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Capital Niamey
ISO 3166 Code NE
Population 19,268,000
Area, Sq KM 1,267,000
Currency CFA franc
Official Language French
GDP, Billion USD 6,568
GDP Growth Rate, % 6.3
Inflation, Avg CP, % Chng N/A
Interest Rates, % N/A
Unemployement Rate, % N/A
Exchange Rate, 1 USD Equals 578.04
International dial code 227
Time Zone GMT+01:00
Internet TLD .ne

Niger is officially known as the Republic of Niger. It is a landlocked country which is located in Western Africa and was named after the Niger River. It covers a total land area of almost 1,270,000 square kilometers. Niger is considered to be the largest nation in West Africa in terms of its total land area. However, over 80 percent of its land area is covered by the Sahara Desert. Niamey is the capital of this country and is located in its far-southwest corner. Niger is considered to be a developing country. It is also consistently one of the lowest-ranked in the United Nations Human Development Index with was 187th rank as of 2013. Most of the non-desert portions of Niger are threatened by desertification and periodic drought. The economy of the country is concentrated around subsistence along with some export agriculture which is clustered in the more fertile south and the export of raw materials like uranium ore. The country is believed to have some of the largest uranium deposits of the world. Niger experiences challenges to developbecause of its landlocked position, poor education, desert terrain, poverty of its people, poor health care, lack of infrastructure and environmental degradation. The society of this country portrays a diversity which was drawn from the independent histories of several ethnic groups that inhabited the territories of this nation. Following a military coup in 2010, Niger has managed to become a democratic and a multi-party state. A majority of population live in rural areas though and have limited or no access to advanced education.The economy of Niger focusses heavily on subsistence crops like discussed above along with livestock. But the drought cycles along with a 2.9% population growth rate and the drop in demand for uranium have affected the economy adversely. Just like seven other members of the West African Monetary Union, Niger’s currency is also CFA franc and it shares a common central bank which is known by the name of Central Bank of West African States like the other members. It is also a member of the Organization for the Harmonization of Business Law in Africa. In 2008, under the International Monetary Fund program for Heavily Indebted Poor Countries, Niger was qualified for enhanced debt relief which in turn helped the government to have enough funds for investing on basic health care, rural infrastructure, primary education, HIV/AIDS prevention and other programs that can be effective in poverty reduction.

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