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Renovation of and Supply and Installation of Equipment for the Main Data Center i

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Tender Details

  • Mongolia
  • Renovation of and Supply and Installation of Equipment for the Main Data Center in Ulaanbaatar
  • 31st Dec 2019

Other Information

  • 24649988
  • 5.3
  • ICB
  • Asian Development Bank (ADB)
    Baga toiruu-3, 15160 Ulaanbaatar-46 Tel: +976-11-328299 Fax: +976-11-311471
    URL :https://www.mongolbank.mn/eng/

Key Values

  • Procurement Plan for Renovation of and Supply and Installation of Equipment for the Main Data Center in Ulaanbaatar. A. Regulation and Reference Documents 1. The procedures to be followed for national competitive bidding shall be those set forth in the Public Procurement Law of Mongolia of 1 December 2005, effective 1 February 2006, as amended in February 2007; July 2009; and February, June and December 2011 (hereinafter referred to as PPLM), with the clarifications and modifications described in the following paragraphs required for compliance with the provisions of the ADB Procurement Guidelines. B. Procurement Procedures 1. Eligibility [Recommended standard provision] 2. The eligibility of bidders shall be as defined under section I of the Procurement Guidelines; accordingly, no bidder or potential bidder should be declared ineligible for reasons other than those provided in section I of the Guidelines, as amended from time to time. 3. Government-owned enterprises in Mongolia shall be eligible for projects only if they can establish that they: (i) are legally and financially autonomous; (ii) operate under the principles of commercial law; and (iii) are not dependent agencies of the Borrower, Beneficiary, Recipient Executing Agency and/or the Implementing Agency. 2. Participation of Foreign Bidders 4. International bidders from eligible countries of ADB shall be allowed to participate in local procurement and may not be denied participation due to nationality. 3. Preferences 5. No domestic preference shall be given for domestic bidders and for domestically manufactured goods. 4. Prequalification and Registration 6. Prequalification is discouraged for procurement contracts using NCB. When used, particularly for works contracts, an individual prequalification exercise is acceptable for each contract as is the use of a registration system (or approved standing list) of contractors based on criteria such as experience, financial capacity, and technical capacity. Foreign bidders from eligible countries must, however, be allowed to register and to bid without unreasonable cost or additional requirements. 5. Rejection of All Bids and Rebidding 7. All bids shall not be rejected or new bids invited without ADB`s prior written concurrence. 8. No bid shall be rejected merely on the basis of a comparison with the estimated cost or budget ceiling without ADB`s prior written concurrence (with specific reference to Article 30 of the PPLM). C. Bidding Docum

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