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Capital Buenos Aires
ISO 3166 Code AR
Population 43,131,966
Area, Sq KM 2,766,890
Currency Peso
Official Language Spanish
GDP, Billion USD 6,09,889
GDP Growth Rate, % 8.9
Inflation, Avg CP, % Chng 17.85
Interest Rates, % N/A
Unemployement Rate, % 7.58
Exchange Rate, 1 USD Equals 9.11
International dial code 54
Time Zone GMT-03:00
Internet TLD .ar

Argentina is officially known as Argentine Republic. With a population count of 42, 669, 500 it is the eighth largest country in the world. The capital of Argentina is Buenos Aires. Pre historic inhabitants have been discovered in the archeological findings of Argentina. But the country found its roots in the Spanish civilization. The country is also the founder member of the United Nations, World Bank, CELAC and OEI. The President of Argentina is Christina Fernandez de Kirchner. The country has a Federal presidential constitutional republic. The country has twenty three provinces. The provinces are divided into municipalities and departments. Argentina is a fast developing country. It is a highly literate country with rich natural resources and hugely diversified industrial base. Since it is a developing country, the GDP is relatively high as well. The estimated GDP (PPP) for the year 2015 is 953.029 billion USD and the per capita income is $22,459. The GDP (nominal) for the rear 2015 is 563.138 billion USD and the per capita income is $13,271. This estimate definitely reflects the steady growth in the economy of the country. Industry and tourism are the backbone of the flouring economy of the nation. The leading industries that contribute to the major economical growth in the country are food processing, beverages, motor vehicles, auto parts, bio diesel, refinery products, tobacco products, textile, leather, chemicals pharmaceuticals, iron, aluminium steel, home appliances, plastic, cement and glass. The recording and the print media also has equal contribution in generating revenues for the country. Argentina stands amongst the top five wine producing countries in the world. Tourism is another booming industry in Argentina. There is an estimated $4, 41 billion USD revenue collected in the year 2013 from tourism alone. From the Andes Mountains to the waterfalls and lakes, from the exotic sea side beach resort to the rich natural wild life, the country is heaven for any tourist visit. Manufacturing is now the mainstay of the economy with the growth of industry, and contributes to over 15% of the GDP. Argentina today has been established as an upper-middle income economy, because of its successful industrial pursuits, as well as the highly literate and capable population. Because of the rich natural resources and agricultural market which are mainly exported, Argentina has been able to establish a market which is economy growing, and is now one of the fastest emerging markets in the whole world.

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