DANISH REFUGEE COUNCIL (DRC) has floated a tender for Project Evaluation Consultancy. The project location is South Sudan and the tender is closing on 26 Jun 2020. The tender notice number is RFP-SSD-JUB-2020-007, while the TOT Ref Number is 43556193. Bidders can have further information about the tender and can request the complete tender document by Registering on the site.

Procurement Summary

Country : South Sudan

Summary : Project Evaluation Consultancy

Deadline : 26 Jun 2020

Other Information

TOT Ref.No.: 43556193

Document Ref. No. : RFP-SSD-JUB-2020-007

Competition : ICB

Financier : Other Funding Agencies

Purchaser's Detail

Addis Ababa Road, Next to UNICEF Offices Juba Attn: Supply Chain Manager
South Sudan
Email :tender.ssd@drc.ngo / c.o.conduct@drc.dk / billy.peet@drc.ngo
URL :www.drc.dk/

Tender Details

Request for proposals are invited for Project Evaluation Consultancy. Addis Ababa Road, Next to UNICEF Offices Juba, South Sudan 8th June 2020 To: Request for Proposal No.: RFP-SSD-JUB-2020-007 Important note: This tender document is not transferable Dear Sir/Madam: The Danish Refugee Council (DRC) South Sudan receives grants from OFDA donor to fund refugee, IDPs and vulnerable population in South Sudan. Therefore, DRC DDG requests your firm/individuals to submit project evaluation consultancy proposals and financial bids as follows: I. TENDER DETAILS The Tender details are as follows: Line Item Time, date, address as appropriate 1 RFP published 18th June 2020 2 Closing date for clarifications 22nd June 2020 at 1400hours EAT 4 Closing date and time for receipt of Tenders 26th June 2020 at 1400Hours EAT 5 Tender Opening Location DRC Juba office - Conference Hall (Not Public) 6 Tender Opening Date and time 26th June 2020 at 1430 hours EAT PLEASE NOTE: NO BIDS WILL BE ACCEPTED AFTER THE ABOVE CLOSING TIME AND DATE II. IMPORTANT INFORMATION REGARDING THIS RFP: • This RFP is launched for the purpose of establishing a Service contract with the Consultancy Firm/individuals to offer project evaluation consultancy Services to Danish Refugee Council South Sudan program for the period from 1st September 2019 to 31st Aug 2020. • DRC may choose to cancel the service contract if deemed necessary. • DRC may terminate the contract if service provider fails to deliver service within this period. • All services shall be delivered as per the TORs and in the locations that may be required. • No advance payment will be paid to the awarded service provider; payment shall be made after service delivery as agreed by both parties. The awarded service provider is expected to mobilize its own resources to deliver the agreed services. III. TECHNICAL REQUIREMENT FOR SERVICE • Strong understanding of the South Sudan context, the humanitarian system, protection risks, and conflict dynamics in South Sudan • Strong skills in qualitative (drill down approach) and quantitative data analysis. • Strong experience in questionnaire development, interview techniques and managing focus group discussions and KII remotely. • Strong skills in conducting remote evaluation and methodologies to use. IV. SELECTION AND AWARD CRITERIA The evaluation process consists of three stages: 1) Administrative, 2) Technical and 3) Financial. Each stage requires information and documents from the bidder that will determine whether the bidder will progress to next stage or not. The criteria for awarding contracts resulting from this Tender is based on ‘best value for money-. For the purpose of all tenders DRC defines best value for money as: Best value for money should not be equated with the lowest initial bid option. It requires an integrated assessment of technical, organizational and pricing factors in light of their relative importance (i.e. reliability, quality, experiences, and reputation, past performance, cost/fee realism, delivery time, reasonableness, need for standardization, and other criteria depending on the item to be procured). For all bids deemed technically compliant as per the specification stipulated in Annex G - Terms of Reference, DRC will give a weighted combined technical and financial score. The weighted score will determine the contract award. A. Administrative Evaluation A bid shall pass the administrative evaluation stage before being considered for technical and financial evaluation. Bids that are deemed administratively non-compliant may be rejected. Documents listed below shall be submitted with your bid. n Annex # Document Instructions Weighting in administrative evaluation [Total 100%] 1 Firms: Registration certificates , Tax certificates and licenses Firms: • Valid registration certificates, tax certificates and licences for Provision of such services • Current CV for lead consultant(s) • Recommendation letters from INGOs for such services (Minimum 3) • Service contracts for such services with INGOs (minimum 3) from past 2-3years Attach copies of registration documents which are validated, sign and stamp. 