Rwanda Tenders


Capital Kaigali
ISO 3166 Code RW
Population 10,996,891
Area, Sq KM 126,338
Currency Rwandan franc
Official Language Kinyarwanda, English, French
GDP, Billion USD 7,103
GDP Growth Rate, % 6.0
Inflation, Avg CP, % Chng N/A
Interest Rates, % N/A
Unemployement Rate, % N/A
Exchange Rate, 1 USD Equals 721.05
International dial code 250
Time Zone GMT+02:00
Internet TLD .rw

Rwanda is officially known as the Republic of Rwanda. It is a sovereign state which is located in east and central Africa. Rwanda is situated a few degrees south of the Equator. Rwanda is bordered by Tanzania, Uganda, Burundi and the Democratic Republic of the Congo. Rwanda is in the African Great Lakes region and is highly elevated. The geography of the country is dominated by savanna on the east and mountains in the west with numerous lakes throughout the country. The climate of this country is temperate to subtropical.The population is predominantly rural and young with a density among the highest in Africa. Rwandans are mainly composed of three ethnic groups like the Hutu, Twa and Tutsi. Christianity is believed to be the largest religion in the country and the principal language is Kinyarwanda which is spoken by most Rwandans along with English and French serving as official languages. Rwanda also has a presidential system of government. The corruption rate in this country is considered much low compared to its neighbouring countries. However, the human rights organizations claim that the suppression of opposition groups along with the restrictions and intimidation on freedom of speech is quite prevalent in the country. Rwanda has been governed by a strict administrative hierarchy since the pre-colonial times. The country is believed to have the highest proportion of females in government positions in the world, in proportion to their total population. During the iron and stone ages, the hinter gatherers settled in the territory and then Bantu people inhabited the region. The economy of the country is based on subsistence agriculture, mostly. Tea and coffee are the major cash crops for export. Tourism is also a fast-growing sector and is now even the leading foreign exchange earner of the country. Music and dance are an integral part of the culture of this country specially drums and the highly choreographed intore dance. During the Rwandan Genocide in the year 1994, the economy of the country suffered massively managed to strengthen with time. And since it was strengthened, the per-capita GDP in terms of PPP was estimated to be at $1,592 as of 2013 compared to $416 in the year 1994. Some of the major export markets include Germany, China and the United States. The central National Bank of Rwanda is responsible for managing the economy. The currency of the country is the Rwandan franc. According to the Global Green Economy Index, the Rwandan economy was believed to secure 2nd rank in the world in terms of green investment facilitation according as of the 2014.

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