Egypt Tenders


Capital Cairo
ISO 3166 Code EG
Population 87,825,400
Area, Sq KM 1,001,450
Currency Egyptian pound
Official Language Arabic
GDP, Billion USD 2,71,973
GDP Growth Rate, % 2.2
Inflation, Avg CP, % Chng 8.75
Interest Rates, % N/A
Unemployement Rate, % 12.98
Exchange Rate, 1 USD Equals 7.62
International dial code 20
Time Zone GMT+02:00
Internet TLD .eg

Egypt is officially known as the Arab Republic of Egypt. This transcontinental country is connected to the southwest corner of Asia and northeast corner of Africa by the help of a land bridge which is formed by the Sinai Peninsula. Egypt is the only contiguous Eurafrasian nation in the world. Most of the territory of the country lies within the Nile Valley which is estimated to be approximately 1,010,408 square kilometers. It is a Mediterranean country and shares its border with Israel and the Gaza Strip to the northeast, Sudan to the south, the Gulf of Aqaba to the east, Libya to the west and the Red Sea to both the south and the east. Egypt is considered the most populous North African country in the Arab world and is the third most populous in Africa along with being world’s fifteenth most populous country. The population of Egypt is over 88 million out of which most of the people live neat the banks of Nile Raver as it is the only arable land that is found. The history of the country can be traced back to the tenth millennium BCE. The country is known to experience some of the earliest developments of urbanization, writing, agriculture. The rich cultural heritage of Egypt is considered its national identity. Today’s Egypt is known to have immense political, cultural and military influence in the Middle East, North Africa and the Muslim world. The economy of Egypt is known to be the most diversified and largest in the Middle East. And the sectors like agriculture, services, industry and tourism are known to be at equal production levels. Approximately three million inhabitants from Egypt are believed to be working in Europe, the Persian Gulf and Saudi Arabia. The entire economy of the company depends heavily on petroleum imports, media, agriculture, tourism and natural gas. But it cannot be denied that the limited arable land and a population that is rapidly growing, is stressing the economy of the country. The government adopted liberal economic policies and increased revenues from tourism which has ultimately led the economy to prosper after a stagnation period. The booming stock exchange of the country also contributes to a large extent. According to the International Monetary Fund’s annual report, the country is ranked among the top countries to be undergoing economic reforms. The Egyptian society is considered moderately unequal as far as the income distribution is concerned as 35 - 40% of the population earns less than 2 dollars in a day and 2-3 percent are considered rich.

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