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Recruitment of a Specialist in Gender-Based Violence Issues under the National Pa

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Tender Details

  • Cameroon
  • Recruitment of a Specialist in Gender-Based Violence Issues under the National Participatory Development Program (PNDP)
  • 14th Nov 2019

Other Information

  • 37194742
  • 001
  • ICB
  • Self Financed
    Organisation des Nations Unies pour l`Éducation, la Science et la Culture/UNESCO et du Programme des Nations Unies pour le Développement /PNUD. BP: 660 Yaoundé Tél: +237 222 21 36 64 Fax: + 237 222 21 36 63 Attn: Nga Marie Madeleine (Coordonnateur National)
    Email :pndp_cameroun@yahoo.fr

Key Values

  • Expression of Interest are invited for Recruitment of a Specialist in Gender-Based Violence Issues under the National Participatory Development Program (PNDP). Consistency of the services Placed under the authority of the National Coordinator, the Expert in Gender Based Violence (VBG) will work closely with regional teams to take into account GBV in the implementation of all Program activities, under the technical supervision of the Socio-Environmental Specialist. The specific tasks of the VBG Expert within the Project Implementation Unit can be summarized as follows: 1. Contribute to the development and monitoring of GBV-related elements for the improvement and finalization of the Program`s environmental and social safeguard documents; 2. Ensure the mainstreaming and mainstreaming of gender and GBV issues in the process of designing, implementing and monitoring the main products delivered by the PNDP, including the municipal development plans and Microprojects; 3. Contribute to the integration of clauses specific to GBV, in the Bidding Documents (DAO) and / or Listing Request File (DC) as well as in the contracts of the providers (companies, control missions, etc.). ); 4. Develop and implement a GBV training plan throughout the projects, for all actors involved in the implementation chain, including grassroots populations, service providers and other subcontractors, sectoral etc. This plan should include other relevant partners for the referencing system and the GBV complaints mechanism such as schools, hospitals, justice services, etc. 5. Conduct a mapping of available services for survivors and others affected by GBV in areas where the project is involved, 6. Supervise all the providers recruited to implement GBV prevention and control activities, the neighboring communities and any other actors involved in the implementation of the PNDP; 7. Coordinate the Complaint Management Mechanism on GBV issues under the Program, while ensuring a survivor / victim-centered approach to GBV to ensure that victims receive medical, psychosocial and legal assistance according to the needs of each, subject to the consent of the victim and, while respecting their right to confidentiality and security (this will include regular monitoring in the field to ensure the functioning, the tracks of entry appropriate, and the quality of services in the referencing system); 8. Analyze project activities to assess adequacy with national and World Bank requirements and make appropriate recommendations to improve performance in GBV prevention and management; 9. Maintain a monitoring tool summarizing the indicators, information on the contracts of different providers and industry players related to GBV, the Codes of Conduct put into effect; 10. Document good practices or "success stories" following the implementation of the Activities; 11. Contribute to the preparation of annual action plans, as well as to the drafting of periodic project reports (quarterly, half-yearly and annual) and ensure that VGB aspects are adequately taken into account; 12. Contribute to the establishment and maintenance of a PGM database, including the monitoring and reporting of GBV complaints recorded by the Program. This must be done in accordance with the confidentiality protocol and the operation of the MGP-VBG established for the project; 13. Set up the plan for monitoring and evaluation of GBV prevention and management activities, in collaboration with the Socio-Environmental Framework (CASE) and the Regional Monitoring and Evaluation Officer (RSER), outcome indicators and their target values. [Disclaimer: The above text is machine translated. For accurate information kindly refer the original document.]

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