AL-WAHA PETROLEUM CO., LTD. has floated a tender for Provision of Supplying Na3PO4, Propane. The project location is Iraq and the tender is closing on 13 Jun 2023. The tender notice number is 022/PC/23, while the TOT Ref Number is 83354298. Bidders can have further information about the Tender and can request the complete Tender document by Registering on the site.

Expired Tender

Procurement Summary

Country : Iraq

Summary : Provision of Supplying Na3PO4, Propane

Deadline : 13 Jun 2023

Other Information

Notice Type : Tender

TOT Ref.No.: 83354298

Document Ref. No. : 022/PC/23

Competition : ICB

Financier : Self Financed

Purchaser Ownership : Public

Tender Value : Refer Document

Purchaser's Detail

Ahdeb Oil Field Site \ Main gate, Al-Waha Base Camp

Tender Details

Tenders are invited for Provision of Supplying Na3PO4, Propane for GPS and Acid Cleaning Agent, Anti-Scalant for PP.

Bid Bond with value (2, 000 $) amount in USD

st Announcement for Provision of Supplying Na3PO4, Propane for GPS and Acid
Cleaning Agent, Anti-scalant for PP
Tender Type: Public Tender
Tender No: 022/PC/23
Al-Waha Petroleum Company Limited would like to announce Provision of Supplying Na3PO4 Propane
for GPS and Acid Cleaning Agent, Anti-scalant for PP for the first time, all the specialist companies who have
the ability and experience and want to participate in this tender, to contact with (Al-Waha Petroleum Company \
C&P Dept.) by the email starting from this announcement date.
All applicants must comply with the following conditions when submitting their tenders:
1. Submit color copy of the documents mentioned below, and the bidders commit to provide all original documents
before receiving our Letter of Award.
1.1. For Iraqi local companies should submit the following:
a. Color copy of the Valid ID (Ministry of Planning ID or Chamber of Commerce ID).
b. Copy of the Company-s Registration Certificate.
1.2. For Foreign companies should submit copy of all registration documents belonging for their company
from their countries in English language the registration documents in Iraq.
1.3. Tax ID and Non-prevention issued from GCT (General Committee of Taxes).
2. All bidders must provide initial insurance (Bid Bond) with value (2, 000 $) amount in USD only, provided in the
form of a bank certified check or letter of bank guarantee, entitled to (Al-Waha Petroleum Company Limited) (The
Bank Guarantee should be issued by a bank registered in the Central Bank of Iraq (CBI) electronic platform, and
should contain the company name and project number, otherwise any bidder who couldn-t provide this requirement
will be considered disqualified), and be effective for at least one year from the date of closing the tender, the bid
bond should be in the name of the bidder or (i.e. shareholders in the company or companies participating under a
partnership contract), the period of validity of the tender (one year) from the closing date of the tender.
3. The tender must be submitted by the authorized company manager or by a shareholder or their authorized person
who have the legal authorization letter issued by the notary public.
4. If more than one bidder participates in the submission of a single tender for the execution of the contract (joint
venture), their responsibilities would be (Solidarity and Symbiotic) and they should provide the legal Approved
copy of the joint venture with their offer.
5. The bidders shall submit the Proposals in English language to AL -WAHA Kut camp before the deadline of tender.
Bidder's Proposals shall consist of:
A. Technical proposal (with Flash Memory for the technical offer that can be read and compile).
B. Commercial proposal (with Flash Memory for the commercial offer that can be read and compile).
C. Bid Bond with value (2, 000 $) amount in USD only.
The above requirements should be in three different stamped and sealed envelopes then put inside one big
stamped and sealed envelope and mention contract No. and name and company contact info. on it, and shall
be submitted strictly in accordance with the ITB documents and the project name and tender number should be
clearly on the envelop.
6. The date of receipt of tenders is from 09:30AM to 12:00 PM (Noon) in Baghdad Time on 13/06/2023 in Ahdeb
Oil Field Site \ Main gate, Al-Waha Base Camp, and after this date no offer will be accepted, and the opening of
tenders shall be conducted after 12:00 PM in the same day, if the closing day coincided with an official holiday, the
next official working day would be a date for closure and opening, Al-Waha Company would not be obliged to
accept the lowest offer.


 Tender Notice