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Capital Nouakchott
ISO 3166 Code MR
Population 3,545,620
Area, Sq KM 1,030,700
Currency Ouguiya
Official Language Arabic
GDP, Billion USD 4,199
GDP Growth Rate, % 6.8
Inflation, Avg CP, % Chng N/A
Interest Rates, % N/A
Unemployement Rate, % N/A
Exchange Rate, 1 USD Equals 323
International dial code 222
Time Zone GMT
Internet TLD .mr

Mauritania is officially known as the Islamic Republic of Mauritania. It is a country in the Maghreb region situated in the western North Africa. Mauritania is the eleventh largest country in Africa which is bordered by the Atlantic Ocean on its west. On its north, it is surrounded by Moroccan-controlled Western Sahara, by Algeria in the northeast, by Mali in the south east and east and finally by Senegal in the southwest. The ancient Berber Kingdom of Mauretania existed from the 3rd century BC till the 7th century AD from which the name, Mauritania has been derived. Almost 90% of Mauritania's land is estimated to be within the Sahara Desert and consequently the population is concentrated mainly in the south as the precipitation is slightly higher in South than the rest of the country. The capital of the country is Nouakchott which is also the largest city of Mauritania. It is located on the Atlantic coast where approximately one-third of the total population of the country live. The country’s population is somewhat around 3.5 million people. In the year 2008, the government of Mauritania was overthrown. It is believed that almost 20 percent of the Mauritanians live on less than $1.25 US dollars per day and slavery happens to be a major human rights issue. 4% of the total population of the country is enslaved against their will, especially enemies of the government. Female genital mutilation and child labour are also some of the additional human rights concerns in this country. In spite of being so rich in natural resources, Mauritania still has one of the lowest GDP rates in entire Africa. A significant number of people and a majority of the population depend on livestock as well as agriculture for a livelihood till date. The country also has extensive deposits of iron ore and that account for around 50% of the total exports. Copper and gold mining companies are opening their mines in the interiors of the country due to the current rises in metal prices. Economic mismanagement and drought and economic mismanagement have resulted in a buildup of foreign debt in the recent years. The government signed an agreement in the year 1999 with a joint World Bank-International Monetary Fund mission on a $54 million enhanced structural adjustment facility. For the years 1999-2002, the economic objectives were set and privatization remained one of the key issues. However, Mauritania is unlikely to meet the enhanced adjustment facility’s annual GDP growth objectives of 4%–5%. The oil reserves in this country are quite significant for the Mauritanian economy but its overall influence or impact is quite hard to predict.

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