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Capital Dakar
ISO 3166 Code SN
Population 13,508,715
Area, Sq KM 196,190
Currency CFA franc
Official Language French
GDP, Billion USD 14,160
GDP Growth Rate, % 4.5
Inflation, Avg CP, % Chng N/A
Interest Rates, % N/A
Unemployement Rate, % N/A
Exchange Rate, 1 USD Equals 578.04
International dial code 221
Time Zone GMT
Internet TLD .sn

Senegal is officially known as the Republic of Senegal. It is a West African country that has owed its name from the Sénégal River which borders the country to the east and north. The total land area covered by the country is almost 197,000 square kilometers. It also has an estimated population of about 13 million. The climate of the country is tropical but mostly alternates between a dry season and rainy season. Dakar is Senegals capital as well as its largest city. The territory of the country has been inhabited by several ethnic groups since the prehistoric era. Around the seventh century, the organized kingdoms emerged and several parts of the country were ruled by some of the prominent regional empires such as the Jolof. The roots of the country can be traced back to European colonialism as European powers started competing for trade in the area during the mid -15th century. The country attained freedom from France in 1960 and since then has been counted among the politically stable countries in Africa.The economy of the country is mostly centered on the natural resources and commodities. Some of the major industries include phosphate mining; fish processing, petroleum refining, fertilizer production, ship construction and repair along with construction materials. Just like any other African nation, agriculture is a major sector of this country and the country produces a few prominent cash crops like sugarcane, peanuts, cotton, green beans, melons, mangoes and tomatoes. Owing to its relative stability, Senegal’s tourism as well as hospitality is also flourishing sectors. It is a multiethnic nation and is predominantly Sunni Muslim with animist and Sufi influences. French is the official language of the country but several native languages are also recognized and spoken. The economy of Senegal contracted by 2.1 percent in the year 993 which instigated the government of the country to launch a prominent economic reform program that has the support of the international donors. As a result of the economic reforms, the inflation went down and investments went up. The gross domestic product rose approximately 5 percent per year between the years 1995 and 2001. The principal foreign market at 26.7 percent of exports as of the year 1998,is India. Some of the other foreign markets include Italy, the United States and the United Kingdom. Senegal is a member of the West African Economic and Monetary Union and the country is working quite hard towards the regional integration with a unified external tariff.

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