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Purchase of laboratory equipment and materials

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Tender Details

  • Syria
  • Purchase of laboratory equipment and materials
  • 7th Oct 2019

Other Information

  • 35680894
  • 8739
  • ICB
  • Self Financed
    Damascus, Syria

Key Values

  • Purchase of laboratory equipment and materials
    Category : Miscellaneous
    Type : Tender
    Start date : 2019-08-21
    Time limit for submission of tenders : 2019-10-07

    More Details :
    Al Furat Oil Company
    Call for quote for file no: 90/19/90690
    Furat Oil Company announces the solicitation of quotations for the purchase of laboratory equipment and materials under the following conditions
    1- Offers should be submitted in a sealed envelope with the bidder`s name, file number and closing date in a clear line and sent by post or delivered to the receiving office.The offers in the company as listed in the address below. 2 - Bid Bond: External bidder 500 Euro
    Local bidder 300,000 SP
    3- Prices: Prices are to be presented in Euros for the external bidder and in Syrian Pounds or Euros for the local bidder in accordance with the first part of clause 19 of the book of conditions.For local
    Offer validity is 90 days from closing date 5 - Possibility of fragmentation: indivisible
    6. Possible delivery period: 14 weeks maximum in case of delivering the items to the field of Deir Ezzor
    Maximum of 12 weeks in case of delivery to Damascus International Airport
    7 - Performance Bond: Not required
    8- FineDelay: 0.001 (one per thousand) for each day of delay, but not to exceed 20% of the purchase order value The deadline for submission of offers is 15:00 local time on 9/10/2019
    General conditions and book of conditions can be found at:
    Euphrates Oil Company
    New Al Sham - West Dummar
    Al-Jazeera No.1. Minutes No. 2299
    Damascus - Syria In return for submitting a notification of transferring the sum of 5000 SP to the account of the Euphrates Oil Company in the Commercial Bank of Syria Branch 6 (Syrian pounds account No. 553996008), or to its account in the Bank of Syria and Overseas (Syrian pounds account No. 316401)


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