20% Individuals: CVs, Educational certificates and proof of experience Individuals: • Updated current CV of consultant(s) • Educational certificates • Copy of service contracts for audit and or evaluation of projects from INGOs (minimum 3) • Recommendation letters from INGOs for such services (Minimum 3) Attach valid copies 2 All annexes signed and submitted Annex A :DRC tender proposal details Annex B: Tender and Contract Award Acknowledgment Certificate Annex C: DRC General Conditions of Contract Annex D DRC Supplier Code of Conduct Annex E: Supplier Profile and Registration Annex F: Administrative grip Annex G: TOR Annex H: Financial Bid Annex I: Tender Notice All annexes to be signed, stamped and submitted ( to be included in the Technical Bid envelope except financial bid) 20% 3 Technical proposal • Technical bid addressing all the technical requirements in the TOR • Work plan • Company profile • All supporting documents for the technical proposal Submit Technical in separate sealed envelopes. Sign and stamp (Please indicate “TECHNICAL BID” outside the envelop) 50% 4 Financial proposal • Financial proposal Sign and submit in separate email (Please indicate FINANCIAL BID on subject of email) 10% Total 100% Pass Mark 100% If any information required during the administrative evaluation is not provided by the bidders, DRC may choose to request bidders to supply this information within 48 hours of the tender opening. Please note that this is only applicable for documentation that does not alter the details in the bid, such as price information. B. Technical Evaluation To be technically acceptable, the bid shall meet or exceed the stipulated requirements and specifications in the RFP. A Bid is deemed to meet the criteria if it confirms that it meets the conditions, procedures and specifications in the RFP without substantially departing from or attaching restrictions with them. If a Bid does not technically comply with the RFP, it will be rejected. The technical criteria for this RFP and their weighting in the technical evaluation are: # Technical criteria Means of Verification/ Scoring/ (Documents Required) Weighting in technical evaluation [Total 100%] 1 A post graduate qualification in Monitoring and Evaluation, Statistics or any other related field is required. A qualification in Law, International Relations, Gender studies, Peace and Governance, Social Sciences, Development studies or other related discipline is strongly required. • CV of consultant(s) • Professional certificates 20% 2 Experience (at least one evaluation) in carrying out evaluations in South Sudan/East Africa and Grate Lake Region. Strong understanding of context, humanitarian Principles and System, protection risks, and conflict dynamics in South Sudan. • List of evaluations conducted by the consultant(s) • A sample copy of one completed evaluation report in South Sudan or EAGL region. 20% 3 At least 1 year work experience in conflict prone and hardship locations preferably South Sudan or similar context • CV of the consultant(s) that indicate working experience or consultancy experience in South Sudan or similar contexts. Provide contact details of references 15% 4 At least 7 years experience in qualitative and quantitative data analysis; including producing quality reports. • Consultant(s) CV showing the working/ consultancy experience using qualitative and quantitative data analysis methods. 20% 5 Experience (at least 1 evaluation/ survey/ assessment) in leading and coordinating evaluations or any other assessments remotely coupled with experience (5 years) in questionnaire development, interview techniques and facilitating focus group discussions and Key Informant Interviews. • Consultant(s) CV(s) showing evaluations/surveys/assessments they have led and the data collection tools that they have used in their consultancy or working experience. Provide contact details for reference check 15% 6 3 years` experience in using modern MEAL data collection systems such as KoBoCollect and ability to use modern communication and presentation platforms such as MS Teams, Skype etc. • Consultant(s) CV(s) showing data collection systems and presentation platforms that the consultant can use. 10% Total Score 100 Pass Mark 50% C. Financial Evaluation All bids that pass the Technical Evaluation will proceed to the Financial Evaluation. Bids that are deemed technically non-compliant will not be financially evaluated. V. TENDER PROCESS The following processes will be applied to this Tender: • Tender Period • Tender Closing • Tender Opening • Administrative Evaluation • Technical Evaluation • Financial Evaluation • Contract Award • Notification of Contract Award VI. SUBMISSION OF BIDS Bidders are solely responsible for ensuring that the full bid is received by DRC in accordance with the RFP requirements, prior to the specified date and time mentioned above. DRC will consider only those portions of the bids received prior to the closing date and time specified. Bids submissions for this t

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