STATE BUDGETARY INSTITUTION OF HEALTH "CITY HOSPITAL № 3 G. KOPEISK" has floated a tender for Supply of Reagents for Bs200 Biochemical Analyzer. The project location is Russia and the tender is closing on 26 Nov 2021. The tender notice number is 0369300044121000076, while the TOT Ref Number is 60118368. Bidders can have further information about the tender and can request the complete tender document by Registering on the site.

Procurement Summary

Country : Russia

Summary : Supply of Reagents for Bs200 Biochemical Analyzer

Deadline : 26 Nov 2021

Other Information

TOT Ref.No.: 60118368

Document Ref. No. : 0369300044121000076

Competition : ICB

Financier : Self Financed

Purchaser's Detail

Russian Federation, 456654, Chelyabinsk Region, Kopeisk G, Komsomolskaya Street, 21
Full name: - Averin J. Yu. Contact phone number: - 7-35139-43903-206 Fax: - No information

Tender Details

Lot Name: - Set for defining lactate dehydrogenase, IFCC method (Lactate dehydrogenase Kit IFCC method).
A set to define a rheumatoid factor (RF), an immunoturbidimetric method, particle reinforced analysis (Rheumatoid Factor Kit, Particle-Enhanced Immunoturbidimetric Assay Method). A set of reagents for determining α-amylase, IFCC method (α-amylase Kit, IFCC Method).
A set for determining uric acid, uricazno-peroxidase (URIC ACID KIT, URICASE-PEROXIDASE METHOD).
A set for determining urea, UV method, urease-glutamatedehydrogenase (Urea Kit, Urease-Gldh, UV Method). A set to define triglycerides, GPO-POD method (Triglicerides Kit, GPO-POD Method).
Set for the definition of a common protein, a buret method (Total Protein Kit, Biuret Method).
Set for the definition of total cholesterol, cholesterol oxidase-peroxidase (Total Cholesterol Kit, Chod-Pod Method).
Set for determining cholesterol-LDL, direct definition (LDL-cholesterol kit, Direct Method).
Set for iron definition (FE), Colorimetric analysis method (Iron (FE) Kit, Colorimetric Assay).
Set for determining glucose, glucose oxidation method (Glucose Ki ...

Additional Documents

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