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Capital NDjamena
ISO 3166 Code TD
Population 13,606,000
Area, Sq KM 1,284,000
Currency CFA franc
Official Language French, Arabic
GDP, Billion USD 11,018
GDP Growth Rate, % 9.6
Inflation, Avg CP, % Chng 2.95
Interest Rates, % N/A
Unemployement Rate, % N/A
Exchange Rate, 1 USD Equals 578.04
International dial code 235
Time Zone GMT+01:00
Internet TLD .td

Chad is located in Central Africa and is a landlocked country which is bordered by Libya to its north, Central African Republic to its south, Sudan to its east, Cameroon and Nigeria to its Southwest and Niger to its west. Chad is known to be the largest country in terms of area, in Africa. This country is divided into various regions such as an arid Sahelian belt that lies in the center, a more fertile Sudanese savanna zone in the south and a desert zone in the north. Lake Chad is known to be the largest wetland in Chad and second largest in entire Africa. The country is names Chad after Lake Chad. The country is the home to more than 200 different linguistic and ethnic groups. Christianity and Islam are the two religions that are mostly practiced in this country and French and Arabic are the official languages. Chad obtained its independence in the year 1960 under the leadership of François Tombalbaye. However, he was overthrown by his own general IdrissDéby in the year 1990.There are many political parties actively functioning in the country but the power lies in the hands of the President Deby along with his political party. The country is considered one of the corrupted and poorest countries in the world. Crude oil has become the primary source of export earnings for this country since the year 2003, overruling the traditional cotton industry. According to the Human Development Index ranking, Chad is the seventh poorest country in the world as 80 percent to the total population of Chad lives below the poverty line. In 2009, the GDP per capita in PPP was measured to be 1,651 US Dollars in the year 2009. The currency of Chad is CFA franc. In the 1960’s Chad’s Mining Industry produced natron and sodium carbonate. But the foreign investors were scarred off due to the prolonged civil wars that lasted for a long time. Though in the year 2000, direct foreign investment began to take place in the oil sector which in turned boosted the country’s economic prospects. 80 percent of the population in Chad relies entirely upon livestock raising and subsistence farming for livelihood. 10 percent of the territory in Chad lies in the southernmost part of the country which is also considered the most fertile cropland. 80 percent of the export earnings included the cotton industry and the labour market.

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