MAINSTREAMING BIODIVERSITY IN EGYPT'S TOURJSM has floated a tender for Strengthening Protected Area Systems and Their Management and Establishing a New Marine Protected Area. The project location is Egypt and the tender is closing on 21 Oct 2021. The tender notice number is , while the TOT Ref Number is 58583542. Bidders can have further information about the tender and can request the complete tender document by Registering on the site.

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Country : Egypt

Summary : Strengthening Protected Area Systems and Their Management and Establishing a New Marine Protected Area

Deadline : 21 Oct 2021

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TOT Ref.No.: 58583542

Document Ref. No. :

Competition : ICB

Financier : Global Environment Facility (GEF)

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2 AbdelWahab Selim street, from Misr Helwan Agriculture Road, 7th Floor, Flat Fourteen, Maadi, Cairo Attn: Mohammed Elewa - Project Manager Tel. +20-1000011377

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Request for proposals are invited for Strengthening Protected Area Systems and Their Management and Establishing a New Marine Protected Area in Red Sea, Egypt Objective of the group: Alignment of policies and practices for the mainstreaming of biodiversity into tourism planning and development Composition of the group: ● TDA - MoT ● NCS - EEAA ● EIA - EEAA ● National Centre for Planning State Land-uses ● Egyptian General Authority for Shores Protection ● Environment and Tourism Representatives from targeted Governorates ● Chamber of Hotels - Tourism Federation WG2 - Mainstreaming Biodiversity into Tourism Activities Objective of the group: Build on Egyptian natural capital and biodiversity to promote and develop sustainable tourism practices Composition of the group: ● NCS - EEAA ● ETA - MoT ● Chamber of Diving and Water Sports ● Green Tourism Unit/Green Star Hotel ● Egyptian Travel Agencies Association ● Chambers of Hotels - Tourism Federation ● Environment and Tourism Representatives from targeted Governorates ● NGOs (Hepca and Siwa representative) WG3 - Tourism in Protected Areas Objective of the group: Develop and manage the protected areas serving an attractive and sustainable tourism sector Composition of the group: ● NCS - EEAA ● ETA - MoT ● Ecotourism Companies ● Egyptian Travel Agencies Association ● Chamber of Hotels - Tourism Federation ● Environment and Tourism Representatives from targeted Governorates ● NGO Timing and Level of Effort (LOE) For this assignment the level of effort required is 250 days Task 1 - Develop/update PAs / MPA management plans This activity aims to establish an institutional and technical management framework in the targeted PAs, reinforcing the management capacity in PAs and improving the quality of biodiversity conservation and protection. This shall be achieved through the establishment of participatory planning and management processes. The involvement of stakeholders, such as local communities and the business sector is extremely important to ensure that a strong ownership of environment conservation is achieved across all sectors of society. Co-management processes and procedures will be at the core of this activity. The management plans should include an assessment of the ecosystem services produced by the PAs and their benefit distribution. Stakeholders that benefit from the PAs ecosystem services will be involved in the identification of possible area of cooperation with the objective of enhancing co-management in the selected PAs. The consultants should acknowledge and understand the different environmental and socio-economic context of the four PAs targeted under this assignment. In dealing with the PAs management plans the consultants should take into account existing plans and identify those areas that require an update, while taking stock of existing available information. In the revision/update of the management plans the consultants should avoid to replicate work already done, such as mapping, GIS and resource identification and context and environmental analysis. The consultants should carefully identify the points of failure and challenges of the existing management plans in the selected PAs. This understanding should be a cornerstone for this assignment. While reflecting about the reasons why management plans are poorly implemented the consultants should provide guidance and elaborate about a detailed list of methods, tools and activities that can improve PA management. The information collected and organized in building the PA management plans should be the base for building tools and methods that feed into the PAs operations and management. With this assignment it is expected that knowledge and understanding about each PA is used to build stronger management tools and methodologies to ensure an overall improvement of the management performances in each PA. The transformation of management plans into actions is of vital importance and reducing gaps between plans and actions will be a key element of the work envisaged with this assignment. The consultant will provide a team of planners to work closely with a core senior team from NCS, PA management and local stakeholders (including representatives of the local communities), with the objective of reviewing, updating or creating (if missing) the management plans for every target PA. In selected PAs the consultant will, depending on specific site needs, carry out participatory management planning. The management planning process will follow a participatory process and integrate other existing plans that may be available in the area. The management plans will also incorporate specific sections about visitor management and tourism development. The activity related to the development/updating of the management plans should be designed to maximize its capacity-building impact and to create an enabling environment conducive of coordinated actions among stakeholders, thus paving the way for the institutionalization of co-management practices. The consultant is expected to identify main threats and pressures on biodiversity and natural resources that are affecting PAs. Based on these assessments PA management plans contents will be updated with mitigation measures and management actions that are deemed necessary. Under this activity, it will also be important to establish proper monitoring systems that are capable of indicating the corrective actions that should be adopted to improve the management of the natural resources in the concerned PA. In developing monitoring frameworks, it will be of utmost value that information generated by stakeholders, community and the private sector is taken into account instead of being discarded or poorly used. The development / updating of the management plans will address issues related to ecotourism planning, visitor management and the reduction of direct and indirect impacts caused by tourism. The consultant will also provide a review of the options available to increase the revenue generation capacity of the concerned PA. Management plans will deal with the measures required to enhance the participation in the sustainable management of natural resources from local communities and how to boost the involvement of the private sector, particularly the tourism sector, to take a proactive role in resource conservation and management. In the design of the management plans the consultants will indicate the participatory monitoring frameworks that can be established.

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