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National Consultancy, Child Protection Expert (Child Online Protection)

Country : Namibia
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National Consultancy, Child Protection Expert (Child Online Protection)

TOT Ref No : 32905023
Competition : ICB
Financier : UN System
UN House UNICEF, 1st Floor 38-44 Stein Street Klein Windhoek Windhoek Tel: 204.6111 Fax: 204.6206
Email :nmbregistry@unicef.org
URL :http://www.unicef.org/
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Tenders are invited for National Consultancy, Child Protection Expert (Child Online Protection). UNICEF works in some of the world’s toughest places, to reach the world’s most disadvantaged children. To save their lives. To defend their rights. To help them fulfill their potential. Across 190 countries and territories, we work for every child, everywhere, every day, to build a better world for everyone. And we never give up. For every child, Background and Justification Namibia is grappling with endemic levels of violence against children and women. Every day women, girls and boys are beaten, assaulted or raped, often by people they know. Research conducted in Namibia has shown that violence against children is a significant problem in the country. 31,5% of girls aged between 15 and 19 have experienced physical violence since the age of 15, one fifth of all learners reported to have been physically forced to have sexual intercourse, one out of every 10-14 year olds have experienced one or more forms of sexual abuse. Furthermore, a UNICEF study conducted in 2016 on children`s behaviour and exposure online showed that 68% of respondents reported having seen sexual content they did not wish to see, while 31% had been sent sexually explicit images of people they didn`t know, and 29% had seen child sexual abuse material online. These findings reveal that violence and exploitation of children in Namibia frequently have an online component and contribute to creating an unsafe environment for children. Approximately 45% of the Namibian population is below the age of 18 years, who stand to benefit from measures to address child safety. The Child Protection programme in Namibia focuses on prevention and response to violence against children. UNICEF is working with partners to ensure that more vulnerable children and women benefit from integrated child protection and justice services. As internet accessibility and usage are on the rise in Namibia, the Country Office has been implementing a child online protection programme since 2016, addressing both offline and online violence against children. As a strong legal framework in the area of child protection is crucial, the country programme aims to create an enabling policy and legislative environment for children. At the same time, it aims to ensure that survivors of violence, abuse and neglect receive timely and adequate support services. Additionally, UNICEF works with law enforcement and judiciary to ensure that perpetrators are prosecuted and children can grow up in a save, positive and stimulating environment. Furthermore it is supporting knowledge generation and management around the issues of child (online) protection. UNICEF is collaborating in the End Violence Partnership with specific funding for the prevention and response to online child protection issues. The activities under this Partnership are very labour-intensive, and require additional human resources for successful implementation, monitoring and reporting. For the remaining activities under this Partnership in 2019, UNICEF believes a well-versed and experienced national child protection expert can provide the required support to ensure full implementation of the Annual Work Plan 2019 activities related to the Ending Violence against Children Partnership. Scope of Work Goal and Objective: Under the supervision of the Chief Adolescent Development, Education and Protection, the incumbent is expected to support child protection interventions in both the Child Survival and Development (First Decade) and the Adolescent Development and Participation (Second Decade) pillar in achieving the following key results: 1. Data for child protection strengthened (including qualitative study on Grooming) 2. CRC Treaty Report finalised 3. Child Online Protection programme implemented 4. Cross-cutting UN support on Human Trafficking and GBV strengthened 5. General support to programme development, implementation, monitoring and evaluation Details/reference to AWP areas covered: The assignment is linked to the following AWP activities: § Child Protection - Access to Justice: Strengthen access to justice and social services for child victims of violence (CSD Outcome 1.2) § Align legislation affecting children in conflict with the law with international standards (ADAP Outcome 1.1) § Strengthen prevention, response and access to justice in cases of online child abuse and exploitation (ADAP Outcome 2.2) Activities and Tasks: 1. Legal framework for Child Protection strengthened and implemented § Provide technical support for the review, finalization and enactment of the Child Justice Bill. 2. CRC Report finalised § Provide technical support to the Ministries of Justice and Gender Equality and Child Welfare on the drafting and finalisation of the country report to the CRC Committee, with a special focus on law/policies environment and implementation of law/policies § Support the coordination of input to the CRC process within UNICEF, including through knowledge management in terms of reporting standards and guidelines; good practices from other countries; substantive analysis of previous country reports, concluding observations and list of issues; in order to ensure that the human rights treaty report is speaking to the identified bottlenecks and challenges raised in the concluding observations § Provide technical support to the shadow reporting by an NGO (coalition) 3. Child Online Sexual Abuse and Exploitation programme implemented § Provide technical support to the Ministry of Safety and Security, coordinate and monitor capacity building programme for law enforcement on cybercrime relating to children, in close collaboration with UK-CEOP and INTERPOL. Facilitate collaboration and ensure complementarity between national and international capacity building activities § Provide technical support and monitor roll-out of multi-sectoral capacity building on online and offline CSEA offences. Technically support the Office of the Prosecutor General in developing national training manuals and tools, and serve as resource person with regards to child online sexual abuse and exploitation § Monitor the access and usage of the CSEA online reporting portal for the general public § Engage with private ICT sector and build strong working relationships to ensure the sector`s engagement and commitment to child online protection § Ensure the smooth organisation of the National Conference on Child Online Protection in Namibia, including a final report; § Support the organisation of a media training on child protection in collaboration with the Communications section of UNICEF Namibia; § Act as focal point for Child Online Protection within UNICEF Namibia and support secretariat function to the Task Force on COP 4. Qualitative Study on Grooming finalised § Provide support to the international consultant on the qualitative study on grooming with regard its implementation in-country; § Support the IRB submission to the Ministry of Health and Social Services; § Review the work products of the international consultant on the qualitative study to ensure Namibia`s specific context has been taken into account. 5. UN system-wide Criminal Justice Response to Human Trafficking and GBV/VAC strengthened § Manage, provide technical support, and facilitate the updating and roll-out of police training modules on VAC, GBV, Human Trafficking, in collaboration with the consultant`s team, UN and relevant Government partners. Ensure content is relevant to Namibian context, and integrate best practices and international standards as appropriate; § Provide technical assistance and serve as resource person for roll-out of UN sister agencies` trainings on GBV and Human Trafficking, capacitating participants with specialised knowledge on legal framework and criminal justice response to VAC and Child Trafficking; § Provide technical support to the development of tools under the Trafficking in Persons project in collaboration with IOM and act as focal point for child trafficking within UNICEF Namibia. 6. General support to programme development, implementation, monitoring and evaluation § Contribute to the development/establishment of sectoral programme goals, objectives and strategies and results-based planning through research, collection, analysis and reporting of child protection and other related information for development planning and priority and goal setting § Prepare required programme documentations/materials/data to facilitate the programme review and approval process § Prepare regular/mandated sectoral programme/project reports for management, donors and partners to keep them informed of programme progress § Provide technical and operational support to government counterparts, NGO partners, UN system partners and other country office partners/donors on the application and understanding of UNICEF policies, strategies, processes and best practices on child protection and related issues to support programme implementation, operations and delivery of results § Build and sustain effective close working partnerships with government counterparts and national stakeholders through active sharing of information and knowledge to facilitate programme implementation and build capacity of stakeholders to achieve and sustain results on child protection § Identify, capture, synthesize and share lessons learned for knowledge development and to build the capacity of stakeholders § Research and report on best and cutting edge practices for development planning of knowledge products and systems Work relationships: The consultant will work most closely with the Child Protection Specialist and the Chief Adolescent Development, Education and Protectio

Deadline : 20th May 2019
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