Haiti Tenders


Capital Port-au-Prince
ISO 3166 Code HT
Population 10,911,819
Area, Sq KM 27,750
Currency Haitian gourde
Official Language French
GDP, Billion USD 7,843
GDP Growth Rate, % 3.8
Inflation, Avg CP, % Chng NA
Interest Rates, % N/A
Unemployement Rate, % N/A
Exchange Rate, 1 USD Equals 49.50
International dial code 509
Time Zone GMT-05:00
Internet TLD .ht

Haiti, officially known as the Republic of Haiti, is basically a Caribbean country and occupies the island of Hispaniola on its west in the Greater Antillean archipelago, which it further shares with the Dominican Republic. Haiti is also known to occupy small satellite islands known for tourists. Because of its natural beauty, the French gave the country a nickname, La Perle des Antilles which means The Pearl of the Antilles. Haiti is the mostly mountainous. In terms of population as well as area, Haiti is the third largest Caribbean nation. It covers a total area of 27,750 square kilometersthe population to estimated be about 9.9 million. A million of the total population lives in Port-au-Prince which is also the capital city of Haiti. The historical, regional and ethno-linguistic position is unique about this country for various reasons. The country gained its independence in the year 1804 and it is believed that Haiti was the first independent nation of Caribbean as well as Latin America. The slave revolt began in the year 1791 which led to a formation of an independent country. Haiti is the most populous full member-state among the Caribbean Community along with being a member of the Latin Union. However, the country has the lowest Human Development Index in the Americas. The government stability is the result of the history of political violence the country has. Haiti's GDP in terms of purchasing power parity GDP fell at 8% in the year 2010 from $12.15 billion US dollars to $11.18 billion USD and the GDP per capita were unchanged at PPP at $1,200 US dollars. The country has a viable tourist industry yet it is one of the world's poorest countries in the Americas region. Corruption, poverty, poor infrastructure, lack of education and health care are believed to be the prominent reasons behind the economic condition of the country. The main factors due to which the economy receded in 2010 are believed to be earthquake and subsequent outbreak of Cholera. In the Human Development Index, Haiti ranked 145 of 182 countries as of 2010 United Nations Human Development Index. The country suffered from almost four years of recession which led to the growth of the economy by 1.5% in the year 2005. The country also met all the conditions that were set by the World Bank’s as well as International Money Fund’s heavily indebted poor countries program to qualify for cancellation of its external debt in the year 2009.

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