption, improved terms of trade along with rising investment and consumption are basically believed to be responsible for the recent economic growth in the country.

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