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Capital Moroni
ISO 3166 Code KM
Population 763,952
Area, Sq KM 2,170
Currency Comorian franc
Official Language Comorian, Arabic, French
GDP, Billion USD 596
GDP Growth Rate, % 3.9
Inflation, Avg CP, % Chng 1.45
Interest Rates, % N/A
Unemployement Rate, % N/A
Exchange Rate, 1 USD Equals 433.20
International dial code 269
Time Zone GMT+03:00
Internet TLD .km

Comoros is officially known as the Union of the Comoros and is a sovereign archipelago island nation in the Indian Ocean which is situated at the northern end of the northwestern Madagascar and Mozambique. Tanzania to the northwest and Seychelles to the northeast are the countries that are located near Comoros. Moroni on Grande Comore is known to be the capital of this country. The total land covered by this country is only 1,862 square kilometers which makes the country third smallest nation by area in Africa. The population is estimated around 798,000. The country was formed as a result of many civilizations and hence known for its diverse history and culture. Comoros has three official languages, French, Arabic, Comorian but French is considered the official language on Mayotte. Half of the population of this country, ever since its independence, lives under the international poverty line. This country has four major islands along with any small islands including Mayotte. Though, Mayotte is still administrated by France and by an independent Comoros Government. This is the only island that voted against the independence in the year 1974. The interior of these islands can vary as it can be made up of low hills to steep mountains. Comoros sadly has the poorest economy in the world. 14.3 percent of unemployment is considered quite high so the main focus of the government lies in the economic growth as well as poverty reduction. 38.4 percent of the total working population is involved in primary sector and agriculture along with forestry, hunting, fishing comprise of the leading economy sector. Agriculture constitutes 40 percent of the GDP and employs 80 percent of the labour force. Though, high population densities can adversely affect the agricultural sector in the coming years. The country’s real GDP growth in the year 2004 was measured only 1.9 percent. Real GDP per capita keeps on declining due to a few factors such as drops in consumption, an increase in the trade balance due in terms of lowered cash crop prices such as vanilla, rising inflation and declining investment. Fiscal policy of the country is believed to be constrained by the erratic fiscal revenues. The transportation of the country is not adequate either. Rapidly increasing population and the lack of availability of natural resources just make things worse. The poverty and high level of illiteracy followed by unemployment prevailing in the country makes it rely heavily on foreign grants along with technical assistance.

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